Sunday, June 4, 2017

Graduation Day and Last Day of School

Can you believe the school year is over already? It went so fast.  During the last week of school, Tommy's teacher told us to send in a bag of treats for the Aloha Party the day of graduation.

I whipped up a sweet little bag of treats for him which I was soooo proud of until....
I re-read the message from the teacher that morning before school and realized that she said she wanted bags of treats for everyone in the class.  OH SH&%!!! Luckily Andrew saved the day and ran to the store and got treats for everyone and still sent my homemade bag of goodness.  Ugh, major fail.    I need to go to the Derek Zoolander Center for Children Who Can't Read Good 

Tommy was super excited about his goody bag.  I don't know if the other kids were jealous because obviously they were not the same but oh well.  What can ya do? :) They certainly got a lot of cool stuff at least! 

So that night was graduation.  He was so proud and so cute.  I loved every minute.

The kindergarten and preschool classes performed songs for us.  K-5 did the pledge and the Star Spangled Banner.

He definitely wasn't nervous! :)

Then it was time for everyone to graduate.  I snapped a pic of Tommy's bestie while he got his diploma.

Tommy was the very last person to graduate. Awww.  He started at this school in October of 2011.  When he heads off to first grade, he will be have been there for 6 years! It was his home away from home.  He'll be there this summer but in August, he will leave it for good.  Let me tell you, he is EXCITED.  :)  He has a bit of the kindergarten-itis. Ha!

Look at how proud that kiddo is! Puffed out chest, what a stud.

I had to take a picture of him with his sis.  Look at that pose.  Where did she even learn that? She was in a cheeky mood that night.

Family pic! I love these people so much.

Tommy and Bode pic, of course!
Tommy and teacher pic.  We'll miss you, Miss Debbie!

We got pictures with the grandparents. Like I said, Charlotte was in a mood.

I have to post this one with only Tommy because Charlotte was being such a stinker.

I have to say it certainly makes for some great outtakes.  I can't stop laughing. 
The last day of school for Charlotte is a field day.  Each class wears a matching shirt and they go outside and do lots of activities.  I haven't attended Charlotte's field day with just her yet so I thought I would go this year.  I couldn't leave work when I wanted so I ended up eating lunch with her instead.  The pictures above are from the wonderful teachers who remember to take them for me! YAY! 

 We had a fun time at lunch.  Silly Hudson was eating his ice packs because of course. :)

 Then I took Charlotte with me and went to Tommy's field trip to the park.  Tommy is a wonderfully protective big brother.  Too cute.

 Maybe not always at home but around other kids, he is always watching out for her. :) So sweet.

 Bode is too!

 What a trio!

 At one point during the day, the teachers decided to take the kids on a trail walk.  OMG, I was terrified.  There were ravines and waterfalls and everything that I could just imagine some kid getting lost and falling or something but it went off without a hitch! Charlotte was exhausted though!  I had to carry her for part of it.

 When we came back, we had popsicles! Yum!

 Tommy, Bode, Miss Debbie and one of the preschoolers! Aww!

Good times! School is over and Summer Camp begins!  First grade and Pre-K 4's, here we come!

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