Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Boxes

 We received notes from the school that the kids needed Valentine's boxes for their party on Valentine's Day. I made the mistake of getting on pinterest and the rest is history.
I let Charlotte pick and she wanted a princess castle box.  So I put these boxes together and...
...created this! I didn't have to buy a single thing.  I used a whole lot of hot glue though.  We have an abundance of princess stickers and that really put the icing on the cake, I think. :) Plus the gold "sprinkley" paper, according to Charlotte.

 It was then time to make something for Tommy.   I gave him the options between a dinosaur and a space shuttle.  Can you guess what he chose?
I had an old toner box from work that I thought would work perfectly.  I had to cut it in half and it was perfect.
 With another crap ton of hot glue, it really started coming together.  However, I didn't have anything white to cover it.  I looked at a couple different stores for bright white contact paper and didn't find any.  I decided to just buy plain ol' white card stock.
 Here's the finished product. I printed off NASA and American flag logos for the wings.

They both loved their Valentine's boxes. I felt awful that they really couldn't help since I was using a hot glue gun and an Xacto knife.  Not for kids, folks.  But they did help pick them out and they helped adorn the boxes with their stickers.  ANNDD I got mega hugs for it sooooo.... totes worth it. :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Dinosaur Show

 Purdue hosted a traveling dinosaur show and Grandma gave us two tickets.  We decided to buy two more tickets so the whole family could go.
We walked in and a local dentist had sponsored dinosaur masks for all the kids! Awesome!!

You could also have your picture taken with an inflatable T-rex.  For some reason, today was the day when Tommy decided he wanted NOTHING to do with any type of moving dinosaur. He refused to have his picture taken with the T-Rex.  Charlotte was cool with it.  But she didn't know what to do with her hands. :-)

They had toy dinosaurs for playing.  They also had animals from the Columbian Park Zoo.  Did I mention they had toys for sale too? Expensive ones! Ha! They had a Dino Light Saber.  Because... $15! Why not?? Tommy picked that out first but then switched to asking for a dino egg instead. Whoo hoo! Charlotte didn't want anything.  Even better! ;-)

Since we bought two of the tickets later, we didn't sit together.  Charlotte and I sat in the back.  It was a good thing.  She was scared and we were able to have the whole row to ourselves.  We also sat on the top of the seat so Charlotte could see.  Nice!

I wanted to take a picture of Charlotte with the stage.  She looks so excited, huh?

We still had a few minutes before the show so we went down to visit the good seats.  I made them make dino faces for the picture.

One more set of dino faces in front of the stage.

The show was really cool.  Full of science facts and HUGE dinosaurs.  This was a triceratops.

The T-Rex was the scariest part for the kids.  They teased the kids that they needed to be really careful in case he would attack.  Plus he got "loose".  Terrifying.  Charlotte was shaking in my lap! Poor kiddo! You forget how real it is for the kids.
They also had baby dinosaurs, a 3 foot wide dragon fly, anda gigantic plant eating titanosaur.  Tommy was hoping to see a spinosaurus or an amphicoelias. Those seem to be his faves lately.

After the show, the puppeteers had the baby dinosaurs out in the hallway so you could meet them.  Once again, Charlotte was the only one brave enough to meet one.
She wasn't brave for long.  She was outta there!

Even though Tommy wasn't in the mood for any pictures, they both had a great time.  It was a cool little experience.  Thanks Grandma for the tickets! Thanks Purdue for doing stuff for the community!
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