Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Handlebar for the Third Time

 We have done this before.  First time.  Second Time.  But we just keep going back!

This time when we went, it was schedule for November.  It had been in the 60's the entire week before we went.  In fact, the DAY BEFORE, it was 70 degrees.  On the Saturday we chose, it was close to 30 degrees.  Are you kidding me??? Oh well, I was super warm.  I layered and layered and I felt pretty good.  Turns out you can only get so many pairs of socks on before your boots do not fit anymore.
Our driver's name was Andrew. He took great pictures for us.

 Group shot in front of the Handlebar!

 Couple photo!
 Couple photo with Ashley photobomb! Adorbz! ;-)

 We went on the handlebar earlier enough that we had time to eat dinner afterward.

 It still didn't help though.

Andrew felt fine the next day.  I did not.  Not fair.  Oh well.  Still had a fabulous time pedaling around the city once again.  Thanks again to the Staffords for planning a great time!

First Family Purdue Game of the Year

Just kidding. We actually went to a game in February so we'll say this is the first game of the season.  There we go.  That's better. 
 We have new seats this year behind the visitors bench.  It's quite a hike to get up and down those stairs when it's potty time but the seats are great!

 Family selfie!! Not as crazy as years in the past though.

 A pic with just the ladies this time.

They have a new bobble head Pete.  He and she are number one!

A new season of watching the Boilers has begun.  Go Purdue!

Fall in the Yard

Every year, our yard gets to a certain point where I just have to take pictures. The trees look so beautiful and the leaves haven't started falling just yet.  The weather is still nice and the sun is shining.  You just have to get out a camera.  

 I like to capture the moment in time.  There's no changing of clothes. It's just whatever is happening that day.  Now we have documented that Tommy refuses to change out of his jammies on the weekends and Charlotte loves pretty dresses and tutus.

 I'm not sure why I have a wolverine claw.  Andrew has his cycling spandex on.  But we have a SWEET family picture from it.  I wanted to use it for our family Christmas card but Andrew wasn't too excited about it.  Each year the pictures get more fun. This is last year.

 Here's another quality photo.

 Love this picture.  Brother and sister precious moments.

 I love these two pictures.  That's all I have to say.  Too cute.

 What a sweet "heart"... and the God of Thunder.

Gotta have a picture of a dab/kick combo!  What a fun little afternoon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Visiting Great Grandma Katie

I took the kids to visit my grandma at the Care Center.  
She just moved in not too long ago.  It's really nice.  There are birds to watch which is something she liked to do at home.  

 You can see Tommy is absorbing lots of bird knowledge.  Or he is sharing lots of knowledge.  You know how that goes.  :)

 Grandma really enjoyed the visit. It was so good to see her so happy.

Trick or Treat Time!

 Halloween is finally here! The kids put on their costumes once more.

 Off we went! We headed downhill with the stroller and starting visiting houses.  Our neighbors are all sooo nice.  They gave out so much candy since our neighborhood is quite a hike to tromp around door to door. But the kiddos were troopers!

 Well actually I was worried. This was Charlotte after the first house.  Out of nowhere she says, "I just don't know about this" with that look on her face.  I rolled down the hill laughing.  RDHL.  I like that.  Better than ROFL.  Ha!

 But seriously the kids were totally amazing.  After every single house, Charlotte would turn to us and say, "I GOT MORE CANDY!!!" It was a surprise every time.  What a joy.  And Tommy was so polite.  Remembered to say 'thank you' and 'Happy Halloween!' Loved it.  We had so much fun.

 They brought home quite a haul. Look at all that candy.  Because our neighborhood is so spread out, we only visited less than 20 houses.  One house was one we didn't even know existed! There was another road that led out of one of the cul de sacs in the neighborhood and it went up another hill to 4 more castle sized houses.  Crazy! The one house we visited in the secret side neighborhood gave out an entire bag of candy.  Sweet!!

 We normally like to hand out candy to trick or treaters because we don't usually get that many.  But the kids wanted to get the full trick or treating experience so I just filled a bucket and put a sign on it.  There was actually candy left in the bucket when we got back!! I couldn't believe it!!

 Andrew was nice enough to take a picture of us after coming home.  Sidenote: that Frankenstein mask was a dollar.  Best costume ever! What a wonderful Halloween.  My favorite holiday is now complete so we can officially start listening to Christmas music now.  Although Christmas books are never out of season at our house. 
Happy Halloween!

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