Saturday, October 29, 2016

Boo at the Zoo 2016

It's Boo at the Zoo time!!
 The kids were ready to don their costumes at the zoo and take part in all the fun activities. 

 We met up with Tommy's buddy Cooper and his brother Conner for some Halloween fun.

 We also met up with Charlotte's bestie Lakynn and her family too.

 The kids had a blast.  It was mass chaos.  Lots of screaming, running, dancing, and everything else.

The kids are obsessed with this tractor.  It's a good thing that it's tough because they try to destroy it. 

 Smiling jumping action shot!

 Once the darkness settled in and the sugar kicked in on high, we decided to pick our pumpkins and get the heck out of there.

 The kids said their goodbyes.  There were some tears but all in all it was a really fun night!

Plus we got this great family picture out of the deal.  Tommy was in serious mode for this pic.  Charlotte's one antenna somehow got a little wonky.  Whoops! But that's what makes this picture so awesome. Can't wait to add it to the collection. :-)

2015 (but it only sort of counts since it was Cowtober and not Boo at the Zoo)




Saturday in Renssy

Tommy has been asking to go in the combine for awhile now and last Saturday, we finally got him there.
Safety first! Grandpa keeps his eyes on the rows while we take a selfie.  Charlotte didn't want to go in the combine because it "scares her tummy" so she stayed with Grandma.

 Tommy even got the drive the combine!

 Boy, did he love that!

 Look at the concentration on his face! He was really into it!

 After the combine, we decided to pack up and head to the Jasper Pulaski Fish and Wildlife area to see the Sandhill Cranes.  I sat in between two carseats.  Tommy smiled with food in his mouth.  Charlotte didn't know what to think.

 They had a great observation deck to see the birds kite in before dusk (that's what the website says!).

 I'll be honest, the kids did not give much of a crap about 5,000 sandhill cranes in front of them.  They instead enjoyed running in the grass and playing in the dirt.  So that was cool I guess.
 They posed for a sweet picture while Grandma and Aunt Shiela took pictures of the birds (geese?) with much better equipment that my phone.  

 Doesn't this make you want to sing "AAAAHHHHH SAHENYAAAAAA BABAEECHEEMAMA!!"

Cartoon vs Reality in Indiana.  Not a bad comparison.

 The kids enjoyed the pathway through the woods that you took to get to the observation deck.  It was very Hansel and Gretel.

The next day we had a mini celebration for Adam's birthday.  Do you like my icing job on the cake? He had been in Chicago the night before celebrating the Cubs clinching the NLCS.  How awesome! And for his 30th birthday, no less!  

We tried to convince Charlotte to ride in the combine again on Sunday but she again refused.  Too loud still. 

Fun times in Renssy yet again.  Hopefully Charlotte will change her mind about riding in the combine someday!

Ninja Warrior Class

 Tommy took up a new endeavor recently.  He started a Ninja Warrior Class at Elite Air.  For boys with lots of energy, It. Is. Awesome.  The coach is really great.  He keeps them busy climbing, jumping, and rolling for an entire hour.   
Now he can even do Wall Stands!  The reason we signed up for the class is because Tommy's best bud from last year, Cooper, is also in the class.  Then we found out one of Andrew's fraternity brother's kids are in the class too.  Small world!

The boys and one girl absolutely love it.  I kinda wish they had it for adults.  It looks so fun.

The last thing they do in each class is the Warped Wall (just like on American Ninja Warrior).

Turns out the secret is you just keep running all the way up.  I don't get it but I haven't tried it.  Apparently it works because every single kid can do it!

Halloween at School 2016

Soooo I guess I'll have to get used to school rules but Tommy's class didn't dress up for their fall party this year.  Instead their teacher had them decorate masks to wear. 
Tommy decided he wanted to be a bat for Halloween this year so he wanted his mask to be a bat mask too.  I mentioned some ideas on how to make a bat mask (like tracing the Batman mask he owns).  He took it and ran with it.  This was his prototype.   He vehemently refused to let me help him.  He traced the mask and started cutting.  He accidentally cut the bottom part off so I had him start again.

This was his final product.  His teacher sent him a white masquerade mask to decorate so he cut out the black paper, cut out eyes, then put the white mask on top of it and colored it black. Then he used some super hero fire/blast/boom stickers to add some fun.  He then glued two triangles on the bottom of each side of his mask so it would look like his batman mask.  I think he did a great job. I was so proud that he did it ALL by himself. 

You can see the whole class in their masks here.  You KNOW there was a lot of parent help on some of these (I'm looking at you, perfectly crafted unicorn).  Not Tommy though! He does his own stunts. ;-) 

 They had a little fashion show with their masks.  Tommy certainly likes to put on a show.

 Here's another picture of Tommy's class with Tommy acting appropriately. :)

Here's another class pic.  They are too cute.

HOWEVER.... Charlotte's class DID dress up for Halloween.  Yay!! She finally got to be a butterfly! 
 Her class had a fashion show too!

As is expected, Charlotte got a picture with her bestie, Lakynn.  Adorable as usual.  But I'm not sure what is going on in the background there.  Someone is not having it!

 Class picture time! Not sure what Charlotte is doing with her cheeks there. Hmm...

 Back to Tommy's class... they made a pumpkin throw up!! 

I asked Tommy how they did it.  He said they took vinegar, baking soda, soap, and glitter (hehe) and mixed it in a jack o' lantern. Awesome! The kids obviously loved it.  Pretty sure this picture is stage but it's awesome nonetheless. 

The kids had a great school Halloween once again!

School Pictures 2016

We got a sneak peek of the school pictures.  We won't get them until closer to Thanksgiving but oh my aren't they cute?

Field Trip: Fire Prevention Show

I had the day off on a Monday when the kids were going to the fire prevention show so I was able to be a chaperone. 
 The kids have been going to the show for the past couple years.  State Farm sponsors the Fire Department to put it on.  They have a live band made up entirely of firefighters.  It's also acted and entirely put together by firefighters. 

 I'll be honest, the acting was not going to win Tony awards but the live band was pretty great! The information was awesome though.  The show is for kids who are pretty young.  Very basic fire safety information.  When to call 911, what to do if you smell smoke in your house, what to do when dealing with a bully, stop drop and roll... there were more but I took too long to blog about it so now I don't remember.  Oh, plan a meeting place with your family? Stuff like that.  I hope the kids remember better than I do. 

 After the show, the kids got to give high fives to the cast.  Could that head be any bigger on that guy??? One of Tommy's classmates was terrified.  Ha! I totally get it.

Another Tommy and Mommy selfie on the bus! I love going with the kids on these trips.  It fills my heart.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Girls Weekend in Nashville #OCGsDoNash

 We always talk about getting together for a girl weekend but does it ever happen? Well this time it actually did!
 I hopped in the car and drove down to Zionsville, where I hopped in Megan's car and we took off. 

 We drove down to Louisville to pick up Krissi.  We had caramel apple suckers to pass the time (even though Meeghan though they were chicken on a stick, haha). 

 We finally arrived in Nashville.  I would like to say I won the farthest traveled award but Brittany flew all the way from Oregon so she definitely wins that one. We got in late but still stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning looking through our senior yearbook. We laughed so hard.  Love it.

 The next morning we got up and headed to the spa! Time to wrap up in robes and get beautified.

 IT WORKED.  Don't we look gorgeous? HAHA!! Just kidding.  No treatments just yet.  Hopefully the treatments will fix all this. :)

 There was a lovely waiting room where we drank mimosas and wine and prepared for our spa treatments. 

 We had to get a group photo before heading back.  We are lovely.  Why are we even in this spa? We look amazing!! :-)

 After our facials/massages, etc, we ran out of mimosas and started in on the wine.  Yikes!

 Can you do a duck face? Me neither.

 Then we stole the community golf cart and drove it around Meeghan's neighborhood.

 We had so much fun cruising around with our wine on our golf cart.  It was hilarious.

 We came home to find Meeghan's boys stabbing pumpkins with knives.  Seems normal to me. :-)

 Then in true slumber party fashion, we wore diapers on our heads, danced to Britney Spears music videos, then watched Rock of Ages. 
What a wonderful weekend with my girlfriends since the 90s.  (Holy crap, that's a long time)  I love that we have stayed friends all this time.  Love you girls and love that we have shared our lives for all these years. 
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