Friday, September 23, 2016

Tommy Visits the Dentist

 I had been avoiding taking Tommy to the dentist.  I didn't know if I should take him to a specialized pediatric dentist or find one that people recommended or just take him to my dentist.  I finally settled on giving my dentist a try.  He came with me to my last appointment so he could see what it was like but this time it was his turn. 
 I know Tommy has strong feelings about things and often gets scared in new situations so I told him before we went in that if he felt uncomfortable with anything, he needed to tell them.  First things first, they x-rayed his teeth. 

 Lucky him, they let him look at the pictures right away.  I never get to see my pictures! We got to see his adult teeth growing in under his baby teeth.  It shouldn't be too long before he experiences a wiggly tooth! (Did I mention I'm not ready for this?)

 He sat in the chair like a total big boy.  He saw the tray of tools and when she picked up the pointy tool, he loudly said, "I don't want that!!" The dental assistant said, "Hey no problem! I'll just count your teeth with the mirror tool." 
I love that they provide shades for the bright light.  I wish they did that for my appointments! The assistant counted Tommy's top teeth and she said she had counted 10 teeth.  Tommy said, "That means I have 20 teeth."  She seemed pretty impressed by that! I know I was!
He did really great.  The dentist came in and she somehow convinced him to let her use the pointy tool and she checked him over really quick and said things looked great!
First dental trip is a success! Now Charlotte is supposed to go with us next time.  I'll be ahead of the game with her! Here's to many years of dental health! Now if I could only convince them to brush their teeth morning and night without fussing!

Charlotte's Big Girl Bed

For Charlotte's birthday present, we got her a brand new... ROOM!
 She got a big girl bed and new bedding.  We also finally hung her pictures on her walls. Can you see two little stinkers pretending to be asleep?

 This is her before picture.  It was in sad shape.  We had transferred everything over from the old room (probably about a year ago!!!!!) and didn't do anything else.  All her wall hangings were stored laying on the floor beside her crib.  Poor thing!

She is really excited about her new room, let me tell ya.  She has Zootopia sheets, Aurora on her wall, and a purple bedspread.  She is excited! She is finally queen of her castle. :-)

Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Party

 We had a party for Charlotte's 3rd birthday. It was a Zootopia theme!
 I had a cheap zebra print tablecloth that I turned into a banner with the letters from Charlotte's banner from last year.  Gotta be resourceful when Andrew's in Chi-town and you can't make it to the store.

 We had pizza from Jets which is also the easiest way to do a birthday party.  But you gotta have those appetizers too. 

 At least the cupcakes were homemade! One set for Charlotte and one set for Tommy.  We had plenty of animals masks for the attendees too. No, I didn't make those with my cry-cut. :) Amazon, baby!

 It was time to blow out the candle!

 Tommy got up close and personal. :)

 Charlotte is a candle blowing-out pro these days. 

 She's also a professional cupcake eater too! Cherry chip delicious! Photobomb by Tommy. :-)

 He just can't stop that photobombing.  This picture is fantastic.

 The lovely birthday girl with her yummy cupcake.

 She has the best smile.

 Time to checkout Grandpa's animal mask!

 But more importantly, how did a pacifier get into Dada's eyehole? Wyatt is looking around saying, "Uh it wasn't me."

 It was time to settle in for present opening.

 Tommy was busy watching the star spangled banner (one of his favorite songs). 

 Charlotte got many super cute and fun presents including lots of jewelry! Doesn't she look so much older in earrings??

 She also got an adorable fur vest.  Charlotte modeled it for us. 

 After presents, it was time to read ALL of her new books. 

 This picture of Tommy with a naked Anna and Elsa is hilarious.

 It was my turn to don an animal mask.  I look just like Judy Hopps! Twinsies!

 Later that evening, we decided to have a dance party in the living with Fitz and the Tantrums. 

We got a quick family picture at the end of the party.  At least I think it's us and not a group of wild animals. 
Charlotte's party was a success and we were so happy to celebrate our new 3 year old! Happy Birthday, Charlee Bean!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Week Sans Dada

 Andrew had an industrial trade show to be at last week.  He had to be there the whole stinkin' time.  He left last Saturday night and got home Saturday by noonish shortly before Charlotte's birthday party. Sheesh! It was super important for him to be there and he did a lot of great stuff while he was there but boy, did we miss him. 
 Our first day as a temporary party of 3 was Sunday.  We went to Columbian Park Zoo. Watch out for that wallabee! Or should I say, "Watch out for those two kids!"

 We spent $4 for a train ride.  Pretty soon we'll be charged for a lot more things since Charlotte will be 3! We have to enjoy it while we can!

 We spent a lot of time on the playground. 

 It was such a beautiful day!

 Enjoy our day? We certainly did!

 My two little lemurs in the sun.

 Here are the lemurs on a tractor.

I took a bunch of Boomerangs of the kids that day and compiled them into a repeating video on Instagram.  It won't repeat on youtube unless you just hit play over and over again.  You are more than welcome to do that.  But hey, how great is that song for that video?? 

It was a wonderful day.  It was a great way to start the week. 
 We had a lot of really random moments during the week. Tommy came up to my room while Charlotte was napping. He had put on his entire Captain America costume and was standing at my door saluting.  One of my favorite moments of the week.

 He also got a new mattress this week too.  I was putting Charlotte to bed and I came to his room to find him completely asleep with lights so bright.  I couldn't believe it.  Must be a good mattress!! He has never done that.  He also slept for 11.5 hours for the first few nights in that mattress.  Maybe the problem was that his old mattress was so bad.  Yikes!

 The kids did so great all week.  The renovations are done at school and now they are in their actual classrooms again.  They hardly look back when I drop them off.  They are so happy to have classrooms with windows again!  I sent this picture to Andrew and he said it looks like a moody album cover picture.  Ha!

 On Wednesday we celebrated the life of my grandfather Delos Anthony Keiper. We drove to Renssy and met Andrew who came home from Chicago.  We attended the funeral and spent a lot of time with the family.  It was a nice day and it was great to see Andrew even if for a short time.  My aunt took this adorable picture of Charlotte playing at my parents house after the events of the day.

 By the end of the week, the kids started to get tired. 

 And a teensy bit moody. :)

 But they kept up good faces!

 We watched both versions of The Jungle Book the last two nights.  First the people version and then the cartoon.

Saturday morning before Charlotte's party, we had to make one last trip to the store as a temporary party of 3.  Of course we went in our jammies.  There's no other way to do Meijer at 9 in the morning!
We survived our week without Dada. But we are so glad to have him home after his very busy week!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wyatt's First Birthday Party

The kids were so excited for Wyatt's first birthday party.  Why? 1.) They love their baby cousin.  2.) They love Mickey and it was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party!!  YES! 

 The kids went right in and Wyatt immediately decided Andrew was his favorite person.  He really took to Andrew from the beginning.  He loves his funcle! :)

 The kids did a lot of playing but then... "Where's my cake, people??"

 Yay! Cake time! Erin's friend made the clubhouse cakes.  They were adorable and also delicious!! Wyatt LOVED them.  I haven't seen very many kiddos who love their smash cake but his cake was delicious so I understand why he loved his!

 We took a cousin picture. One of these, I keep saying, we will get a picture where they are all looking at the camera at the same time and smiling.  Might be when they are 30 but one of these days...

 There are quite a few outtakes that I had to include because they were so cute.

 So close! Ha!

 Charlotte loved the edible arrangement (and me too actually).  Yum pineapple!

 Here's the kids group shot.  Charlotte was having a total meltdown in the other room.  Sigh.  But she hadn't had a nap so I can't blame her. 

 After the party was over, the kids helped Wyatt open his gift. 

There was more playing too! 

What a wonderful party for Wyatt's first birthday.  The kids had a blast.  Happy birthday, Wyatt! We love you!
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