Monday, July 4, 2016

GnR at Soldier Field

We made some last minute plans last weekend...
 We decided to go to Guns n Roses in Chicago at Soldier Field.  Andrew has wanted to see them since he was a pre-teen.  He was thinking about not going and at the last minute we decided we couldn't miss it.  We were very happy we went.

 First of all, Alice in Chains opened.  They were awesome. Totally expected.

 Concert selfie!

I really like their new album but they mostly played old stuff which was also great.

 The guy behind us kept yelling Rooster and we had to listen to that until they played Rooster which happened to be the last song.

 Then it was time for the big show!

 Axl came out ready to rock.  He's definitely aged a bit but it's been, what, like 20-25 years. 

 Slash looks exactly the same because you've never been able to see him behind the hat, sunglasses and hair.  Smart move, Slash.

 We had our Rooster friend take our picture.  I asked for him to get the stage in the background.  Well, he tried.

I tried again later but that doesn't look like a stage. Oh well.

 Axl changed outfits many times.  White leather jacket with matching hat, enjoyed. 

 Slash wore his Ziggy Stardust shirt throughout the show.

 Black leather jacket and matching hat now.  Nice!

 Ooh vest with fringe! Get crazy!

 This was by far my favorite shirt of the night.

 There were spectacular fireworks.

 Axl can still for the most part hit the notes.  I had low expectations going in and he really exceeded them above and beyond.

Here's a long video for you to view to get a glimpse into our night.  This concert was truly worth shelling out the money to be able to go.  I'm so glad we went.  It was such a great time.  It was mostly fun to see Andrew whip out all the GnR lyrics from back in the day.  He hasn't forgotten a word.  It helped that he gave me a music video history lesson since I didn't have MTV until 1999.  If you want to see a video that really explains what GnR was all about, you should watch this one.  Wow.  What was happening in the 90s???? :) Freaking dolphins??? The very last couple seconds are the best part. What in the...

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