Monday, April 18, 2016

Week of the Child 2016

Every year at school, the kids have what is called "The Week of the Child".  It's a week to celebrate the kids.  Each day is a theme day and they have a fun family party at the end.  I had a work conference to go to for part of the week so I was all worried about making sure the kids had their themed outfits for each day but Andrew knocked it out of the park. 

This was Mixed Up Monday.  Mismatched clothes.  Andrew had trouble with this one.  He brought down a light pink shirt and dark pink pants for Charlotte.  He said, "It looks hideous!"  I said, "Actually it almost matches."  Haha!! So we ended up with silly clothes like this.  Charlotte actually looked pretty stinking cute.  Tommy was definitely mismatched.  Stripes so cray cray. ;-)

 We didn't get a picture of PJ Tuesday. Charlotte wore her Arial jammies and Tommy wore his Thor jammies.  But Wacky Hair Wednesday was perfect.  Tommy did an amazing job with Tommy's hair.  Charlotte's hair was a mowhawk of ponytails.  That's the best I could do.  She actually let me put ponytails in her hair that day.  It was a rare day!

 It was Throwback Thursday when I was gone.  Tommy is 50s, or 90s? Or pretty much any decade because... you know, dudes.  Charlotte was 80s with her adidas track suit.  Adorbs.

Friday was Hawaiian Day and the family picnic.  Tommy wore his Hawaiian shirt that was a bit small from a couple years ago.  Charlotte wore another tutu because... well, tutus. :)

We got a family selfie.  Well, most of us got in the picture.  I made it back from my conference just in time for the picnic lunch in the gym.  Whoo hoo!  Happy Week of the Child!

Visiting Baby Cousin Wyatt

 Aunt Erin had the great idea to get the fam together so we did last Sunday. 
As would be a typical day with our kiddos, Charlotte stuck a glow stick up her nose on the trip down. 

 The kids were excited to see their baby cousin again.  He's grown up so much! He rolling and scooting and all kinds of fun stuff.

 Wyatt loved Charlotte and her ponytail.  It was adorable.  Babies love to grab things and her ponytail was perfect for that.  She took it all in stride though.  :-)

 Cousin photo! They make quite the trio.  Love it.

 They played games together.  They rolled a ball back and forth.  Definitely the beginning of many more play dates.

 The kids snapped a quick pic with Wyatt's giant bear.  This was seriously the best picture I got. :)

 Look at the T-burg kiddos.  Are they not the best looking kids you've ever seen??

 Did I mention the day we met was Sibling Day?? Had to get a picture of the T-burg sibs!

Before I could stop them, both kids crashed on the way home.  They were exhausted.  We will definitely have to do this again soon.  Such a fun afternoon!

FIeld Trip to the Purdue Farm

 I signed up for another field trip for Tommy's class.  This time it was a trip to the farm at Purdue. 
 We hopped on the decrepit bus and took off.

 Instead of going from one barn to another and another, they brought a sample of all the animals they had into one barn.  They had a couple beef cows, a couple dairy cows, two pigs, hatching eggs, baby chicks, hens, fish, sheep and a tractor.  Tommy was impressed, I swear.  He just didn't want to have his picture taken.

 He finally came around.  My chaperone group was the girl with the purple hat, the boy in the navy coat (who specifically asked for me, awww) and Tommy.  They were a perfectly behaved group.  I was super lucky.

 Check out those hatching chicks! They were pecking their way out as we watched.  Very cool.  It also looked incredibly exhausting.

 We had to get a picture in front of the tractor! It was my group and Mrs. A's group.

After we visited the farm, Mrs. A decided to take the kids to Happy Hollow park.  What an excellent park! We had so much fun.  The kids were about to explode while they waited to cross the parking lot.  As they ran and screamed across the parking lot to the playground equipment, Mrs. A said, "The natives have been set free!!!"

They certainly had.  It was so fun seeing how much fun they had.

I made this happen.  I'm pretty sure that's Tommy saying, "What is happening????" The kids LOVED it.  They were having so much fun.  More and more kids kept getting on.  Less and less kids were holding on.  One girl fell off and got a face full of mulch.  It was the wrong girl to get a mouthful of the brown stuff.  She has an easy gag reflex and started spitting. I thought we were going to having someone HURL.  Luckily, she got all the mulch out of her mouth without vomiting and we moved on with our day.  Thank goodness! What would you even do with a kid's barf in the mulch? Bury it? Ha!

So we made our way back to the school and picked up Charlotte who was crying/screaming about not coming with us on the field trip when we left the school.  Poor thing.  But all was well when we came back and informed her I was taking her home with us.  We went home, ate lunch, and we all took 2-3 hour naps.  It was an amazing day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nice Little Saturday

 Charlotte and I went to the salon one Saturday morning for Mother Daughter haircuts.  Charlotte took to the salon like a duck to water. 

 My haircut took longer than hers so she had to wait it out in a salon chair.  She did really well for having to be patient while 2 years old. 

 After our salon visit, we went to Target with a pit stop at the Target Starbucks.  Cake pops for the win!

 Cake pop face!

Cake pop face numero dos! 

 We probably took 37 selfies.  Good times!

We had a nice little Saturday together. :-)

House Improvements

 I was woken up Saturday morning by Tommy saying that rocks had fallen down and broke everything on our desk.  I thought he was telling a tall tale. 
 Then I came downstairs and looked out the window to see this. Our poor rock wall had collapsed.  We almost thought we had an earthquake because the clock fell off the wall in the toy room too.  But that was a random coincidence. Turns out, we had too much water and lots of wind and down came the wall.  Bummer.

But Andrew got to work and made the rock wall as good as new! Nice work, AT!!! Looks great!

Easter 2016

 It's Easter time once again.  The kids enjoy seeing the Easter bunny at the mall so we made our last minute effort to get over there to get their pictures with the furball himself.
 Tommy has no problem with creepy bunnies such as this but Charlotte was still very unsure.  She decided to stand beside the bench and just hold Tommy's hand.  The bunny hardly moved at all.  He was so creepy!

 On Sunday, we dressed in our Sunday clothes and headed to Rensselaer for Easter celebrations.

 This year our celebrations included trying to shoot a rocket.  You can see Adam and Brandon working on Carson's 15 year old rocket by the grain bins trying to get it to launch.  They never succeeded but it was fun to see them try!

 We had an Easter egg hunt for the littles. 

 Charlotte reaped the rewards of her basket.  Outfit change can be credited to my mom.  :)

While the big kids played guitar in the shop, Tommy and Charlotte performed dance routines on the trailer. 

 They crawled through tires. 

 They rode in tractors. 

 Tommy DROVE a tractor!!!!!

 They posed for recreated pictures.  Look at how big he has grown in 2 years.

 Brother and sister side by side too, of course.

I haven't had a chance to download all of Aunt Shiela's pictures but I did at least get this great one.  What a little model. :)

Happy Easter!!

The Struggle is Real.

Seriously.  Mornings. Just can't even. 

Gaga's Movie 2016!

We took the kids up to see Gaga's movie again this year, or her spring musical, if you will. (We have done this before) It was Once Upon a Mattress.  Charlotte was excited about princesses and Tommy loves anything with a story.
 We checked into our hotel and the kids just love laying on all floors all the time.  Hotel hallway floors, check.

 High school hallway floors, check.

 High school hallways in front of ladies walking by, check. They give zero cares.

 Seriously, what is Charlotte doing?? Why do my little weirdos like laying on floors???

But anyway, they also liked the show.  Charlotte did pretty well.  We took a break and were able to catch it on the TVs in the cafeteria.  (Posted this pic specifically to remember Charlotte's cowlick.)

 We also spent some time in the bathroom.  If she knew the song, "I'm so pretty" she would have been singing it to the mirror.

 After the show, Tommy got his picture with the queen.  He liked her because she was the bad guy, of course.

But then we got to see the real star of the show.  The reigning queen and her kingdom. :) We don't know how many more musicals we will get to see under this queen's reign but we always enjoy the magic while we can. 
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