Monday, September 28, 2015

Charlotte's Second Birthday Party

 We planned Charlotte's party for the Saturday after her birthday.  I worked all week prepping because Tommy had a soccer game that morning. 

 I broke out the Cricut, of course! I sent this picture to Andrew and told him I wasn't cleaning it up. I did though. I really thought about just leaving it. 

 Glitter paper makes all the difference!

 I made tiaras and crowns for all the guests to wear.

 I made tissue paper pom poms for the first time.  You should have seen my janky first attempt.  They got much better after the first try. 

 I made a banner with her name.  Boy, does her name have a lot of letters. 

 Of course I made my usual instagram banner.  Meijer even cuts them into 4x4's instead of 4x6's.  Nice! For a small fee of course. 

 I made a princess cake dress from ideas on pinterest.  It is supposed to be Aurora's dress from Sleeping Beauty.  It turned out pretty cute. 

 I also made a Hulk cake since she loves the Hulk and I wanted to have a cake Tommy could it.  The Hulk cake was a cake made with pop (no eggs or milk) so he could eat it.  It was on the verge of falling apart and I ran out of icing but hey, it was still a success!

I was inspired by this on Pinterest.  When I stood back and looked at it, my first thought was Pinterest Fail.  Or Green Princess Leia.  But I still liked it. 

Charlotte looked adorable in her dress from Zulily with her name and age.  Another cute Zulily find! ;-) Charlotte wore her crown for part of the day.  Since it was huge, she didn't wear it long.  Very cute little birthday cake on her head though.

It was time to blow out the candles.  Charlotte was a little afraid after all the singing by all the Royal Family.  But she did a great job blowing them out. 

Look at that joy! She is having a ball! Princess and Hulk cake, YUM!

Brother showed some love with cheek kisses for her b-day. 

Then he went back to his tough guy scowl.  :)

When Charlotte started jumping on the presents, we knew it was time to open them.  :)

She loved each and every one of her gifts. She was so excited for each one of them.  I had planned to go over how to say thank you for all her gifts and I forgot.  But she showed so much excitement for all of her gifts, it didn't matter! 

She got so many fun gifts!
Check out that Elsa dress!! Aurora too! She is ready to play dress up for a long time! 

Tommy even enjoyed her gifts.  Flags to go with the scooters?? Are you kidding me? Tommy's favorite!

I don't think the fellas on the couch knew what to think of all this princess stuff. I tell ya... Before I had a daughter, the idea of a princess party sickened me.  But look at me now! Princess stuff is so fun! Pink is an awesome color! Haters gonna hate! Haha! :)

After presents it was time to play outside! AGAIN, Uncle Awam!!

It was time for scooter-ing!

Everyone tried it! 

Yep, I made absolutely everyone wear a crown. 

Except for Charlotte.  But how great is this picture of Princess Charlotte and her royal court? 

 The dress fit like a glove.  So adorable!

 Tommy enjoyed looking out the toy room window and making faces. 

Charlotte enjoyed looking out over her royal people while sipping on a juice box.  :)

The party somehow came together and was a huge success.  Except for that whole running out of food thing.  But ordering pizzas after the party lasts 6 hours? I think that's okay. 

Happy Birthday, Miss Charlotte! Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Charlotte is Two Years Old

 Charlotte turned 2 on a Monday this year.  We sent her to school so she could celebrate with her classmates.  They had some really tasty cupcakes.  Andrew and I went to Toys R Us to decide what to get her for her birthday.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute! :) We picked out this RadioFlyer Pink and Red ridiculous adorable trike.  I just love this thing. It is so cute. 
 And guess who else loves it?? Miss Charlotte!  How perfect that she can carry her babies around in the trunk!

 She's still learning to pedal it but she should be zipping around in no time.

 After we played with the bike, we took Tommy to his speech class at Purdue.  Charlotte enjoyed playing around outside the building.  Climb that fence, girl!

 There was so much to see and do!

 After class, we went to Red Lobster for dinner.  Charlotte was excited to have salad! Her favorite food besides soup!

We snapped a quick pic outside the restaurant.  We made her wear her birthday hat and they sang to her.  She was a little scared but she also loved it.  Too fun.

Charlotte is officially TWO! She had her doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  I didn't get a picture of that visit.  She is 34.3 inches which is in the 63rd percentile.  She is 26.6 pounds which is 50th percentile.  I don't remember what they said about her head size though.  But she is growing wonderfully still.  She is still afraid of her doctor but at least she didn't scream the whole time.

Tommy had another funny moment at the appointment.  He cracked Dr. Fahler up last time by leaning over and whispering to me after he had been in our office for about 10 minutes, he whispered a little too loudly, "I think that's Dr. Fahler!"  Haha!! Well this time, while he was examining Charlotte, Tommy pipes up with, "I just scanned you."  Dr Fahler laughed and said, "How did you do that?"  Tommy goes, "I went like this (he crossed his eyes) and I scanned you!!" Dr F thought that was really really funny and he told Tommy to make sure he did it for the nurse too.  Haha!! Oh Tommy, always entertaining.

Ok anyway, back to Charlotte.  So Charlotte has gotten so big.
 This little babe...

 Has grown and grown...

Look at how she's changed!! Look at all that hair!!

She's definitely turning into a little girl... 

With a big personality!!

She loves everything, not the least of which is the Incredible Hulk. 

Hulk 'Mash!

My sweet sleeper!

She loves watching Tommy play soccer and she really loves FOOD!

She was so excited about eating blueberry pancakes one day that she ate them the entire time with closed eyes.

Besides food, she really loves her brother.  They do ab workouts together. 

They also pretend to sleep in Tommy's bed together too. 

Charlotte loves to climb.  She climbs fences, stairs, shelves, chairs, whatever she wants. She doesn't let onions or potatoes get in her way. 

Our little Charlee baby.  She knows her colors.  She loves singing the alphabet or really any song in the world.  She just loves singing.  She is starting to speak in short sentences. Sometimes she is hard to understand but she has a lot to say.  She still loves Frozen and loves singing the songs at the top of her lungs. She gives the best hugs with a sweet little I yuuuvvv you!
She is so happy.  That's my favorite part.  Sure, she has bad days but she is so full of joy.  I love seeing the world through her eyes.  Happy Birthday, our dear Charlotte. We love you so! 

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