Thursday, June 4, 2015

Adventures in Dining

We love our screened in back porch so much.  We eat out there a lot.  Tommy always wants to eat out there even when the weather is bad. 

Charlotte is a big fan too!

They both also love eating outside where ever else we can.  For example... Culvers!

Culvers is right by Target and we always end up there.  It's also Tommy's absolutely fave go-to place.  He is always asking for Culvers.  Yum chicken fingers! They are wayyyy better than Chickfila. 

Hey Char Char, you have a little something on your nose.  ;)

 Don't worry though.  We still go to Chickfila too.  I mean, come on.  They have a play place. You can't beat that!

The Carnival

 Tommy and Charlotte's daycare/school held their annual fundraiser over the weekend. We have never attended the carnival before and this was the first weekend we didn't have plans so we decided to go for it. 
 Right before we left, Charlotte and Tommy were fighting over a tape measure and Charlotte sliced her thumb open.  It looks pretty nasty and we almost took her to urgent care but we were able to stop the bleeding and bandage it up so we opted not to go.

 The kids were definitely glad we chose the carnival.  There was a 2 and under room with a bounce house that Charlotte loved. Look at that air time!

 You could dunk a teacher! Tommy thought that was exciting.

 You could get your picture taken. 

 Charlotte cracks me up in the this picture. 

The kids loved sliding in their bounce houses.  

 I'm not kidding when I say Tommy probably went down the slide 100 times.  Ok maybe not that many but definitely 40 times. 

 Charlotte and her friend Zoe had a great time playing in the 2 and under room.  They were so cute together. 

 Then we watched a magician.  No one would sit very close.  It was an 'interesting' show, I guess I'll say. 

Andrew finally asked at the end if he could go down the slide. Of course he could!

 Look at that smile! He was waiting to do that all day!

 At the end they had a drawing.  I put Tommy's name on probably 10 tickets and he won two door prizes.  He won the boys toy basket and the sports basket.  The toys were a ninja turtle, a captain america shield, a bunch of hot wheels,  monster trucks, power rangers thingy, a giant track thing, and a $25 toys r us gift card.  The sports basket was a Matt Painter signed basketball, a bunch of sauces and a $25 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. 
 Tommy made out like a bandit!! Look at all that loot.  He was so excited about winning.  He's apparently very lucky too! Wow!! 2 out of 6 door prizes!! Are you kidding me?? There was a boy whose family put in 38 tickets try to win the toys.  The boy and his brother came up after the drawing.  The brother said, "He really wanted to win the prize.  Can he have just one of the toys?"  We thought it was an odd request but we agreed because it was awkward already.  He picked out a set of hot wheels cars.  He told us he really liked hot wheels.  I was glad we could at least cheer him up a bit. 

First year attending the carnival was definitely a success!!

Indy 500 2015!! #thisisouryear

We've been going to the race with the same people since 2005, pretty much.  We skipped 2006 because we were getting married.  But every other year we've been there, together with these same families.  10 years is a long time! We've been through it all! Not the least of which is a lot of pregnancies! The pregnancies started in 2009 and have continued until last year.  2009- Wyatt, 2010- Tommy, 2011- Harper, 2012- Hattie, 2013- Charlotte, 2014- Everett and Rhett.  Soooooo 2015 was OUR year.  It was the first year none of the ladies were with child. It was time to party! We decided to hashtag the year #thisisouryear because well... it was.  

 However the boys were trying to steal our thunder as soon as we got there.  BUUUUUSCH!!

 After we ate, we had our annual beer pong tournament.  We included a rousing rendition of the star spangled banner this year.  I don't know why we haven't always been doing this. 

 The wives, Katie and Morgan, drew our husbands, Andrew and Travis, to play in the first round.  YIIIIIIKKKEEESSSS.... FOR THEM! We BEAT them! It was amazing. 

 But we didn't beat anyone after our first round.  The Schreiners won.  They had never won before so we were all very excited for them.

One couple was wayyyyy too excited about it.

 The next day we rolled out and headed to our parking spots.  One quick shotgun before walking to the track.

 We brought our usual signs to celebrate the race.

 My favorite part is the pre-race pageantry.  David Letterman is somewhere in that crowd.

 Patrick Dempsey was chosen to wave the flag this year.  He's on the far right in black. 

We waited and waited for him to come down.  We really wanted to see him up close.  Finally he made his way down the ladder and ran down to get a picture.  Here he is!

 He was thinner that I thought he would be but still very attractive.  He was wearing a gigantic ring that we later found out was a ring that he was given for driving the pace car back in 2007. 

 They had 4 planes drawing out these letters which was so cool.  It's not by the way.  It was something 

 Thanks, Kevin, for bringing the fireball.  #thisisouryear

 We really liked our hashtag, if you couldn't tell. 

A picture in the back of the van to end the day.  There was an unfortunate incident to end the day but we weren't going to let that stop us from having a great time!

Another fun race for the history books.  Or blogs.  Whichever.  You can find prior years here-2010, here-2011, here-2012, I didn't go in 2013 so I didn't get any pictures that year, and here-2014.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Field Day 2015

The kids had their annual last day of school party, aka Field Day.  (Remember last year? and the year before?  They go outside and do all kinds of fun activities.  The parents are invited to come play and eat lunch with their kiddos.  This year we were both able to go.  It was super cute. 
 Charlotte's class wore Blue for the Dr. Seuss class. 
 Tommy hung with the 1's class (the 1's class absolutely LOVES Tommy) for a bit. 

 This activity was pool noodles, toilet plungers, and kickballs.  Even the teachers didn't know what to do with this.  The kids had a ball though!

 Then Tommy went with the 3's class for his obstacle course.  His class tye-dyed their shirts green.  They are the frogs class. 

 Sack races!

 Watch out Cooper! He's gaining on you!

 Tommy is going to miss Cooper this summer.  But he'll be back this fall again.

 Tommy and Charlotte got to play on the playground while waiting for the bounce house to come open. 

 Then it was time to JUMP!! Check out that height! ;)

 That is literally what he is telling us to do in this picture. 

 Don't forget to slide out!

 Then it was time for popsicles! Even Charlotte and all the parents got one in Tommy's class. 

Did someone say water balloons?? 

Yep, definitely water balloons! Watch out!!

 Then water tables! Turns out, Charlotte can HANG with 4 year olds (most of the kids in the class are already 4 by now).  She had no problem playing with them.  Too funny. 

 These two.  I can't imagine when Tommy has to move on to another school.  What fun they have together.  Slow down, time, please.

One quick story:  We ate lunch on the floor of the gym, all the parents, teachers and kiddos.  Tommy's teacher, Miss Debbie, said, "Tommy, are you having an almond butter and jelly?" He said he was.  She said, "I always ask him if he will let me try it but he never lets me!"
Tommy leaned over to me and said, "I let her smell it once." 
I laughed so hard.  Poor kid was mad that I was laughing because he didn't understand why I thought it was so funny.  He was so serious.  Oh Tommy.  You are hilarious.

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