Monday, January 19, 2015

House Renovations

 We decided to do some renovating in our house.  Are we fixing the drywall from the flood in November? Ah, no.  But we are working on the floors in the kitchen.  Ugh, we have wanted to do this for SO LONG. Three years I think? Pretty much since we moved in.  It was never first priority but we decided to make it so. Finally so here we go. 
 Our fridge and stove were in the living room, along with our kitchen table and our trash can for over a week.  It was lovely.  So eating at home was difficult. 

 The first day we decided to just go out to eat.  We went to Applebees so the kids could burn off some energy at the mall. 

 Charlotte loved her chicken quesadilla.  It was a big kids meal and she ate the whole thing! Her appetite is incredible.

 Tommy's appetite is the opposite.  He has always been such a good eater until he turned 4.  Now it's a battle every night. But he enjoyed his chicken a little. Mostly just the fries.  That kid could live on fries, fries and more fries.  He practically does. 

 Then we went to Red Mango for ice cream.  Yum!

On Tuesday, Tommy said he wanted Wendy's (his new fave place, too bad there's not one on 26). So we decided to head over to Toys R Us so the kids could burn off some energy (sensing a theme here?) and then headed to Wendy's.
 Charlotte picked out what she wanted... two of what she already has.  Two Charlotte-sized Minnie Mouses.  She. Adores. Minnie. 

Charlotte also liked the ride-on cars! Tommy was the only one that went home with a toy though (Second-child Problems).  He got a super cool stegosaurus.  

 The rest of the week we brought home food and ate it in the living room.  Blech.  But it worked!

 There was not a lot of room for "burning off energy" so it was a difficult week. 

 It wasn't done by the weekend so we still had to eat out on Saturday and Sunday.  Where did we go? Applebees again.  Ha! We were eating good in the neighborhood. Charlotte was excited!

Off the table, silly girl! 

So anyway, it was finished today.  HOORAY!!! It's awesome.  Ready for Renovation Pics? Here... We... Go....
 We love our tile guy.  He's so organized. 

 We chose a 12x24 inch tile.  Very cool looking. 

So went we bought the house in 2011, this is what the kitchen looked like.
 Then we painted and replaced appliance and cabinet handles...
OMG, look at that hanging lamp! I totally forgot about that! 
Then we re-did the backsplash and countertops...
And now... drumroll please... the finished project!
Hey Charlee Bean! 

 Hey Thornburg! Lookin' cool in your new kitch, dude!
So there's a couple more things we might do like replace the fluorescent light and the scalloped bar over the sink.  Annndddd..... maybe take out half that wall to the dining room.  We shall see.  But we are so very pleased with our reno.  Wowzers.  It makes such a difference!!

 Here's a different view.
Hi again, Andrew! 

Charlotte loves her new kitchen!

We loooooovvvveee our new floor.  What a beautiful update.  

So I wonder what we should work on next.... Hmmm.... ;-)

Day Date With Tommy T

A couple Saturdays ago, Andrew offered me the Purdue b-ball tickets since he had been gone that week.  I decided to take Tommy with me.  I always feel like I don't get quality time with the kids when he is gone because it's constantly- get home, make dinner, bath time, bed.  No QT with the kiddos.  So Tommy and I spent the whole day together! 

 We went to the mall. I got a new phone and he got new shades!

Then we shared some ice cream in the food court.  They have dairy free ice cream at Red Mango.  I don't know what's in it exactly.  It's kind of suspect but hopefully fine in small doses. ;-) 

 At the Purdue game, I sent Tommy's picture in for Game Faces and he got on the BIG SCREEN! I snapped a pic just in time to capture the moment.  Awesome!

The whole weekend ended up being pretty awesome for Tommy Hawk.  We made some chocolate chip cookies (without eggs or milk) just for Tommy on Sunday.  They were pretty darn except for the recipe calls for coconut oil so if you don't like coconut, you probably wouldn't like them. Might try a different oil next time.

Anyhoo, the weekend focusing on Tommy was super fun.  I'm one lucky mama.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Flashback... Monday??

Why not? It's my blog. I think all of 5 people still read it.  I can do whatever I want. :)

Anyhoo, I found this video on my youtube channel.  Tommy was a couple months over two years old.  Wowie wow wow.  He's grown up so much.  Just crazy.  Oh and I had forgotten about the eczema almost completely. Thank goodness! 

So let Tommy serenade you.  Enjoy! 

Bath Time Break

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