Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello Tommy! Another Update

What's going on with our dear Tommy T? 
 Well tons of bike riding, of course!

 Biking riding through piles of leaves!! Must be fall!! Leaves everywhere!!

 Always inquisitive!

 Five heads? Why not?

See how hard he's concentrating on learning how to drive a Yogurt Car? The GoPro is capturing every moment. :-)

So much fun! 

 He got to ride with Grandpa in the semi and combine recently.  He loved it!

He asked to be a fire breathing dragon for Halloween.  He's doing a great job of modeling the first draft of his costume.  

He did great at his most recent haircut.  Except for that whole nail biting thing. Ugh.  I just quit biting mine! (Sort of.)  I really didn't want him to have a 30 year habit like I did/do.  :-(

He loves Mama's new car.  The sun roof blows his mind.  So does that sucker.

Hello Charlotte! An Update

Due to some water damage in the house and basically just life getting in the way, I've let the blog fall down the priority list.  So here's a quick update with some fun pictures of little Miss Charlotte.  
What has Charlotte been up to? 
She's been sleeping.  
 This is definitely a second child thing.  First borns don't normally fall asleep in random places like this.  Tommy didn't do this very often anyway.

 She also fell asleep on Uncle Adam's lap.  Knocked Adam right out too.  :)

Her fave sleeping companion is a giant Minnie Mouse.

 Too cute.

 Here's a pic Andrew took that I like.  This is a sweatshirt I turned into her Halloween costume.  She got a couple good wears out of it before I started attaching things to it.  (Stayed tuned for pictures of that.)
Look at our little doll baby in her Purdue gear.  Well... a Purdue onesie (Tommy's) and a Purdue headband.

 Charlotte doesn't like to be held down.  She gets upset that we have put up the gates to keep her from climbing the stairs.

 She pulled all the clothes out of Tommy's bottom drawer, climbed into it, got stuck and then cried.  It was hilarious.

 She's a whirlwind of ruffles!!!

 She also enjoys wearing boys clothes if you haven't noticed.  Tommy's clothes have definitely come in handy! ;-)

 She's Little Pink Riding Hood ready to Trick or Treat!

Look at that little grin.  I just love it.

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