Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Target Trip!

 We tried a new cart at Target during our last visit. 
 How hilarious do they look riding in that thing? They loved it though! Charlotte last much longer being able to see everything. 

 Tommy wanted to get down the entire time so we compromised and let him stand which he loved. 

After that we had dinner at Firehouse Subs.  Charlotte played Peekaboo with Tommy's fire hat.  I know it doesn't have anything to do with Target but it was a cute picture nonetheless. :)

Back to Easter Weekend...

Yes we have to go back in time.  Sorry the posts are out of order.  It's a long explanation that you don't care to hear so just continue reading and enjoy a blast from the past (two weeks ago). :)
So Easter weekend was a couple weeks ago.  On Saturday we didn't do much until after the kiddos naps.  It was 3:30 pm when we finally left the house.  Tommy wanted to go to the zoo so we headed over for a quick half hour walk-through. 
 Charlotte met the goats for the first time!!

 Tommy still isn't too sure about the goats.  He kept his distance. 

 After the zoo, we headed over to the playground.  It was incredibly busy.  It was the first decent weekend and everyone had the same idea. 

 We had a good time despite the crowd, which included a woman screaming at her daughter named Miracle.  We decided to get the heck out of there and head to another playground. 

 We headed to a much smaller park in West Lafayette.  Tommy realized he loves swinging. 

 Charlotte realized the same!

 Belly swing time!

 Who would have thought she would like swinging so much?

 More sliding! Watch out for that mulch!

 Then we walked over to the pedestrian bridge.

 I wanted to take some pictures to see if this might be a good family picture location. 

 Surely those trees will green up a bit soon!

 The architecture should be a cool backdrop but the shadows created at that time of day may pose a problem.

 We got to see a train pull into the station when we were there.  Tommy was super excited about that.

How fun is this picture? Andrew looks powerful crossing the bridge over the train with his brood, no? ;-)

We made a quick pit stop at a cafe/bar (yes both!) downtown. Those college kids working there were very confused seeing a baby in a bar (also coffee shop).  We could only go in one area.  Everyone stared at us while we were there.  Super fun! We didn't stay long.
 Andrew got a mocha and Charlotte wanted to share. 

 We went back for more train viewing as we crossed back over the bridge. It's rare that I'm in a picture so I have to post it!

 See what I mean about the shadows? Maybe not so good for family pictures but fun for random pictures like this. 

 What do you think? With greener landscaping and flowers in those pots, it might make an interesting background for pictures?

Such a beautiful day that day.  Perfect weather for bridge crossing. :) 

 One more landscape pic.  Bear with me. :)
 After we got back to the car, we decided to get dinner.  We were crazy enough to try the mall early evening on Saturday night.  We went to Panera because I knew they had an allergy menu.  It was a big hit!

 Charlotte slept through dinner and woke up in a great mood ready to take on the mall!

We walked around the mall and found this furry friend.  There was no line! We asked Tommy if he wanted to get his picture taken with the Easter bunny.  He said Yes.  We capitalized on this moment.  Tommy NEVER says yes to this kind of stuff. That's why he's never had his picture with Santa.  So for the first time ever, here's a picture of Tommy with a mall character.  They were both about to lose it when the picture was taken.  She used some sort of noisemaker thing and they both were distracted for 3 seconds for a picture.  So no crying! Success!!

 The Easter Bunny visited since the kids were so good for their picture!!

 Charlotte got some new shades! So hilarious.

Tommy got a snake! Who gets a snake for Easter? This guy!

 I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the kids in their Easter clothes.  I did snap a quick one of Charlotte before church. Another Zulily find! I had to buy it.  It was like a tiny pink baby business suit.  Adorable! Someone needs a diaper change though! :)

 After church she changed into something more comfy from Grandma. 

 Tommy rode in the tractor with Grandpa.

 Charlotte got some quality time with Great Grandma Katie and Great Aunt Debbie. 

We had quite the busy Easter weekend.  Happy Easter!

Nora's Birthday Party

Saturday we attended Nora's 3rd birthday party. It was at an awesome park in Greenwood.
All the usual folks were there. 

I wrapped Nora's gift with a special adornment. Yes that is a picture of Diane from high school. :-) 

Then it was time for another Bowdown!! Reese looks ready to fight!

Everyone was too busy eating to notice the commotion. 

Then it was time for cake and candles!! 

Tommy enjoyed his cake obviously. Apparently so did his face! 

Present opening time! The necklaces on the gift were a big hit!! So was the Pretty Pedicure Kit! Yay! 

I didn't get any other pics of the park except for this one. This was one of the many cool things at the park. 

We stopped at Chickfila after the party since we didn't plan Tommy's lunch very well. 

Charlotte snacked on some lunch of her own! 

That afternoon Tommy had another potty training milestone. So for his reward, we went to Jump It! 

Boy, did he have a good time!! 

This is a pretty accurate representation of the visit. I swear he went down the slide a hundred times.
Charlotte loved it too.  Whenever he would pop his head up over the bouncy house wall, she would let out a happy scream.  So cute. 

Great little Saturday! LOVE early birthday parties! Leaves the rest of the day for more fun!! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Charlotte is 7 Months Old!

I can't stop time. It keeps going by so quickly. Charlotte is 7 months old. 
I picked the outfit I put in her Easter basket plus a random bow from Old Navy. The bow might look a little silly but I love anything perched on her head. It's all adorable! 

Here are some outtakes from the photoshoot. She still loves her Sophie! 

So what's up with Charlotte this month? 

-She's learning how to wave bye bye. I'm not sure that she knows what she's doing or if she just enjoys waving. Either way, adorable. 

-Charlotte has started with even more solids, like puffs, Cheerios and these rice milk cream thingies. We're still a bit afraid to give her yogurt puffs because they trigger so many puke memories for us. I truly think she'll be fine. We just haven't experimented yet. 

Pictures from Daycare- Another Ridiculous Bow 

-Baby girl is a master sitter-upper. She still falls once in awhile but she is so sturdy these days that I sat her in the tub by herself. Yikes! But she did great! 

-Charlee Bean has started yelling... loudly, for no particular reason. I was upstairs tonight putting Tommy to bed and I could hear her yelling. I came down and asked if she was mad. Nope, that was her happy scream. Yikes. 

-She loves playing Where Did XXX Go? As long as the person comes back pretty quickly, she really digs that game. It cracks her up!! 

-Charlotte has been teething for what seems like a straight month. Girl, where are those top two teeth? Sheesh! 

The flower headband is so large and out of control. I never thought I'd be into these but here I am. 
Daycare said she needed to start wearing shoes so we sent her in these. Seriously? Shoes? Do they expect them to stay on? 

It doesn't matter because this girl is fabulous in whatever! 

Happy 7 Months, Charlotte! 
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