Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who's Ready For Summer??

I know some people who are ready for summer...
Can't wait! 

The Boilermaker Ball!

We were invited to the Boilermaker Ball last weekend.  We gladly obliged and headed down to Indy for the alumni event. 
It was at the J-Dub downtown.  I'd never been there before so I was excited to check it out.  There was a seating chart in the program.  We realized there were around 1000 people there!! We were the cool people at table 2. 
 When we first walked in, we had the opportunity to have our picture taken with Purdue Pete. What am I doing with my arm? Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader, I guess.  
Good thing Pete didn't blink right? (Groan.  Eye roll.  Don't worry, I stole that joke from Andrew.)

 The theme was "Down the Rabbit Hole" this year.  We didn't actually have our dessert first.  It was just listed that way on the menu.  Party Planning Peeps be cray cray!! Haha!

I did not take enough pictures but that just shows how much fun we had! Too busy tying one on to take pics!

I took a picture of the dance floor and stage.  Kind of. 

I thought this was funny.  I took a picture of the couple across from us who got their picture with Purdue's AD and had Brian Cardinal, of all people, take it. Umm... so if you had your choice between NBA Champion and Purdue AD, which would you choose? Here, guy, you're not doing anything besides wearing a Tweedle Dee hat.  Take our picture, will ya?

The tables had giant flowers on them.  It was quite a Golden Afternoon, huh? GET IT??? ;)

Here's Andrew with his new bestie, Brian.  You might remember him from this post.  Their friendship has really blossomed. 

We sat at the table with Brian and his wife, Danielle.  We also partied with Jerry from Nine Irish, as we do.

The live band was amazing! We danced to almost 4 straight hours of live music.  Endless Summer Band.  Book them now, if you're getting married.  They were awesome!

Bowtie buddies, Andrew and Jerry.  Andrew did not think about the fact that he didn't know how to tie a bowtie until he was putting on his suit and we were late for the cocktail hour.  Whoops! Thank Goodness for Youtube videos, amirite?

Hubby and Wifey with the band in the back.  Can't you tell? ;)

Silly front view

Should I tag this #cardinalselfie ... or #WeAreAllTweedleDUM ?

What would this hashtag be? #nineirishphotobooth maybe? I think I'm on Instagram too much.
End of night selfie.  We both had our uncomfortable shoes off for the walk back to our room. 

A great night was had by all Boiler Alums in attendance. Thanks for the invite, Brian.  We had a great time!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Charlotte is 5 Months Old!

The little lady is five months old, already! I can't believe how big she's getting.
This photo shoot didn't go as well as the others.

Here are some lovely outtakes. 

I love these pants.  They are just too cute. 

 I'm trying to convince Charlotte to stand and hold the couch.  She's not quite sold on it yet. 

But she definitely loves her giraffe! She wouldn't stop chewing it for any pictures. 

So what's new with Charlotte?

-She has two teeth but you already knew that.

-She loves to jump.  If you hold her in a standing position, she will bounce bounce bounce until she gets tired.  This originated from a new bouncy seat at school.

-Her laugh is hilarious.  She doesn't just giggle anymore.  Her new laugh is just sucking in air harshly and it makes this weird scary noise.  Once you realize she's not having any trouble, it's pretty funny.

-We finally found a fruit/vegetable that Charlotte actually likes.  She likes squash! She can't get enough of it.  She tried apples and they were okay.  Much better than the pears went! I don't know what it is about those pears but she wasn't happy.

Her next doctor's appointment is her six month check up.  Can't wait to see how much she's grown! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daycare for Charlotte

I received this picture from daycare last night and I had to share. We sent her to school with a headband which we don't do very often. They took a lot of pictures that day because of all the cuteness. 
I usually have her wear the flower on the side of her head but it's kind of ridiculously cute this way too. 
She certainly has fun at school! Look at that smile! 

Bath Time is the Best Time

We let them take a bath together tonight. Boy, did they have fun! 

Eyes definitely got poked. It also prompted a talk about proper body part names. According to Tommy, boys have wieners and girls have butts. Ha!!! 
These are the days, that's for sure. :-) 

Charlotte's New Teeth

Charlotte came home from daycare on Valentine's Day with 2 brand new teeth! Big surprise! Two at once!
It took forever to get a picture of them. I think I took about 20 pictures before I got the right angle. 
Most of the pictures looked like blurry versions of this. 

Then I just gave up and took cute pictures like this. 

Look at that sweet outfit. So cute. 

Baby Food Adventures: Let's Try Squash

Best reaction yet! She still looks like she's saying, "Is this some kind of joke?"
She didn't gag much when trying the squash. Big improvement! She also really came around the second day and ate it all. Yay!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bounce House!!

We now have two sets of friends with Bounce Houses!! Awesome! (That means we don't have to buy one, right??)
 We went over to Wyatt and Harper's for Bounce House fun.  The kids had a ball.

 They slept pretty well that night, I'm sure!

I didn't get a picture of them doing it but they were all pressing their faces up against the netting.  It was hilarious.  These kids.  They are going to have so much fun growing up together! 

Let's See Some More Pictures of Charlotte...

She got this Purdue onesie for Christmas and she's already close to growing out of it.  I forgot how quickly babies grow out of their clothes.

 Baller! Watch out, Tommy! She'll be dunking on your hoop soon!

 Oh that little smile!!

 It keeps getting bigger…

And bigger!! 

She also gives the "What the heck is this?" look.

Sweet sleeping baby.  

Spending Time as Bro and Sis

I'm always afraid I'm missing key moments with these two together.  But I have caught a few and I know that there will be many more to come.  
 Bedtime is always the most adorable.

If I would let him, he would have her sleep in his bed, I'm sure.  

 During the day, most of the moments are like this.

Or like this! Yikes! 

 "What? I didn't do noffing."  :-)

Baby Food Adventures

So we've been working on feeding Charlotte baby food.  We started with rice cereal.  She wasn't really excited about it.  Then we tried oatmeal and blammo! She loves that stuff! Our doctor told us to try yellow veggies.  But being a second time mom, I'm like, "Don't worry. I got this."  I picked up some random baby food at the store and we decided to try pears.  Because who doesn't like pears?? They're amazing!
You know who doesn't like pears???
 This girl.  She acted like we were torturing her the entire time! She must have her dad's salt cravings instead of my sweet tooth. Sheesh!

This is my favorite picture.  Whatever filter I chose on Instagram really brought out those beautiful blue eyes.  Completely disgusted and confused blue eyes.  

Time to backtrack.  Maybe we'll look into those yellow veggies now. :) 

Why I Always Want to Race Home From Work

Because I have to look at this mouse pad all day.  Are you kidding me with this? Cuteness Explosion.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Catch Up Post for Tommy T

 Tommy T.  Oh my dear sweet boy.  He loves his little sister like she's all his. She is definitely his favorite person right now. 
He is so sweet with her. 

He loves doing things for her, like reading books! She has complete and total trust in him too.  She loves everything he does, even when he's poking her in the eye.  It's hilarious.  Just a huge smile whenever he's around. 

It ain't easy being cheesy! I have a feeling there will be many more pictures like this in the future!

 Tommy went to a Purdue game recently, just him and Dada.  They had a great father/son night.
Did you know the double chocolate Ghirardelli brownies have no milk or eggs in them unless you add them? So I substituted applesauce for the one egg and VIOLA! Brownies for Tommy! They're not exactly the same but they're so close!! He had so much fun stirring the bowl and licking the spoon. First time I've ever had him do that.  It was exciting!

Tommy's new fave movie is Hercules, or as he calls it, 'Perkalee'.  Tommy was singing one of the songs from the movie and said, "I can make my wayyyyy. I can go to the dentist!" HA! Distance, that is.  But dentist works too. 

He's starting to learn and recognize his letters.  He knows D is for Dada.  M is for Mama and Morgan.  W is for upside down Mama (Hey however he wants to remember these letters, we encourage it!).  He knows C is for Charlotte.  T is for Tommy T and T Rex.  P is for Purdue Pete.  J is an upside down candy cane.  V is for Vulture.  H is for Helicopter.  He recognizes N but I can never remember any words for that besides No.  O is an easy one for him, probably since they just learned it last week.  He also knows some of his months and the days of the week.  It's amazing the things he's learning and retaining.  I can't believe it won't be long before he's reading!!! Time is going so fast!
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