Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In preparation for Tommy's birthday, I ransacked Target after Halloween to get some sweet costumes for one of Tommy's gifts.  I also picked up a couple things for Andrew too. 
 This "blockhead" is a total piece o' crap (it was maybe $3) but boy is it fun.  He looks like a terrible Deadmau5 wanna-be!

Watch out, Blockhead.  Creepy Tom Cruise looks interested.

I suspect someone is ready for Halloween next year...
It's Tom Cruise.  ;-) 

Do You Think They're Related?

I put Tommy's old bulldog jammies on Charlotte tonight. I knew I had pics of Tommy wearing them too so I did a little digging and found them.
Turns out, they might be related.

I don't know what do you think?

I shouldn't have tried to take this picture right before a feeding. But still, even with their completely opposite expressions, they still look very much alike.
Bro and sis! Winning! ;-)

(Updated to Add…)
After the feeding we got a happier picture.  Awww.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wyatt Turns 4 and Harper Turns 2

Wyatt and Harper's birthdays are about a week apart so they had a joint celebration again this year.  

 Charlotte rolled in wearing her sweet Gap sweatsuit.  She was stylin' and so comfortable.  LOVE the hand in the pocket.  Totally chillaxed.

 I got a picture of almost all the kiddos that were there.  Tommy and Charlotte are on the left.  Harper is in the pink.  Emmy is with her mom and Wyatt is on the right.  Only one little is missing.

 There's Hattie! Wyatt too!  He started opening his gifts and got this awesome Batman shirt.  Like anyone would do, he had to put it on right away.

 Hattie got a Little Mermaid doll and a flounder stuffed animal.  She was sooo excited!

 Charlotte was not excited.  She slept through a lot of the party.

 We tried to put her down to sleep in her carseat but she awoke within a couple minutes.
 As soon as she was back in someone's arms,  she fell back asleep again (maybe she felt the protection of Batman).  She actually let people pass her around! It was so exciting! Made me think she might finally be coming out of her funk.

 She also accessorized well.  How funny is that little barrette? Love it!

It was Harper's barrette for her birthday.  So cute!
Wyatt and Harper blew out their candles that Wilford Brimley set for them.  Another successful birthday down in the books!

Happy Birthday Wyatt and Harper!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Riding the Storm Out

We had major storms and tornados in our area last weekend.

Tommy instantly became the big brother protector. He held her upstairs when we were deciding to go to the basement.

He held her when we were waiting it out in the basement too.

She looks thrilled! Our power went out for a couple hours but these two couldn't have cared less! They were troopers!

We were really lucky that we only suffered through a couple hours of no power. It could have been a lot worse. Many people were out of power for days!

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Charlotte is 2 Months Old!

We took Charlotte for her 2 month check up today.

I totally forgot the giraffe in this picture!! Argh.

(Charlotte got a mustache modesty patch to represent Movember.)
She happily (ha!) weighed in at 10.1 pounds, 18th percentile. Her length was 23 inches which is 85th percentile. Long and skinny! Oh and big brains! Her head is in the 85th percentile too!

Let's see how she's growing in some pictures...
My happy girl!

When I say she's obsessed with her hands, I mean it. This is all I see when I lay her down. She just clasps her hands, stares at them, talks to them. It's adorable.

Andrew and Tommy love tucking her into Tommy's big boy bed. Apparently she loves it too!

So sleepy after her shots. She did pretty well with them. She was mighty angry but got over it quickly. Then she was cranky most of the time she was awake during the day. She never had the screaming fit that Tommy always had afterward luckily.

I always catch the goofy smiles in my pictures. Either way, it's still super cute!

Two months old, Miss Charlotte. Where is the time going??

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Target Trip

Tried something new at Target over the weekend.  Tommy brought his shopping cart.  He is quite the little shopper.  He had a toy and tater tots in his cart. He stayed by Dada's side the whole time.  But really, who doesn't love shopping at Target?

Babies Are Not Food

But if they are not food, then why do people do silly things like this? Have you heard of #babymugging? 

I believe I saw it on the Today Show or something.  It's so silly.  But OF COURSE I had to do it too.  This was just my first try.  I'm sure there will be more.  

 Also, if babies are not food, then why do they turn into such delicious baby burritos??? HA!

 I'll eat you up, I love you so.  :-)

Hang on!

Oh boy.  Tommy actually tried picking up Charlotte today.  I realized I don't let him hold her enough.  So I plopped her in his lap.  He LOVES it.  But hold on to your sister, brah! She's roly-poly these days!

Tommy's Phone

We took my old iPhone 3GS and made it into a phone for Tommy.  It only has games and movies on it.  It's perfect for riding in the car and keeping him busy when we need it.  He loves it!
Well the other day, I heard the noise the phone makes when taking a picture.  I heard it go off over and over again.  So later on, I picked up Tommy's phone to see what he had been up to.  Turns out, Tommy had taken over 400 pictures!!! HA! Our little budding photographer.  Looking through the pictures was like a walk down memory lane.
The pictures from a year and a half ago are ones we took (obviously! he's not well versed in the art of the selfie yet).
 Here's Tommy from a year and a half ago.  He still had eczema back then.  It was so long ago and yet not that long ago at all.

Here's Tommy from about a year ago.  Wow.  Again, only a year ago but he's lost a lot of that baby look in the last year.  *tear, sniff sniff*

Now let's get on to the pictures that Tommy has been taking...  

I found about 200 pictures of Tommy's shoes.  Jeez.  Like father like son.  He loves his kicks.  Or maybe that's just the direction he's always got his phone pointing.  Either way, he has captured many of his pairs of shoes in the last year/year and a half.  

Tommy also had quite a few pictures of his friends.  Here are Scout and Mickey.  

I also found a bunch of pictures of people too.  Most of them were blurry and you could hardly tell who they were.  Grandma is on the top left.  Maria and Rex are on the top right (good quality on that one! great work, tom-tom!).  Traci is on the bottom left and Ashley is on the bottom right.  I knew he was taking pictures when Maria and Traci were there but I had no idea about the others.  Wow.  

Finally, here's a VIDEO he took that just cracks me up.  He had 11 videos that he somehow took. They were all really random videos except for this one.  This one it was obvious he knew what he was doing.  

Ashley, I'm sure you love being reminded of being pregnant but this video was too cute not to share.  I can't believe we didn't realize he was doing this.  Too funny.  

I think I might have to keep an eye on Tommy's photo stream from now on to see what other gems he starts coming up with. :-) 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Max's 4th Birthday Pool Party

Saturday we attended Max's 4th birthday party which was at a super fun community center with a giant pool.  
 Charlotte got all dressed up for her big day out.

Isn't this pool awesome?

Andrew and Tommy were immediately kicked out because his arm floaty thingies weren't up to standard.  He got a life jacket off the rack and was back to swimming right away. 

 I'm not even sure what's going on here but it was one of 3 pictures I took of them in the pool so I had to post.

 The reason I didn't get many pictures is because the moms had several babies to take care of in the party room while the dads swam with the big kids. There were two pregnant moms within a week and a month of their due dates.  There were 4 babies under the age of one.  There was one between 1 and 2.  Then there were tons of big kids and I totally lost count of how many were there.  8? 9?  I have no clue.  I just kept track of my 2 and that was enough.

 The two youngest babes were Charlotte and Reese and Oh NO! They showed up wearing the same headband!! Awww is it time for Who Wore It Better??? It's a Baby Tie! :)

 Here's Nolan who is the one between 1 and 2.  He was hilarious! He'll have a little brother in a month! He kept saying BABEE! BABEE!!! I haven't been around a toddler boy of that age in awhile.  They crack me up!

 You can see the birthday boy Max on the right with his towel in the party room.

We sang Happy Birthday to Max.  His face was priceless.  Look at that smile! 

 Here's Jack and Nora.  Jack is seriously never NOT Spiderman. He LOVES to dress up all the time.

This is Audrey.  I have to post her picture because I'm so amazed at her curls.  Big giant ringlets.  So cute! 

 Here's Tommy having a great time! RUN! There's open space!

Finally here's Tommy leaving with his treat bag. All the kids played together really well.  We had a really good time.  It's so cool to see our kids grow up together.  At least one marriage is going to come from all these kids hanging out all the time.  We're just sure of it. ;-)

The HandleBar

Our awesome friends, the Staffords, set up a night in downtown Indy to rent the Handlebar.
The Handlebar is basically a bike that 16 people can pedal around while drinking (with a responsible employee steering and braking through traffic).

 There are several spots where you don't have to pedal.  The "bartender" spot (in this picture) is one of them.  There's a 3 seat bench in the back where you don't pedal.  Also the seats on the wheels don't pedal.

 Andrew, Katie and I started the first leg of the tour in the bench seat because everyone wanted to pedal. (This was one of the most fought-over seats after everyone realized how hard it was to pedal.)  The neon blue lights made for weird looking selfies.  #nofilter #justoddlighting
 Husband and Wife selfie! Andrew is sporting his Movember 'stache again this year. Go here if you are interested in donating to an awesome cause!!! (Prostate and Testicular cancer)

 Oddly enough as we were pedaling around, another Handlebar came up behind us.  We pedaled as fast as could but…
 They still passed us!! NOOOO!!!! (Travis is sporting his stache too.  He's on Andrew's team. Please donate! Already up to $220 in the first week!)

 On the back of our Handlebar was an orange triangle since we were a slow moving vehicle.  I sent this picture to my mom and she wrote back, "Prove 'em wrong!"  Obviously we didn't if we were passed by another Handlebar.  Fail.

 Our last stop was at the circle.  Photo op time! Ladies only!

 Now the whole group of 16!  It was 40 degrees out that night.  But with all the pedaling (and beer drinking), none of us were cold at all!

 A couple of riders decided to hop off at a stop light and have an impromptu Chinese Firedrill. I do not believe they saw the cop before they hopped off and started running (and one of runners WAS a cop!).  Luckily the cop gave zero craps about us running around in traffic.  He had more important things to do.  :-) It's downtown Indy for goodness sake.

This is a picture from the end of the night.  I was getting ready for bed in the bathroom and came out to this scene.  Charlotte looked a bit scared.  :-) 

What a great night! We hope to do it again sometime since we had so much fun.  Yay for doing barcardio! ;-) 
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