Sunday, June 23, 2013

Erin's Bachelorette Party Weekend

I can't believe it has already came and went! Andrew's sister Erin had her bachelorette party this weekend.  We rented a house in Michigan City for the weekend to relax and get some sun.  
We pulled up the house about 7 or 8 and we yelled to the cabbie, "Yo homes, smell ya later!" Ok, not really.  We drove to the house on Friday afternoon.  But we looked at our kingdom, we were finally there! To sit on our throne as the princesses of..... Michigan City.  HA! I can't quit.  But look at this place! So awesome! Four floors? Seriously??  

There was a specially made sign for Erin's arrival at the front door. 

The view was amazeballs, in the word of Giuliana Rancic.  (Quick fun fact that I just found out, we share a birthday.)
 Cait and I shared a bedroom.  It had that same amazing view! Sorry for the crap picture.  You still have some things to work on, iPhone!

I did a quick pano of the 2nd floor.  In the right half of the picture you can't really see but there are four different bedrooms or inlets with a bed. On the left side is the laundry room.  The first floor was actually the garage.  The third floor was the master bedroom and the bedroom Cait and I shared.
 The fourth floor was the living area with a large TV.

 The kitchen was enormous! Perfect for entertaining!

 That's all we did. We sat around, ate and talked most of the time.

 Friday night we played some bachelorette games like "Bachelorette Jeopardy".

 This game included a category called "Name That Position".  YEESH! I blurred this picture but it's still greatly offensive.  So sorry, readers.  Also, we still couldn't quite figure out how this one was physically and anatomically possible.  I will say it was called The Overpass.  What to the WHAT? No no no.

 There was also a "Finish the Love Song" category.  We got to hear Erin sing which is always a super fun treat!! :) There were so many laughs in this game.  Lots of drinking too!

Then it was time for presents.  She got a lot of loot! I won't go much into detail on that either.  You don't need to know. :-)

 The next day we walked to the pool via the Beachwalk Resort Community.  White picket fences and colorful houses all the way there.  Such a neat place.

We relaxed by the pool all afternoon.  It was slightly overcast but we were still able to get plenty of sun.

 After our time at the pool, we came back to our house for more eating and drinking.  I chose water and the even more exciting sparkling water to fill my favor cup.

 Once we all got ready, it was time for a photoshoot! Sister pose!

Preggo pose! I was not the only preggo at the party which was super nice.  I had a lovely partner in crime in which to drink all the water and lemonade. 

Indiana pose! The ladies came from all over (Texas, Illinois, Indiana, maybe more?) and the Indiana friends all posed for a picture. 

Erin and her bridesmaids pose! 

 Bride-To-Be Pose!

We played the Guess the Undies game.

 We drank and ate some more (I'm sensing a theme here).

We talked and laughed a LOT.  

 We also watched the Blackhawks before the we went out.

We went to the Shoreline Brewery for dinner and brews.  It was a super cool little place.  They were really confused by a group of 14 girls showing up dressed to the nines.  The waitress asked us if we came from a beauty pageant.  HA! Yes, yes we did.  Of course we did. Erin won! That's why she's wearing the sash!

 They have lots of different beers on tap and one non-alcoholic beer in a bottle, Buckner.  Can you guess which one I drank?

 Lots of people got flights to sample the beers.

We also watched the Blackhawks win a very stressful game.

We had an awesome time that night and all weekend too.  The weekend was a super relaxing, fun, fantastic weekend.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say a good time was had by all.
Only 11 weeks left until Miss Thornburg becomes Mrs. Hartley!


Erin said...

Thanks for capturing it all! :)

Nicole said...

I know this is years later, but do you have a contact for the house you rented?

The Thornburgs said...

@Nicole It was for sale when we rented it. I tried finding it on VRBO but I think it has been sold. There are lots of rentals through the same community if you'd like to look at these.

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