Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vegas, Baby! Literally.

Hey Ashley, is this what you had in mind for your koozies after Vegas
Vegas 2012... Where the 30's include kids with sippy cups.  Lame-o's. Someone get the Thornburgs some beer! 
Um, yeah so when are we going back again?? I didn't get enough of this.  

Better Late Than Never, V-day Edition

Tommy's teacher finally got around to sending out the picture she took on Valentine's Day.  
I think she took the picture when every single one of them was mid-chew.  What a cute little party though.  Super fun fruit smoothie juice (no dairy in that thank goodness!), Valentine's Day Oreos, V-day plates, napkins and cups, and I think they had the pink suckers too.  Tommy was wearing a red shirt when I sent to him school that day.  Too bad it was barf city that week (due to digestive issues that we've since cleared up).  Par for the course but still a bummer.  He would have matched his compadres (and not in the godfather sense).
Don't they all look so happy to be getting their picture taken? Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nighttime Friends

This is how Tommy goes to bed every night.  He likes to be surrounded by lots of friends.  
The app I was using wouldn't let me write all the names Tommy gave to his buddies so I will have to finish in the text here.  Let's go clockwise. So you can see Fluffy Doghouse, the dog beside him.  There's Otis the dog. Armadillo the Smurf is in the corner.  Beside Rex the Dinosaur (Tommy didn't name him, Toy Story did) is Meow Meow Meow the cat.  In the bottom right corner is Blue Bear and Ernie, then his old pal Scout.  The last two are a giraffe named Zebra and an elephant with no name.

Some names are fun and creative (or maybe just random) and some names are pretty appropriate.  I'll have to update you when he names the elephant.

It will probably be Lizard or something.

Darth Tommy

Tommy's "Aunt" Mandy bought him some super awesome jammies.  I tried to get a picture of him all day because I'm not joking when I say this, he wore them all day.  AND THEY WERE WHITE.  Normally he gets so dirty at breakfast, he has to change.  But not in these jams!
 He slept in them the night before and basically just never took them off the next day.  What a sleeping cutie.

He refused to take a nap during the day so he fell asleep in my lap about 5 o'clock.  Poor kid was all off his schedule.  Whoops. 

So when he wasn't sleeping, he looked like this (even with the trail of dust behind him).  ALL DAY.  That kid can move.  So the only in focus pictures I got were of him sleeping because that was the only time he wasn't running.  So weird for a toddler right? :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Shy Guy

Tommy has suddenly decided that he doesn't like me taking pictures of him anymore. Bummer. 
 So I can either way until he's asleep...

 Or very far away...  (This is Tommy's version of mowing during the winter. Anything he can push around is considered mowing to him)

As soon as I get close, he puts his hand out and tries to push the camera away.  Oh Tommy.  You can't stop your mother from taking pictures of you.

I guess I'll have to be very, very sneaky from now on, Thomasaurus.

Always an Adventure with Tommy T

So Tommy developed a nasty cold recently.  He had a barky cough two nights ago and his breathing sounded bad so I made the assumption it was croup.  I called the doctor today to see what they thought and they said bring him in.

I took him to the doctor after the second night of rough breathing but his cough had improved in sound.  It wasn't as barky.  When I took him outside in 7 degree weather, it didn't improve his breathing like it should for croup.   When we went to the doc, we saw the nurse practitioner for the first time.  She checked him out and wanted a chest x-ray.
Oh boy.

They have an x-ray department in the building so that was nice.  We went to see 'Marilyn' in x-ray.  I don't think Marilyn had ever dealt with a child before even though she worked in a Pediatrics/Obgyn.  She asked what the patients name was from across the room.  I said Thomas.  Tommy yelled to her, "My name is Tommy T!" Sorry I didn't clarify, little man.

As with any chest x-ray of a child, they have to strap him into a horrible medieval contraption with his arms over his head so they can get a good picture.
It looks like this.
So this woman tries to strap Tommy into this thing.  This is not Tommy's first rodeo.  He knows what's coming and he is none too pleased.  He is screaming bloody murder and fighting it every inch.  He's much stronger than the last time he had to do this and he showed it.  She brought in another woman but she was a frail older lady and she was no help either. With all the finagling she was doing to get him in it, she said he must have somehow broken it because she couldn't get it to turn to get him out.  So she wasn't very happy about that.  So finally when she got the pictures she needed, we pulled him out of it.  He had gotten himself so incredibly upset that.... oh, just wait for it... yes he threw up all over the x-ray room, all over himself, all over me.  It was kind of awesome.  Marilyn was, again, not happy about this and she left us in the room soaking in barf.  I'm looking around the room for something to clean us up.  She finally comes back in with two hospital sheets.  I use those to clean up while she leaves again.  She then comes back with a dry towel and wet towel.  I finished up all the cleaning and plopped the whites into her red biohazard bag.  Tommy was crying during all of this saying, "I wanna go take a nap in mama and dada's bed."  Poor guy was ready to get the heck out of there.

All I can say about this part of the story is thank the good Lord that he didn't throw up IN THE CONTRAPTION.  Can you imagine??

I made the mistake of saying I was going to take Tommy's picture after his 'torture pictures' from the x-ray. He was not happy. 

So then we meet with the nurse practitioner again and she says everything about Tommy looks great.  No croup, no pneumonia, nothing like that.  It is apparently an asthma flare up with his cold.  So I think it's time to finally accept that he does officially have the triple whammy (eczema, allergies, asthma).  We had hoped that he would only have the eczema and allergies ('cuz two out of three ain't bad) but oh well.  He can still grow out of all them.  He grew out of the eczema so there's definitely a chance.

(By the way, did you know some very famous athletes have asthma? Jerome Bettis, Juwan Howard, Dennis Rodman, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Greg Louganis, Emmitt Smith, Dominique Wilkins, Kristi Yamaguchi and many gold medal winning swimmers who I haven't heard of but am super impressed with! Yeesh grammar.)
Tommy was super excited about the Curious George pic in the office but that didn't improve his mood. Poor sick boy. 

Anyway, so while we were finishing up with the nurse practitioner, I mentioned that Tommy didn't enjoy the x-ray.  She mentioned that it didn't sound good (she heard him from down the hall).  I told her that Tommy may have broken the contraption and he puked all over the x-ray room.  The NP burst out laughing.  She said, "Oh my, I bet Marilyn was in a real tizzy."  She loved it. She must know her pretty well.  Really put the cherry on top for the appointment.

So if you have a chance, send some good thoughts/vibes to Tommy that he recovers quickly.  I hate to see my little guy so sick.  Plus I think he misses school and his friends.  Come on, Tommy! Get well soon!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tommy's Valentine's Day party at school was a success.  I busted out the Cricut and made some little valentines for his classmates.  

I was going to personalize them with each kid's name but, yeah, who has time for that??? :-) 

 I was "that mom" this year.  I made his valentines. Heehee.  I can't imagine what the other moms thought.  Probably the same thing I thought of them (I mean who has time to put together a package with a coloring book, crayons, fruit snacks and other fun stuff... oh no, she's probably just like ME!!).  All the kids in the class are 'only children' by the way so apparently ALL the moms have time for that kind of stuff. :-) They all did something cute and nice for all 5 kids.  It was awesome.  Plus since Tommy can't eat chocolate, guess who got to eat it instead??
This is the valentine I sent to Andrew for Valentine's Day.  He texted me back, "I ******* love batman! And you too of course."  Ha!

Lately Tommy hasn't been much of a fan of getting his picture taken so I haven't been able to blog much.  Hopefully that changes soon.  Or maybe he's already becoming a teenager! Oh no!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tommy Auditions for American Idol

I asked Tommy to sing his ABC's and he took it to the next level.

He sang his ABC's, Old MacDonald's Farm, and Baby Beluga.  I love how he had to really think about what animal to pick before he chose a puppy.

He sang the last line of baby beluga FOUR TIMES.  We did not see that coming.

This kiddo likes to SSSSIIIINNNGGGG!!!

Yo Dawg, I think you're going to HOLLYWOOD!!!

Random Pics of the Week

 Shark Boy! Keeping teeth clean all over the world!!

 Yes, this is a chair on top of a couch with a sippy cup inside of a regular cup.  It's like a M.C. Escher picture, amirite?? Ok maybe not.  But still strange anyway.

Lunch time for these two crazy boys.  Too cute!

These have been your random pictures of the week. Hope you enjoyed!
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