Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

I did an impromptu photo shoot with Tommy recently because I was going to use the pictures for his birthday party invitation.  I didn't end up using the photos for the invitations but I still think they're cute.  

 It took a billion and a half (Morganism) pictures to get a couple decent ones.  

Such a stud muffin!

Little Critter

Little Critter visited Tommy's daycare recently.
As you can tell, he loved it. (Tommy's new classmate! Alyvya I think is her name, pronounced Olivia, is right beside him. I think he has a new crush!)

But truly, he is quite terrifying.
What the hell? This is for children?

He's not so bad in book form at least.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Tommy went Trick or Treating twice on Halloween.  He trick or treated at my office first.  
 I picked him up from school early so I could bring him back to work.  They had their Halloween party at school that day.

 Oh dear Lord, the cuteness! I feel like his teacher arranged the class artistically by color or something!  Or maybe I'm blinded by the cuteness.

 Here's his solo pic.  Aww our little Thomasaurus!

 They carved a pumpkin at school.

Like my mom said, "I can't believe they got him to stick his hand in there!" :-)

 So anyway, back to visiting my office... Tommy was shy at first until someone gave him Oreos.

 Then he had no trouble taking over as Boss.  *Wiggle those feet, Tommy T.*

 That night we went to four houses in the neighborhood.  Tommy's favorite part was dragging his metal pail (Thanks Goldmans! Can you believe that was a year ago?) along the road.  Our neighbors really treated Tommy. They filled his bucket to the top and only 3 neighbors were actually home.  Aww! That was nice of them.

 I swear we don't let him walk alone in the neighborhood.  I cropped Andrew out of the picture.

 It took us 20 minutes to walk to the first house because he wanted to walk very slow and throw his pail every few steps.

 Watch out!

This is Tommy eating pretzels while handing out candy later that night.

Note to self for next year: Don't buy two gallons of candy because you only have a total of 15 trick or treaters all night.

Happy Halloween!

Boilermaker Basketball!

Tommy went to his second Purdue basketball game last week.  The first time he was a babe so he doesn't quite remember it.  
For the second game experience, we went to Scotty's for dinner before the game.  The way the table and high chairs were set up, this was as close as we could get him to the table.  He still surprisingly ate all his dinner even though he could barely reach it.  

Then it was game time! 

 For the first half, Tommy sat on Steph's lap (or Teef as Tommy says).

 Tommy was really excited about the game.  He loved clapped along with the crowd.

He pointed out Purdue Pete the whole night, even when he was clear across Mackey he would always find him.  He would wave and say "Hi Pete!" THEN!! He came up to our section! Tommy was a little freaked out but he still waved at him when he was that close.

 Then he came down and gave Tommy a high five and a fist bump. Tommy was stoked!

 Then Ol' Pete performed a guitar solo in our section on his hammer.

 Travis and his mustache came to visit our section.

Tommy and Dada enjoying the game

 Tommy and Mama cheesing for the camera
 This picture cracks me up. He just sitting there smiling to himself. Kiddo LOVES Purdue basketball.

Group pic!

Tommy was SOOO GOOD during this game.  It was awesome. In fact, I didn't even say anything until the game was over because I didn't want to jinx it.   Thanks for impressing all our game seat neighbors, Tommy.  I see a big time Purdue fan in the making!
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