Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend in Michigan

We have friends (I swear!! You might remember their wedding in Michigan last year) who have a lakehouse in Michigan.  They invited us up for the weekend to close out the summer.  We jumped on that! Yay lakes! 
It was a 7.5+ hour drive to Greenbush.  That is a LONG drive.  But Andrew entertained us by jamming out to some tunes.

 We got there and Beer Pong was already in full effect.  So was the mini shuffleboard table. Games galore in the garage! We got there at 2 in the morning so of course we had to stay up for a couple games. That's just what you do.

 We are classy kids who play beer pong with water in the cups.  I mean, come on.  We can drink our own drinks AND there's no spread of germs.  Win-win!

 In the morning we woke up to this beautiful view.  Ahhh lake life.  Like the sign in the house says, "If you're lucky enough to live on a lake, you're lucky enough."

 We started the morning with some seabreezes and green Vegas sunglasses.

 We decided it was too hot to continue sitting on the patio (I mean, there's water RIGHT THERE) so we moved out to the water.  What an awesome set up.  Perfect shallow water area to chill in your beach chairs or play Kan Jam. (We never did play volleyball. Lazy butts.)

This is the main house. It was a beaut! 

We stayed in the other house.  You know, probably where the help stays.  HA! Just kidding.  It was a super nice house too. It was set way back off the lake though so we had major yardage for bags later on.  You'll see. 

The water was so calm and smooth.  Beautiful weather, beautiful lake... We better take the boat out. 

 We all piled in the pontoon and took off.

 Mike did not forget the yellow noodles.  Andrew and Kevin loved their yellow noodles.

 The ladies sat in the front.  Here are Ashley and Diane....

 and Morgan and Kara.  Just chillin'.

Kevin thought I would enjoy having my picture taken.  I was apparently not amused. :-)

But I was amused when it came to group pictures.  CHEERS! You can see Kara pimpin' the Skyy in the back. 

 Hey look at that! Someone left us a message in the sand.  Hmm... a little cryptic.  Not sure what they're trying to tell us.

 When we came back after boating, it was time for bags.

 Lots and lots of bags.

Andrew quit on the bag-playing after while and decided to just jam out for awhile.

Later that night, we came in for dinner and played the Bowl game.  Lots of fun had by all. It probably has something to do with those Vegas shades. 

 The next day I didn't take my camera out on the boat when we went to the sandbar.  I was so mad because there were truckloads of moments that needed capturing but maybe it's for the best. ;-) This is from Kara's phone.  It was the only group photo we got all weekend.

 That night we came back and played Night Bags.  What a set up! Is that a LIGHT under the bags board??

 There was a tandem bike in the garage so naturally Grant and Andrew decided to take it for a ride.

 What do you need when riding a tandem bike at night? A Mexican Wrestling mask, duh.

Later that night, we played the bowl game again.  Kara's mom even joined us for a round but I didn't get a picture of her.  This is LATE into the evening.  Everyone is obviously stoked.

 Especially Andrew.

 The next day we drove home in the daytime which was nice.  Still WAYYYYYY too long to be in a car but it was cool to drive directly by Lake Huron.

We got home Sunday night to Tom Dog Millionaire.
 He had a fantastic time with Gaga and Pop.  They sent us several pictures when we were gone.  Gotta love technology.
This was by far my favorite.  He was falling asleep at lunch.  So cute.

Thanks to the Drainvilles for a marvelous weekend in Michigan.  We had SO much fun.  It was a great little end of summer getaway.  Good times were had by all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

T-T-T-Tommy and the Shades

I haven't gotten these shades out for awhile. I found them in the drawer today.  Tommy actually willingly wore them! 
 He thought they were hilarious.

 He wouldn't stop moving when he was wearing them so almost all my pictures are blurry.

 Look at how dope he looks in his Kanye Elton Potter shades.  :-)

 There's that underbite smile.  Cheeeeese!

 Time to see what the "mote" will turn on.  Turns out, it turns on nothing.  It's the Wii remote from the other room.



We eat at Chipotle constantly.  It's kind of an addiction.  Tonight we really started looking at the allergy menu and it said that their guacamole didn't have any of Tommy's allergies in it.  We apparently trust Chipotle that much so we gave it a try.  
 Holy guacamole.  If you tell this kid anything is dip, he will eat the crap out of it.
(Another dip he loves is BBQ sauce. Yum.)

 So we told him have some chips and dip! That's exactly what he did.  He ate and ate and ate!

 We ate a lot of it too.  It's good stuff.

Get every last bit, little man!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tommy's First Roadtrip: Day 3

On Day 3 it was time to go home.  
 We packed up our hotel room and headed out.  

Tommy had his Scout and his backpack.  He was ready to go.  

 Here he is reflecting upon his time in Nashville (actually it was Franklin but who's counting).

I couldn't stop taking pics of him with his backpack on.  He was just so cute.  

 I snapped a quick pic of the brochures we picked up.  I picked up the Nashville Zoo brochure.  Then I spotted the brochure for Cooter's.  Ten percent off??? You can't beat that at Cooters! Tommy picked up the third one.  He really loves playing in the water if you can't tell.

When we left, we thought Tommy would be good for the first couple hours.  Turns out, not so much.  He had some leftover energy to get out so we stopped in Nashville proper.
We just randomly ended up on Broadway which is the live music bar area.  I swear we walked by a thousand bars (Morganism).
Since we were in Nashville, there was a Elvis statue every block.  Doesn't it look like Elvis is singing to Tommy T?

Tommy didn't know what to think about Elvis.  Especially since this Elvis was missing a finger.  Ew.

We walked all the way down to the river!

 Nashville is a very cool city.  We were surrounded by huge buildings...

 ...that Tommy was obsessed with.  He liked Nashville very much.

 There was a lot of room to RUN!

 Especially up hills to tire him out before our big car ride.

By the time we got back in the car, Tommy was ready to chill out.  He spent some time with his nose in a book.  How appropriate is that book???  I just bought it because it had Mickey in it and it was a Lift the Flap book.  Didn't even look at the title.  Duh.

 He also played with his Cars stickers and his new Lightning McQueen toy.

When we left Nashville, Andrew told me to google some place to eat lunch in Louisville.  I started googling and found a place that looked mighty interesting.  We decided to give it a try.  Turns out, you have to drive through a really bad neighborhood to get there but it was pretty darn worth it.
Welcome, friends, to Lynn's Paradise Cafe.  What a kooky place this was.  Tommy LOVED it.  Next time you need lunch in Louisville, you should check this place out.  It's slightly off the beaten path but hey, this place was on Oprah and several Food Network shows (read the website for more details).  

 We sat in the very back of the restaurant next to this rainbow giraffe.  The waitress told Tommy he could have it if he could carry it out.

 Tommy was really impressed by this place.  It was so dang colorful.

 It had a dish of plastic animal figurines on the tables.

 There was a Rooster Lamp sitting on our table.  There was just a boatload of awesomeness all around this place.

 Just look at Tommy's face! He can't get enough of it!

 This place is so colorful you can hardly tell where the tables end and the decorations begin.

The food was amazing too.  They made Tommy's oatmeal up milk-free and full of fruit, just like we asked. He loved it.

They had lots of places to pose for pictures.  Here's Tommy on a polka dot hand.  

The ride back was smoother than I thought it would be.  Tommy did incredibly well.  He was such a good boy.  I hope even with all his allergies/lack of sleep/tears, that Tommy had as much fun as we did.  

Thanks for an awesome weekend, Gilarragees!! Nashville, we can't wait to come back and visit! 
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