Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That's Apptastic! Version 73

So my aunt Shiela told me about this app called Apps Gone Free.  Every day you get a notification of apps that are free that day.  I've downloaded quite a few of them.

One that I downloaded recently is called Textmatic.  I have been looking for an app that allows you to draw or put text on your pictures.  Well now I have one so be prepared for the ridiculous that is about to follow...

My Weekend with Tommy T

Andrew was out of town last weekend so I got some major quality time with my little Tommy Hawk.  
 On Friday night, Katie, Harper, Tommy and I went to the mall and went to dinner. After Tommy sufficiently terrorized the mall, we ate at Chili's.  It was truly Tommy's first date.  Cutest thing ever.  He was stoked!

 Looks like he needs some liquid courage while Harper's not looking.

 After dinner, Tommy spent some time lounging around the house naked.  It's the way he prefers it these days.

 The next morning, Tommy was missing dada.  He spent some time in his office chair thinking about him. :)

 Then we went outside to play... without pants.

 Somewhere in that clump of dirt, Tommy was giving me his first ever flower.  A smashed up dandelion.  Awww.

 Tommy looked especially cute enjoying lunch.

 Then of course it was naked time again.

 Tommy got to enjoy sweet corn on the cob fresh from the field for the first time.  He loved it! Even without the butter! :)

 Where do you eat sweet corn? On the floor of course!

 We sent Andrew several pictures over the weekend.  This was one of them.  This one just cracked me up.

 Then we had to send one of that classic smile.

Thanks for a super fun weekend, Thomasaurus!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cute Pics of the Month

 His first bite of blueberry applesauce.  YUM!

 Second bite of his homemade burrito.  You can see the first bite that he took into the side of the burrito.  Rules don't apply to Mr. Thomas.

 Tommy loves taking his newborn bowl that you can see in this picture above taken when Tommy was 20 days old...
...and putting on his head, and saying "Hat" with a big smile (at nearly 20 months old).  He's grown up a bit, huh?

Tonight when I was putting Tommy to bed, he jumped down off the chair after reading some books and got two stuffed animals, Scout and Cookie Monster.  He made me wrap him up with his two new buddies and fell fast asleep.

 He even held on to his buddies when I laid him down in his bed.

I was able to stealthily remove Cookie but Tommy got wise when it came to Scout and he held on tight in his sleep.

He is just the cutest boy in the world.  :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Andrew's Birthday

Birthdays really bite the big one when you get older, I tell ya.  Or actually Andrew could tell ya.  Want to know how Andrew spent his birthday last weekend?
At the ER still awake at 4:30 in the morning!! I looked at the clock when I realized what day it was and said, "Oh.  Happy birthday Andrew." He was pumped. Psych. We took Tommy to the ER at one in the morning because he was continuing to have trouble breathing and the breathing treatments we were giving him weren't working.  I had tried putting his head in the freezer but we have a bottom drawer pull out freezer and it was like I was dipping his head into frozen chicken patties.  It pissed Tommy off even more.  Things were not going well so we just up and decided to go to the ER.

Side note, Andrew is smiling in the first picture because we knew everything was fine at that point and we were going to be released soon.

So we went and they told us he has croup.  Sweet Tarts.  They gave him a breathing treatment that opened up his throat but they said he had to stay in the hospital for a few more hours for observation after the treatment.  He was up from 1 am to 4:30 am.  He finally fell asleep then.  There was WAYYY too much going on at the hospital for him to go to sleep.  Poor little dude.  He was exhausted.

 They took him in and THIS is the date of birth that they wrote down when I told him his birthdate.  One of the many people that came to check on Tommy said, "Yeah I thought he looked a little older than that."  I looked and wanted to say, "Ummmm, older than THE FUTURE?? That date hasn't happened yet, muchacho." But I refrained.  I was tired.

So they gave us some prescriptions at 5 in the morning and sent us on our way.  Stupid croup.

 The next day Tommy was feeling much better though his breathing wasn't perfect and he had a really gross, awful cough.  But he has never really acted very sick any other time.  He still was having a ball scooting around on his little musical train.  What a little goober!

That's not a ride-on toy, Tommy Hawk! But hey, after all that, he can do what he wants.

Poor Andrew.  I guess when they say it's not about you anymore, they really mean it. Maybe the actual day of your birth won't be all about you but hopefully you will have a wonderful 32nd year! Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Andrew!!

Ladies in Lebanon

We hadn't met for a couple months but the ladies who lunch (it's actually dinner but the alliteration is better the other way) got to meet last week.  Hooray for college friends! Thanks for meeting me, ladies! It's always so good to catch up.  (That's some romantic lighting they have in there!!)  See you in August!

Riley Camp for Kids

My brother Adam and his girlfriend Steph are camp counselors every year at Camp Riley where they teach kids with disabilities how to waterski.  This year they were on Fox 59 news.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You would think he would be exhausted...

This is how toddlers sleep.
I mean literally.  He will get up, change pajamas, change blankets and sheets, and then lay down in a different position.  Crazy, right?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mama's Truck

I hit a deer a couple weeks ago so we took my car in to be fixed.  I have an allowance from my insurance company for a rental car.  I was supposed to get a Buick Regal but they rented it out before we got there. Instead I got this... 
 King of the road, huh? It's a REALLLLLYYY Nice truck.  I'm having a lot of fun driving it around.  The only problem is the size.  It's HUGE.  It does not fit in the garage.  Thank goodness it's Summer!

Tommy really enjoys riding in the big truck. In fact, when we got out at (duh, where do you think?) Target, Tommy goes, "Bye bye Tuck!"

If he is riding for more than say 5 minutes, he decides to take his shoes and socks off.  That's how he rolls.

 This is how we roll... right into Dog N Suds.  YUM! We got Tommy a hot dog.

But he decided to eat his foot instead.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discovering a Creek

Today we ventured down by the 'crick'.  We live by a nice creek (which has a winery named after it) so we decided to check it out. I didn't bring my phone so I had to use Andrew's to take pictures.  The shutter on his phone (who would have thought I'd ever use that sentence) is insanely slow (or maybe it has something to do with the software, no clue) and it drives me crazy.  The pictures might have turned out a little better if I had my phone. Or maybe not. :)

 This year has been especially dry so the water level is very low.

I think Andrew enjoyed it as much as Tommy did.  

Tommy's favorite part was throwing rocks.

Some parts of the creek were deep and some were super shallow. Tommy's shoes got soaked, of course.

The water would run through the rocks and make the coolest designs.  

 We found out today how good dada is at skipping rocks.

 Aww, sweet moment between father and son.

We absolutely loved adventuring around the creek.  We can't wait to bring people with us next time.  It would be a great place to just hang out and play in the mud, rocks and water.  Great for kids! Who wants to come??? :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Undressing Stage

Tommy is an active sleeper.  Lately he has been waking up and playing in his crib until we go get him.  He sounds like he's very busy doing something.
Saturday morning, he was busy doing something.

Oh boy.  Our boy has reached the beginning of the undressing stage.  Yikes.  Daycare had clued us in when they said they found him after his nap, standing in the corner without pants or a diaper.  Sounds about right! :)


 Since Tommy didn't get to see any fireworks for the 4th, we decided to have a little show at home.  We sat up against the garage to see dada's firework show.

 The first firework petered out and was completely unimpressive.

 The next firework really sparked his interest.

 He was all eyes and ears from then on!

 Dada was like some kind of mastermind.  Mama, did you see that? HE MADE FIRE!!

 Until he lit off a noisy one.

Then he practically jumped into my lap while screaming... until he realized that it was no big deal.  Then he was having fun again.

This basketball seat had a much better view.  Yes that is a Pabst Blue Ribbon basketball.  (What a hipster he is!)
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