Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Home Improvement Catch Up

 I haven't posted a house update in a while.  We've really only had time to do a few things.  But watch out! Here comes the kitchen!
 This is the kitchen on the day we closed. 
Notice the...
1.) Wood-grained countertops (I didn't even know they made something like this.)
2.) Cabinet hardware with ceramic inserts
3.) White appliances
4.) Plain white tile backsplash
5.) Bisque outlet covers (Really?? Bisque??? When everything else is WHITE? Why?)
6.) Look closely in the corner and you can see a homemade stained glass window. Gorg. 
7.) White walls
8.) White super shallow ceramic sink 
So you know... Stunning. 
 Here are our updates! Whee!!
1.) New Granite Countertops
2.) New Cabinet hardware
3.) Stainless Steel appliances
4.) New Backsplash!
5.) White outlet covers
6.) Plain fogged glass window
7.) Gray walls
8.) Stainless Steel Super DEEP sink
YAY!! Much more fun.  It was a lot of work but so worth it!

 Here's the backsplash and countertops up close. 

 No more homemade stained glass! Fun Martha Stewart knife set and more!

The bar area! Yay for drinks.  Of course we childproof the most important cabinet. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vegas Baby Vegas!

Andrew and I and fifteen other people went to Las Vegas recently for some fun.  We had an awesome time.  I'll try to quickly run through the best moments.
 We ate dinner (yes all 17 of us) at Carlos and Charlie's at the Flamingo.  We had a great time there.


 We drank gigantic margaritas called Big Mamas.

 They were terrific. Did I mention they were giant?

 Then we made our own dance floor after requesting songs from the DJ.  He played EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.  We were shocked.  (It was mostly sweet 90s jams.)

 Then we went to a fancy nightclub and had bottle service.  We are classy kids I tell ya.  We went to a club called Chateau in the Paris hotel.  This was our view of the Eiffel Tower.  The tables where you had bottle service were on top of the Sugar Factory candy store.  So we had a super clear view of the Bellagio Fountain show.  It was awesome.

 Speaking of classy, Andrew was hitting the cranberry vodkas like a champ in his "dress jeans".  Hehehe.

 Katie and I classed up our husbands just by standing next to them.  They're so darn lucky. :-) :-)

Pure and total class, folks.

So the next day, we decided to get our tickets for the show we were seeing.  Andrew tried his best to look like a tourist.  We walked from the Planet Hollywood to the Venetian.  That's a long dang walk.

We went to see a rock opera called Phantom of the Opera.  Ha.  It was a great show and with the organ and the pyrotechnics, it did rock! Fireworks, murder, chandeliers falling from the ceiling, our pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF... No but really we really enjoyed very much.  I was so glad to see it with Andrew especially since it's dunzo in Vegas this fall. Aww. :( By the way, it was only 6 of us that saw it, not all 17.  That would be a little difficult.

 I love the Vegas skyline. I didn't get very many pictures of it on my fourth visit to Vegas. Too busy I guess.

 On Sunday, the Billboard Music Awards were happening at the MGM Casino.  We went and stood outside and stalked celebrities as they were arriving the red carpet.  We weren't in our bikinis to impress any celebrities, if you're wondering.  We were actually so dang hot that we had to be in our swimsuits.

 Celeb stalkers are us!

 I think this might have been Taylor Swift in the red. 

 This was definitely Carrie Underwood.  Now that is a Cinderella ball gown! 

 Justin Bieber actually walked up to the crowd! Look at that swagger.  He was the only celebrity that did that.  You probably heard the 12 year olds screaming all the way back in the midwest.  

Bye bye Bieber! I guess he thinks he's dressed up if he's wearing his Canadian tuxedo.  

 We also saw Usher in his blue suit.  It was awesome.  We also saw LMFAO, Gladys Knight, Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.  My camera died before I could get any pictures of those people.

 On the last night, we decided to go Turbo.  We drank in the double suite before we went out.

We started singing. I'm not sure what we were singing here. (I look gorgeous!) But Grant is doing his best photo bomb for the occasion.

 After drinking and singing, we did some dancing. Grant and Ashley can really break it down.

 Then we decided planking would be a good idea.

 Andrew and Grant decided to make it more complicated.

 Then it was a group effort.

 Then it was time for Owling.
Why Owling?
Wait, maybe one more...
Now that's impressive, Drewfus.

We finally decided to leave the suite and walk to another night club. It was the last night and I didn't feel like I took enough pictures so I made the poor girls pose at a few landmarks along our walk to the final nightclub.  This, my friends, is a statue of a horse.  Because... why not?  

 Then we posed by the fountain at Caesars. Because... that's where some of the best jokes in the Hangover were made.  Duh.  (You can see the check-in desk behind us.) 

 At the nightclub, we did some mad dancing.  Grant and Ashley broke it down, once again. 

 I turned into "College Morgan"and started dropping my glass drinks.  Yikes.  No idea why I get a terrible case of the butterfingers.  Embarrassing. 

 Big Al had a 5 hour energy.  Look at him go! 

This was our DJ.  I finally convinced him to play some Beastie Boys for the "birthday girl" (aka ME!).  I had to name off 5 songs before he agreed to play one.  Ugh.  Boy doesn't know good music when he hears it I guess.  

 It took Kevin probably 5 or 6 pictures to get one that was actually in focus and used the flash properly.  Yay Kevin! 

 Ashley has an A on her dress that stands for AWWWWWESOME Dance Moves I guess. :-) 

 Now it looks like Grant is trying to climb over Ashley.  You can't stop breaking it down once you've started apparently. 

 To finish off the night of memes, Ashley decided to do a little Tebowing to end the night on a proper note.  Hell Yeah.  

We had an amazing time in Vegas.  We seriously cannot stop reliving it.  I hope we can do this again sometime.  

But we did miss our boy.  
When we saw him for the first time when we came home, it was amazing. He was so excited.  The look on his face was priceless.  Then he started showing off.  We're pretty sure he grew an inch and learn a hundred more words (Morganism).  He's such a big boy.  
But lucky for us and him, he was super busy when we were gone.  Aww.  He found his baby pool had a better use.  

My Sweet Boy

Just try to say no to those baby blues.

Happy Mother's Day: Time to Start Catching Up

It's been awhile since I have put up a post but I've been BUSY.  Summer has begun, that's for sure.  So I'll try to catch up quickly.

On Mother's Day, Andrew planted the tree in the front yard that Gram and Pop gave to me for Dia de la Madre.
Admire that handy work!

 Admire that super cute boy in the yard too!!

 We went to Don Pablos for lunch.  It was loud which is always good with the kiddies.

 Tommy got to "drive" Grandma and Grandpa's convertible.  Sweet ride, Tommy T!

He loved it even though he actually didn't go anywhere.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!
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