Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Sun Never Sets on the Cool

I picked up some new shades for Thomasaurus.  Lightning McQueen shades!!
 So cool!
I took a video of him wearing them. 

I love how he's a little Stevie Wonder in those shades.  It didn't help that he was wearing shoes that are too big.  
Look at how cool he is! Notice that he has a Transformers band-aid stuck on his belly?  Trendsetter!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Today was Crazy Hair Day at Daycare.  I totally forgot about it.  Whoops.
But daycare stepped in and gave him some crazy hair so he would fit in.  He is so thankful that they did, can't you tell?

 Aww, how cute he is with his little ponytail! Not sure what mama is doing there though. Yikes.  Anything to make him smile, right? :) 

 We let him wear his hair like that for awhile. 

We took the band out right before dinner.  His hair refused to lay down.

 Yummy! This spaghetti dinner was a little cleaner than last time

Aww, spaghetti-faced boy cutie.  Still with that crazy hair.  :)

16 Months!!! The King of Barf

Poor Tommy.  We're still waiting for him to catch that break.  Any day now he will grow out of all this and we will look back on this as a fond memory.  A fond memory of when we were up to our elbows in BARF.  Arrgghhh.
Before we dive into that pool of barf, let's check in with Tommy's progress as he grows into a big strong healthy boy.  What has he been up to lately?  His personality is becoming clearer.  When he's feeling well, he LOVES to talk.  Daycare says he talks from the time we drop him off to the time we pick him up.  He has a lot to say.  He's definitely a talker.  It's so funny to watch him while he talks.  He will look at you like he's actually saying real words and expect you to understand him.
He also is picking up new words every day.  He just learned what exactly bye bye means.  So now when reading bedtime stories if he doesn't like the book, he will grab it out of my hands, raise it over his head and fling it at the floor.  Then he will stop and say, "Buh bye" (just like David Spade on SNL!) before reaching for another book.
He also knows that cows say moo.  Anytime he sees a picture of a cow, he points at it and says, "Moo??" It's very cute.   He also likes to read books himself.  He will go through the book "Harry the Dirty Dog" (Thanks Bickleys!) and point out each and every picture of which he knows the name.  So page to page to page, you will hear, "DAH! (for dog) DEEKAT! (for kitty cat) BAY-BEE? (for baby or small child) BUR? (for bird) CAH! (for car) CHOO! (for choo choo train) DAH! DAH! DAH!" That's his favorite word obviously.
He loves to call family role call.  Mama? Dada? Mama? Dada? Then he points to either our family picture or a picture of an invitation we received with a little baby girl (Nora!) on it and say, "BAYBEE?"

So let's explore that vomit topic I was talking about earlier.
 Tommy has been spewing randomly in the last week or two.  We were really scared he might be allergic to wheat now too.  The last thing he needs is another food allergy.  So I took him to the doctor and we found out he has an ear infection.  Poor guy.  Vomiting is sometimes a symptom of that.  It's not common but it definitely happens! So once he's all healed up from this ear infection, hopefully the vomiting will cease and desist. It's so disgusting! We are SICK OF IT.   So is daycare and they've only had to deal with it a couple of times.  He's sick of it too.  So cross your fingers that this upchucking will end very very soon... like today.

So Happy Belated 16 Month Birthday Tommy! We hope you get well very soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Balls to Cars

Tommy is starting to show interest in cars.  He rides in the car and points at every vehicle that goes by and says "CAHHH!" in the highest pitch you can imagine.

So what do new parents do when that happens? Of course we went to Target and bought the movie Cars.  We know lots of 2 year olds that enjoy the movie so we thought we'd give it a try.

We brought it home and turned it on...

He quickly turned his attention to something else after about 20 seconds.  But hey, he looked like he really enjoyed it for awhile!

Picture Day!

Tommy had picture day last week. 
 Steph came over a couple days beforehand to make sure he looked so fresh and so clean.

Tommy must be an extra special client because she certainly doesn't do an in-home visit for everyone! 

When picture day arrived, I got to take him to daycare that day.  Boy, was he excited! 
 Look at those cheeks!

We got the proofs back today.
 What a big boy.
 We've had this shirt since the Syracuse shower! Awww! We've been hanging on to that awhile. 
He's such a big boy! When did he get that big??

The Mighty THOR-nburg

 We took a detour in Target from the essential aisles to see what was new in the toy aisle. 

What did we find??
 The Mighty Tommy THOR-nburg!!
He loves it. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

 Andrew was gone Friday night of Easter weekend so I packed up little Tommy Hawk (and pretty much EVERYTHING WE OWN) and headed to Rensselaer. 
 Tommy wasn't used to the longer ride in the car (since his ride to daycare is literally 5 minutes) but he enjoyed it nonetheless. 

 When we got there, Tommy enjoyed watching Grandpa mow the yard. 

 We spent the night.  This was the best and cutest possible face to wake up to the next morning.  Look at that crazy hair!

 Just kidding.  His hair gets crazier! A mowhawk for Tommy Hawk! He was not excited about getting his picture taken. 

 Side view! He knows he looks good!

 Even though I brought almost everything in our house, I did not remember any bath toys so we had to improvise.  Measuring cups and shampoo bottles did the trick. 

Saturday morning I went to my friend's wedding shower.  I got to see some of my high school friends.  It was fantastic to catch up with them.

 There's the happy bride and groom! It was great to meet her future husband.  Can't wait for the wedding this summer!

 While I was at the shower, Tommy spent some quality time with the pedal firetruck.  His legs aren't quite long enough to reach the pedals but he LOVED pushing it around in circles.  So cute. 

 Then came Easter morning... and Tommy got his first Easter basket! What do you get the kid who can't have candy?? Cheerios, of course! They came in super handy during church until I spilled them all over the floor.  Whoops.

Then we had our Easter meal.  I tried to get creative with the deviled eggs. 
 I saw this picture on Pinterest and I thought I'd give it a try... 

 NAILED IT.  Haha! They got a little melty.  They look like little melting yellow Popes.  Poor things. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Homer Simpson - Trampoline
Of course I have to quote the Simpsons when talking about trampolines!

So Tommy's cousin Lilli turned 9 last week so we went to her house to have cake and ice cream.
 On the way over, we stopped at T-Bell for a quick dinner.  Tommy brought his own dinner but he did partake in some flour tortillas. 

Lilli's party was lots of fun and she got some great stuff.
I love that her arms are all tatted up and that she got a skateboard.  She is way cooler than I ever was at 9 years old.

 The highlight for Tommy though was the tramampoline, the trambopoline... THE TRAMPOLINE!
 He LOVED it. 
 He loved it so much he was clapping while he was jumping.

 What a stud muffin trampoline jumper.

Here's a quick vid.

Yes, that fall sounded bad but he was fine.  He's a tough kiddo. 

Poor kid.  He was so exhausted from the trampampoline jumping that he fell asleep on the way home.  We might have to get one of those tramomammopampolines. 

Talking About Balls

Gross.  That's not what I meant. 

THIS is what I meant...

Kid loves balls. BALL BALL BALL!
(Aren't his shorts so ridiculously Federlineriffic? They're a little big obviously but they're so cute.)

Happy 16th Month Birthday Tommy! I'll try to get a 16 month post up soon. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lazy Sunday: Let's Go to the Mall

 Hmmm, what to do at the mall? How about we ride the tiny Merry Go Round? At first we had a little trouble making sure that he stayed in the car.  But he got the hang of it quickly.

 Once it started going around, he was mesmerized.

 What fun! He loved it!

 His smile says it all.

Watch him go!

 Then it stopped.  What an experience!

 We tried out the horse too.  That was a little more dangerous.  We preferred the safety of the car. 

 We spent some time on the bench. (Check out the little guy's new shoes!)

 We also spent some time on the floor in front of Macy's. 

 We went to dinner at Chili's.  Tommy had several proclamations. 

I think he was talking about the sizzling fajitas.  Not sure. 

 After dinner, it was time to wash the car.  The service guy drew a smiley face on the window for Thomasaurus. 

 The car wash has lots of little characters to see as you drive through.  There's lovable furry ol' Grover!
 Tommy didn't quite know what to think of the car wash. 

 It was a little scary.

But the ending was saved with another character.  We're not so sure who that was.  It might have been an M&M with a mask? A little creepy.  

What a super fun day for Tommy T!
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