Sunday, January 29, 2012

So What's New With Tommy?

 We brought him home from the hospital and had to continue the breathing treatments.  He got better and better every day.  We decided that even though our doctor said he could go back to daycare on Thursday, we would keep him out the entire week.  Andrew and I switched off a few days and Gram Cyndi thankfully took Thursday and Friday. 
He was quite the high maintenance kid.  He had to take his chalky antibiotic twice a day.  He had an eye ointment the doctor wanted us to use once a day.  The breathing treatments were every 4 hours.  The breathing treatments were REALLY hard on his skin so we had to constantly use lotion and Aquafor on his chapped cheeks.  The antibiotic upset his stomach so we had to give him a probiotic.  Since he's allergic to milk, he can't have yogurt so we use this stuff called Culturelle in his bottles or applesauce.  I think that's it.  Phew. 

So after all that, we realized he had an appointment with the allergist on Thursday morning.  They said after his eventful weekend, we could still bring him in so we did. 

 Holy crap, did he HATE the scratch tests.  But we needed to find out if he was allergic to a few other things for sure.  We had him tested for several tree nuts, wheat and soy.  We found out that he's not allergic to almonds, pecans, rice and wheat! Yay! But he is allergic to brazil nuts, hazel nuts, and cashews. We were excited that he wasn't allergic to wheat since gluten is in EVERYTHING. 
 So this weekend he was finally truly back to himself.  His eczema is mostly gone because we were able to stop the breathing treatments. 
 His appetite returned with a vengeance! (Unless it's a growth spurt again!)
 Chug it! Chug it!
 He is in a good mood all day long, even at bedtime (which is usually when he would have his breakdowns). 
 He is sleeping much better.
 This post brought to you by the letter E.... sort of. :)

 He is finally Tommy T again. 

 Thank Goodness!
Tom-my's back, alright! (Yes, that's a Backstreet Boys reference. I had to.)

We're just so glad he's back to normal.  Being sick is the worst.  He's going to be so excited to see his friends at daycare tomorrow!

Ladies Who Lunch

After I was a guest speaker at a local meeting on Saturday morning (yeah, I'm a pretty big deal!), I met my friends for lunch at Christos.  It is so nice seeing these girls again on a regular basis!  After lunch, the girls went to meet Ashley's new baby, Elizabeth, for the first time.  I couldn't go because Tommy is still contagious for 2 weeks.  RSV is NOT something you want to bring around a newborn.  So I went home and I plan to meet Elizabeth some other time. 
But thanks for lunching with me, ladies!! Meet you at Arni's in February! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How I Didn't Want to Spend My Weekend: Bronchiolitus Edition

Let me rephrase.  It wasn't a crappy weekend.  It was a crappy week.

So let's start on Tuesday.  Tommy came home from daycare with a low-grade fever.  Not usually anything to worry about but they told us that a girl at daycare had pneumonia. The next day I decided to keep him home because he still had a fever.  He also had a horrible cough and would cough so much that he would throw up.  I called the doctor and gave the symptoms. They said they would like to see him.  The doc told me he probably had bronchiolitus.  They gave him a breathing treatment with a nebulizer.  I brought him home and was instructed to call them in the morning.
That night it became obvious he wasn't feeling well.
 The next morning I called them and updated them with his symptoms.  They ordered a nebulizer for him because he was still wheezing. 
 The winter weather took a turn for the worse.  Andrew was out of town but my dad happened to be in town running errands so he offered to get the prescription and the nebulizer so I didn't have to take Tommy out in the 5 degree weather.  We continued the breathing treatments.  After I stayed home with him on Wednesday and Thursday, Andrew stayed home with him on Friday.  He called me at work on Friday saying things were not looking good.  He took a video but I can't post it here.  I can't watch it.  It was so awful to watch him struggle to breathe even during the breathing treatment.  Andrew took him back to the doctor and they said he needed to be admitted to the hospital.  Those are not words you want to hear.
 We got our room and our wonderful nurses set us up with everything we needed. 
He was so very sleepy that day. He slept most of the day Friday at the hospital.  He was miserable. 
My mom took this picture.  When she sent it to me, I had no words.  I had so many emotions looking at this picture.  I had stuffed myself into Tommy's hospital crib trying to calm him down.  Andrew and I felt so completely helpless.
Tommy most likely got RSV (or possibly another very similar virus) from daycare and it caused his bronchiolitus. Now RSV usually isn't anything more than a cold in most people.  But premature babies, kids with crappy immune systems, and kids around cigarettes often get more serious illnesses (i.e. pneumonia and bronchiolitus).  Since Tommy was born two days after his due date and no one around him smokes, I guess we have to assume the subpar immune system might have something to do with it.  I feel so helpless since I've done everything in my power to pass on immunities to him with nursing for an extended period and whatever else I could do but I guess you can't win 'em all.

 Tommy got to wear this lovely peach colored gown during his stay. 
 I swear the pants they gave us to go with the gown were for an 8 year old.  They were HUGE! We had to roll them from both ends!
 During the night on Friday, his oxygen levels got so low that they had to put him on oxygen.  When they put those tubes in his nose, we knew we weren't going home on Saturday. 
 Can I just tell you that he LOVED wearing the nasal cannula? (Where is that sarcasm font again?)  No, he did NOT like it.  He fought us tooth and nail to keep from wearing it.  Plus his eczema was flared up so he would scratch, remember it was there, and then yank it out over and over again. 
 He wore it like this a lot because he would pull it out of the those holder sticker thingies (that's a medical term).  He was still getting some oxygen and he was sleeping so I let it pass. 

 He was so good at ripping the tubes out of his nose that he at one point had them wrapped around his fingers.  He knows how important grip is! :)

 Andrew appreciated that the IU Health hospital had a nicer futon than when we were in the hospital to birth Tommy.  MUCH more comfortable.  (There were a lot of similarities to our first stay in a hospital suite with this one.  We checked in on a Friday, there was a nasty snow storm, we were there for 3 days, 2 nights. We didn't sleep.  We were a little traumatized.  We wanted to get the heck out of there and we were extremely happy to leave. LOTS of similarities!)
I wish you could see the winter wonderland happening out the window.  Andrew's blanket covered body definitely matched the blanket of snow on the landscape.  Poetic, no? :)

 Poor kid.  He was so cute even when attached to machines.  He would get extremely ticked when he realized his wires and cords would only reach so far.  But hey, he was up and moving around on Saturday morning.  It was a good sign!
 We got him out of those itchy PJs and put on a Purdue sleeper.  He played Itsy Bitsy Spider on the iPad with dada.  You know, they were concerned about his one pound of weight loss (as was I) but thank goodness he has that gut, huh? Really comes in handy in situations like this. Plus it's super cute. :)
 By Saturday night, he was feeling much better.  Much less lethargic. Breathing easier.  They let us detach him from the machines.
 Then it was DUNKING TIME!!! I love this picture.  Reach!
 So cute.  I can't say enough nice things about our nurses.  They had this toy room set up down the hall and since Tommy is so contagious, we could only go get a toy or two and keep it in the room.  Well our awesome nurse Steffany dragged the hoop down the hall (it was full of sand in the bottom) to our room so he could dunk the basketball.  How nice is that??
 This picture shows that Tommy is feeling better.  Why, you might ask? He began throwing his peaches on my tray.  Little stinker.  I spot 3 or 4 pieces.  He's got good aim!
 Like his parents, Tommy wasn't a big fan of the hospital food.  But hey, everything else was great so we shouldn't be complaining.
 Saturday night was also a rough night.  He needed oxygen again after his breathing treatment but not for very long.  (It usually would dip after his treatment.) We also found out just how restless of a sleeper he really is.  He was all over that crib.  Look at his little hands coming out by his feet.  Too cute. 

 On Sunday we were finally released.  HOORAY! They asked us if we wanted to carry him or if he might want to ride in a wagon.  We chose the wagon.
 He LOVED it!
 That boy couldn't have been happier about leaving the hospital.  He missed his Grovers (yes he has several) and his basketball hoop!
So now we just continue to monitor his improvement.  He's on an antibiotic for his ear infection (just add it to the list) and he has to continue the breathing treatments.  Other than that, he just has to get better.  He can't go back to daycare for another week or so which is fine.  We don't want him picking up anything else on the tail end of all this business.
I'm just so glad it's over.  It was a rough week.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Snow Snow!!

 We are just now seeing how much having a child makes everything new again.  Like snow!
The look on his face was so incredible.  He had no idea what it was but he was so excited!

He even did a Michael Flatley Riverdance step (snow makes you want to dance!).

It was about 20 degrees so we only spent about a minute outside but it was enough to capture the look of amazement on his face.  The awesome thing is there is so much more to discover.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Eating with a Spoon

Mr. T is starting to use utensils to eat.  Boy, is this going to be interesting!

That extended fake whine (Aaaaahhhh!) cracks me up every time! I love it. 

New Baby Time!

A huge congrats goes to my awesome friend Meeghan and her equally awesome husband Raymond who welcomed a new baby boy to their ever expanding family on Saturday. 
Meet Rhett Alexander!
Rhett is on the left and his fairly new cousin Tyler is on the right.  Meeghan's sister had a baby three months ago.  These two boys along with Rhett's older brother, Little Raymond (he's 2 years old), get to grow up together! How awesome is that?

Congrats Meeghan and Raymond! He's a keeper!! ;-)

The First Kid's Meal

One of our favorite eateries when we lived in Da Bend was Chipotle.  Mmmmm organic burritos! Yummy! So we were sad when we moved because the closest Chipotle was in West Lafayette.  Not close enough! But then one day we were driving no more than a mile from our house.  Lo and behold A BRAND NEW CHIPOTLE! They followed us here. 
They thought to themselves, "Hmm a large chunk of our gross profits is missing in the last quarter.  Oh no! The Thornburgs moved??? AAH! Quick! Buy the old Krispy Kreme, gut it, and get that restaurant opened STAT!"
They also probably found out we procreated and that there is another whole human being to add to their net income.  We're just three human garbage disposals hungry for mexican food flavored with spicy pepper adobo. 
 So yeah, Tommy was christened with cilantro this weekend.  We took him for his first kid's meal.  It was very exciting for us to add him to the mighty Chipotle tradition.  Tommy ordered a carnitas taco kids meal.  Guess what?
 He LOVED it! Yum! Flour tortilla! Pork! Lettuce! Rice! Beans! A meal fit for a king! A toddler king, anyway. 
 They have a nice "Special Diets" Menu on their website too.  Only wheat and soy? We can manage that.  Nom nom nom nomm!!!
 He really didn't leave much behind for a toddler.  He just had trouble seeing over the lip of the tray.  If those high chairs were a little taller, he might have eaten even more!
Of course we brought Kix for dessert. 

First trip of many many maaaaannnnnyyyy more trips to Chipotle.  I hope you're excited to join us in the family tradition, Tommy! Yum yum yum yum yummmm.......

Spaghetti is Awesome in So Many Ways

 We gave Tommy his very own plate of spaghetti today.  I think it would be an understatement to say that he liked it. 
 He could not shove it in his mouth fast enough!

 No time for forks!! Smush!

 He was having so much fun.  He was cracking himself up!

That smile and that laugh.  I just can't get enough.

 Such a silly goose! What is that face??

Ohhh pa-sketti! It's the best!


 What's this plate for? Throwing?

Putting it on my head? Turning it upside down? (I love how the one piece is almost a perfect circle.  He's a spaghetti artist.)

How about putting the plate behind my back?

 Drink Break!

 Wait, do I have something on my head?

Oh Tommy T.  We had so much fun eating spaghetti tonight.

So what do you think, Thomasaurus? Would you like to eat spaghetti again???
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