Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two on Top

 Hey you! Get out of mommy's purse! (And highly discreet pump bag. Pump-in-"style", I don't think so.)
 After a couple weeks of little to no sleep and a cranky little man, we finally have a kiddo with FOUR teeth.

He's much happier and crawling all over the place.  It's hard to get a picture of those toofers with Mr. Fast Action Jackson.

The best way to get a picture is to just flip him upside down.  

 CHECK OUT THOSE TEETH! Welcome to the fold, number 3 and 4.

This is Tommy's new trick.  You pick him up. Ta-da!  He sits down.  Ta-da! He stands up (which he's doing on his own now). Ta-da! Arms in the air.  He is one proud little dude.  Love it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Going for a Walk

We took Tommy for a walk.  It was chilly so we bundled him up and took off. 

Look at the happy little guy in the stroller! MVP? How about Macho Victorious Pooper? Magically Vocal Person? Madly Velvet Penguin? How about Mom's Very Persistent?

The neighbor dog Daisy, a chocolate lab, always joins us for the duration.  You can see her here leading the way.

For some reason Tommy was hanging on for dear life.  I had to physically pull his hand off the edge of the stroller when we got back.  Those country roads must be awful rough!

We left Tommy in his Old Timey Leatherhead helmet when he got home.  It was just too cute to take off.

Love those matching socks too!
I think he's ready for some football!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Another month goes by and we have another late month post.  I have tons of excuses as to why I'm late posting again, the first one being it's next to impossible to get a picture of a kiddo that never sits still.  
I get a lot of butt shots though! 

 A butt going around the corner...

 TV Butt

 Diaper butt

Sweatpants butt

 Another corner butt

See ya later butt

So yes, at 9 months Tommy is on the move! Always and everywhere.  He is on the GO.  He's so fast.  He's starting to stand on his own.  He will pull himself up and then put his hands way up in the air like the Rocky victory dance.  Then he will SMILE like he's big stuff.  It's so funny.  I have a feeling he will be walking, but more likely running, soon.  

He's finally eating solid foods like a champ.  He doesn't barf while eating Cheerios or puffs anymore.  HOORAY!!! But he has started making a HUGE mess when he eats.  
 He looks like an abstract painting when he gets done.
 A cute abstract painting!! We've also moved on to pureed MEATS!! But don't feed him the combo of pineapple, ham and rice.  He will cry and then throw up.  He is not a fan.  But beef and macaroni? GIVE HIM MORE!
I'm not sure what kind of hand gesture he is giving me here but we'll just say that he's telling me he wants more sweet potatoes.  It's baby sign language.  

His 9 month check up showed that he is still growing at exactly the middle of the chart.  50th percentile in height, weight and head size.  He was 20.5 pounds. Such a big boy.  He is quickly growing out of his 12 month clothes and right into his 18 month clothes.  He is also talking a lot more clearly.  One of these days he's going to say Mama, Dada, or bye bye. I'm just sure of it.  Not sure which one he will choose.  Most of the time he just says them all and then makes a huge fart noise, or raspberry, if you would like to use a more appropriate term.  "Mamamamamamadadadadadadadadbahbahbahbah Blllppppphhhhhhh!!"  That's his favorite string of words while riding in the car.

 I swear that kid has the longest eyelashes!

He loves his little block toys.  He chews on them all the time.  

His top two front teeth came in finally.  It was a long couple of weeks when those came in.  Growing teeth is apparently a very irritating and painful process.  Or at least that what I've determined from what Tommy told us several times a night for a few days per tooth.
But he's over that now and he's on to bigger and better things! Like carrying toys in his mouth! And biting his tongue with his new sharp little teefers. Aww poor baby!


Picture Day!

Tommy's daycare had class picture day this week.  I was so worried that he would have a poop explosion through his outfit so I picked out two for the day.  As it turns out, he had no explosions and remained in his outfit the entire day! Good for him!
I couldn't help but take a few pictures of him before we headed out for the day.
 Getting his cheese on in anticipation!

What about a profile shot? Make sure it's my good side.  

How about a picture of my tongue?

 Or maybe I could use a prop?

How about two?

I can't wait to see how the pictures come out.  We have to wait four weeks!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Batman (Tommy) in his Batmobile (Laudry Basket)

The Dark Knight Rides Again!! 
And he ends the video with some face smacking.  POW! BANG! POOF! 

He loves his laundry basket bat mobile rides! 

Ever since he got his new PJs, he is a Batman fan.

Na-na na-na na-na na-na BATMAN!

Check out his sweet cape!

And his utility belt! Nice!

Holy Shoe Eater, Batman! Gross!

That's a happy Batman!

More Experiences in Fine Dining

 We took Tommy to Red Robin on 9/11.  He was appropriately wearing his "Brand New in Red, White and Blue" shirt with an American flag for the occasion.

 Tommy was really enjoying his fine dining experience.  He was really intrigued by that table's balloon.

Notice how he doesn't have any toys in front of him? Well that would be because the second we give him one, he promptly throws it on the floor.  Toys after toy, they all go crashing to the floor.  We laugh every time.  We realize it's part of his development.  It's no big deal to us.  It's kind of a big joke.  Well one of the toys he threw down rolled underneath the chair of a lady sitting near us.  I reached down to get it and she decides to take the opportunity to say, "You know if you keep giving it back to him, he's going to keep throwing it on the floor."  
I responded, "Thanks for the advice" and went back to our table.  Seriously lady? Passing out those wee bits of wisdom to masses?  

Yeah, step off lady.  Can't you see I'm learning object permanence? 

More Adventures in Fine Dining

We took Tommy to Applebees recently.  He loves sitting in a big boy high chair.  

Watch out!! Here comes Mr. Excitement!

 Tommy was a huge hit with all the waitresses and hostesses.  They kept coming over to talk to him and play.  He was such a charmer.

In fact, one girl was so charmed that she stuck around too long and even got in a picture or two.  It was weird.  (Blurred face to protect the innocent)
The whole Applebees experience was kinda weird. Our waitress told us she had a 2 year old and that her best friend was having a baby in November.  She thought this was cool because her baby's father married her best friend and now their kids were going to be so close.
Um what? Run that by me again? Your baby's father is your best friend's husband?

Ehhhh, Tommy wouldn't call that eating good in the neighborhood...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


What would you call that? If it's not a goatee, then it's an oatee? 
Groan. :-) 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Baby Party!

Our friends the Goldmans were gracious enough to host a party at their new house on Sunday.
It was quite the baby party.  We had 4 couples and 5 kids.  We were busy busy busy corralling the little ones, eating food and playing.
 Speaking of eating food, here's Tommy eating sweet potatoes and corn. He didn't last long in that high chair.  There was too much going on.

 Like building a castle around Tommy!

 Then he busted through it! Human wrecking ball Tommy!

 Recognize Rody?? (Or Ro-day, as he is called.) We met him at Max's first birthday party. Look at how little Max and Jack are in this picture.  That was 10 months ago! They have grown so much.  (We'll get to those pics in a sec.)

 First, let's get back to the party.  Wyatt wanted me to take his picture.  What a cutie!

 Nora needed her picture taken too! Look at that smiley little lady!! So cute and happy all the time!

 Nora's brother Jack riding Rody and loving it.

 Then we went outside to play.  Wyatt and Jack accidentally stepped into dog poo.  A huge chunk of dog poo in between their toes! Ewwww!!!

Max came over (without his pants) to check out the damage.

Jack's sister, Nora, came outside to play in her exersaucer.

 You might find this weird but Tommy happened to break out in a rash while we were there.  No way, right? :)
This picture cracks me up.  "I'm gonna eat you Ro-day, starting with the ears."

Dad and Nora chilling in the yard.

I was impressed with Jack's skills in a game of catch with Grant's dad.

Look at the November boys all lined up on the bench.  Too CUTE! I cannot believe they're all almost 2!

 Here's one with Austin's tail!

 Each looks cute in a different picture so I had to post them all.

 After the group picture, we played a game of Duck Duck Goose.  It was hilarious.  They may not have gotten the idea of how to play the game but they sure could RUN!! You can see Max rounding the corner by the stairs.
 Not just two of them would run either.  All three had to go.  No Pants Max, Fully Clothed Wyatt and Naked Jack in the back.

Run Jack Run! (And Wyatt and Katie too!)

 Look at Max go!

Tommy really wanted to be part of the game.  He crawls fast, but not THAT fast. They left him in their dust.

 Whoo, taking a break.

This is how almost-two-year-olds  show their moms they love them.

 Oh no! Tommy's first photo bomb by Ashley! He loves it.  :)

 Look at the babies in their pajamas all ready for bed.  Tommy and Nora are super cute too! :)

Grant and Ashley made special birthday treats for the August birthdays.  Kevin and I really appreciated our penis cookie cupcake treats.

We even blew out our candles.  Tommy helped.  I could say something like Kevin's penis was wayyyy smaller droopier sloppier yeah I can't say anything here.

What a fun day that was.  We can't wait to officially move back to Lafayette and have lots more play dates like this.  Whoo hoo! (I sound like the Kinetic King for anyone that has been watching America's Got Talent this summer.)
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