Monday, August 29, 2011

Showered Like the Dickens

Over the weekend, I went to a baby shower thrown for my friend from college.  Ashley was my roommate in my sorority and she's a Lafayette native, so I didn't have to travel too far to go to the shower.  

 The shower was a lovely ladies affair.  Like an adult tea party! It was awesome!

 We ate and then watched Ashley open her gifts.

 Pink, pink and more pink! That's not something I'm used to.  :)

Look at all that loot...

And so neatly organized!!

Look at those 118 Fowler ladies! (Back L-R: Amanda, Mandy; Front L-R: Traci, Ashley, Morgan)
I love this picture.  It turned out great.  (By the way if you want a copy, click on the picture, then right click on the enlarged picture to Save As to save your own copy. Then you can upload to Snapfish or Kodak or print at home.)

After the shower, Mandy, Traci and I went to Scotty's for some post-shower moments with Tommy boy.   I think Tommy remembers Mandy from when he was 6 weeks old! Aww!

 Chillin' with Traci. He's done this before!

Then Tommy let us know that it was time for a bottle.  So we warmed it up in a travel coffee cup with hot water (spilling it all over the table of course). Look at Tommy and Traci having a good time in the background!

What a big boy in his big chair! He's taken to throwing his toys down so we have to attach them to his chair.

Best of luck to Ashley and her Happ Happ Happy bundle of baby girl joy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They are not a myth! I have seen them!

(This quote is on a list of misquotations on Wikipedia.  You should check it out. If you're like me, you probably use a lot of these.)

Moving on, I have tried and tried and TRIED to get a picture of the little man's teeth.  FINALLY, today I captured the pearly beauties in action.

This look on his face reminds me of the duck hunt dog laughing. Heeheehee! What a stinker!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Andrew got something new recently that ended up being a gift for the whole family.  He got a Mac too so now while he's gone, we can FaceTime!! AWESOME!!

 Hi Dada!!
 Full screen mode!

This is the view from Andrew's computer.

 Tommy didn't really know what to think.  He did wave his arms a lot and was very excited while dada was talking to him.  It was very cool!  Yay for technology!

The Dirty Thirty

My 30th birthday came and went last week.  I'm officially 30.  It ended up being better than I thought it would.  Andrew had to be in Rockford over my birthday so I was bummed about that.  But lo and behold, two of my friends from high school were in town from far far away that day so I got to hang out with them instead! Here we are at the Pub (City Office and Pub in Renssy) out on the patio.  None of us had every been out on the patio.  It's very cool.  I suggest you try it! :) 

 Me, Meeghan from New Mexico and Sarah from Florida.  The first one is her picture that I downloaded from Facebook.  Thanks Bailey! :-) The second one is mine. I was using my NEW CAMERA that Andrew got for me.  I am an idiot and I didn't realize that if you held your finger over the flash when turning it on, the flash will not come on.  So all my pictures are pretty dark.  Whoops.
 But I guess I learned something from that.  Dummy!
 I lightened them as much as I could but they still turned out pretty grainy and bad.  :(
 Seriously, this patio is so cool. You've got to check it out if you're ever in the Renssy area.

 I drank Smithwicks with the girls.  Yum!
 I also took an obligatory birthday shot.  It was gross.  Not excited about taking a shot...
 Taking a shot.
Blargh. Recovering from taking a shot.  Shake it out! 

Again, Sarah's camera took a better picture.  Oh well.  I learned my lesson.  

That's what I did the NIGHT of my birthday.  But during the day... my mom and I went SHOPPING! Yay! 
Tommy actually got more presents than I did that day.  He made out like a bandit.  

 He also barfed on the floor at the mall.  Luckily a janitor was available to put up these nice signs for a splatter of puke that was about the size of a small dinner plate.  CAUTION! BABY BARF!

I guess I shouldn't say that Tommy made out like a bandit because Andrew made the day very special for me too even though he couldn't be there.  I got a new camera, clothes, jewelry, gift cards and the new most exciting thing...
Adobe Photoshop Elements!! You will probably be seeing WAY more weird and fun picture editing.  I CAN'T WAIT!! Thank you Andrew for an amazing birthday! Yay for the dirty thirties! 


I'm really late posting his 8 month post.  But we've been extremely busy and interestingly enough, so has Tommy. He is ALL OVER THE PLACE right now.  He's crawling, pulling himself up, talking lots of gibberish... he's just a busy bee.

 Tommy has had lots of trouble with eating the puffs.  They make him choke, gag and puke.  But luckily, he LOVES the graham crackers.  He's a big fan! They dissolve much easier for him.

He now uses a big boy high chair! Whoa! 

He loves it and his new ferris wheel toy.  But the ferris wheel ends up getting completely covered in whatever food he's eating.

And so does he!

I tried to get a picture of him playing with his "hunny pot" but as soon as I got out the camera, he would stop. (Doesn't he look so guilty in this picture?)  I can put things in that little pot and he can dump them out on his tray.  Very cute, lots of fun.

He pulls himself up on everything.  But we found a great toy where he can focus pulling up in one area and not in more dangerous places.

He loves helping with the laundry.  He also loves watching the clothes go around and around.

We went to Target to get him some 12 month pajamas and the only kind they had were big boy pajamas.  We couldn't find any sleepers! Sad!! But he loves his new two piece big boy PJ's.

 He goes everywhere in them.

 He even tries to hurl himself down the stairs in them.  We don't let him.  We are the no-fun parents, huh?

 One of his favorite activities is tearing up paper products.

 He still loves everything with buttons.  He also loves to put everything in his mouth.

He has an ornery little fake cough that he likes to use occasionally.  Stinker!

"Daddy, you're not leaving are you?"
 Look at that big boy shirt!
 He loves to talk.  It sounds like he's saying "blah blah blah" a lot of the time.  Most of the time it's indecipherable. Bla-da-doo-be-ble-bla-ma-da-da-baba... stuff like that.  I love hearing his little voice.  So cool.

 He's still drooling everywhere as you can tell from the trail of wet spots he left on my jeans.
He's so tall! He's almost too big for that shirt and I just bought it for him!

He also does this thing where whenever I pick him up, he turns and waves bye bye.  There can be no one in the room and he will still be waving bye bye.  It started at daycare.  When I would pick him up, I would literally pick him up in my arms and say, "Okay, say bye bye!" He started waving every time.  Now he has a toy that has a flap that when you open it, it says "Hello!" and when you close it, it says, "Goodbye!" He waves when it says goodbye!! It's so funny.  He's quite the brilliant little stinker.  :)

It really is amazing how much he picks up every day.  He's developing so fast! Too fast! I can't believe his 9 month appointment is in a couple weeks.  I will try to get his 9 month post up much closer to the actual date this time.  We'll be seeing a new doctor so this should be interesting. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Laundry Lubber

I had a little help with the laundry this week.  
 He enjoyed pulling what he could reach out of the dryer.
 He picked his Harry's bib out.  Boy has taste!
All done! Way to go, Tommy T!
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