Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Poop Again!!

Oh Tommy.

Today I arrived to pick up the boy from daycare and...

He's wearing his rubber ducky outfit again.
"Oh no, did he have another blow out?" I ask.
"Actually he had two! And he laughed all the way through both of them!"

That's my boy!

They sent his soiled clothes home in a plastic bag.

Little stinker. Literally.

He really knows how to go out with a bang. I wonder if he'll do this at the new daycare?

That's right, folks. We're switching daycares. :(
Not because of anything they did. I LOVE this daycare. I'm really going to miss it. I think they're going to miss him too. But there was an opening at a daycare we looked at much MUCH closer to home. I won't have to drive 20 minutes out of my way to daycare anymore. This one is about 5 minutes away from our house and it's about $80 cheaper a week. Hopefully it's just as good! He seemed to like it when he was there. But he was in a room full of girls and he loves to flirt so he was all smiles.

So we start at the new daycare next week. Wish Tommy Boy luck! He has to make new friends all over again.

I'm going to miss Sumo Baby, Loud Baby and Thief Baby. But I know there will be even more fun characters that we'll get to know at our new place.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tommy's First GIF

make avatar

So I don't know if you can tell but Tommy's not quite sitting up yet.

Cool Hand Tommy

I think we all know how cool Tommy is.  But just to prove that point, here are some shots from his latest photo shoot.

 He's so cool he SHINES! Actually that's A&D Ointment for his everlasting rash. :(  (Lucky Tommy got mom's sensitive skin.  Sweet.)

 If spitting up is cool, you can call me Miles Davis.

 He's already learning how to play.  Isn't that guitar a little big for you, Tommy?

 He tells the wildest stories.  "So this one time, Maddox, Pax and I were hanging out on Bourbon Street..."

"Seriously? I'm so tired of the paparazzi. No more photos please."  


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tommy Thornburg, True Purdue Fan

Tommy watched Purdue in the NCAA tournament last weekend.  He thought Purdue did pretty well.  They made it out of the first round.  It was the first time he had ever seen them do that.  We thought about explaining that they made it to the sweet sixteen the two previous years but we didn't have the heart to tell him.

So I guess next year when they get to the final four, he will be REALLY excited. 

Andrew went to the game on Friday.

He had some particularly sweet seats!

He also saw E'twaun's parents and got a picture.  Threetwaun gets his looks from his mama! Cute!

Tommy was decked out in a Purdue tee and his first pair of jeans (along with some rattle socks).  What a stud muffin!

Purdue defeated St. Peter's wonderfully.  In fact the game was kind of boring.  That was nice!

Then on Sunday, Tommy got all decked out again for the game.
He must have needed those good luck jeans still because Purdue lost.  It was incredibly sad.

This was the worst part.

Tommy had to see his first horrible devastating Purdue loss.  It was very sad.

Poor guy!

Don't worry.  He wasn't that upset.  Tommy knows what's most important...

Catching the game with his dad. 

But still, Tommy is and always will be a true Purdue fan.  


Thursday, March 17, 2011

First St Patty's Day

I had been planning Tommy's outfit for St. Patricks Day ever since the Staffords gave us a super cute green onesie for the occasion. I used to LOVE St Patricks Day! I still do. It's just a little less drunkish these days.

This morning I was feeding Tommy and he took a moment to fill his diaper. It didn't sound like an abnormal defecation but boy was it ever. It was a supreme diaper dump. It was tremendous!

It shot up the back of his PJs and it got on the pants I was going to wear to work. Arrgghh.

Not a good start to the day.

So Andrew cleaned him up while I changed.

I came back in and he was ready to go! Soooo cute! Even with the cutest matching socks!

Such an adorable shirt! He was going to get some major Irish kisses today.


Until we picked him up...

Nooooooooooooooooo!!! Not again!!! Not in his special St Patty's Day outfit!!!
Seriously. This is a one-day holiday, Thomas! I guess we'll have to celebrate again this weekend after we do a load of laundry. :(

We did have a back up green outfit for him to wear...

Still cute! But it just doesn't have that St Patty's Day flair.

Maybe next year...

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jump Around Part Deux

We tried the Johnny Jump Up again tonight.

He likes it! It's more like a Johnny-Sit-and-Be-Cute for him right now.

Or maybe it's a Johnny-Tip-Toes...

Or a Johnny-Soaked-With-Saliva...

YouTube Video

Actually I think it's a Johnny-Ear-of-Corn...

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New Experiences

Tommy got to try some new things today. At daycare he fingerpainted a four leaf clover for St Patrick's Day.

Such an artist already!

He also got to rock his newest outfit from Baby Gap.

We picked this outfit because it had a marmot on it. (Baby Gap caters toward The Big Lebowski crowd).

He went for a stroller ride outside.

But instead of marveling at the wonder of the great outdoors, he decided he would rather eat the socks on his hands. (Do they even make baby mittens? I'm sure they do. But we've got tons of socks! Why not use 'em?)

We are told this is the perfect age to experience textures so we let him cop a feel on some tree bark.

He is not amused.

Oh wait, now he is!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He's Pooped!


This is not the outfit I put him in this morning. Tommy had his first blowout at daycare!! Milestone!
Someone else had to clean it up. That's kinda nice.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jump Around

Tommy has other ideas for the Johnny Jump Up.

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The First Week

We survived our first week of Day Care.  I can't believe it's already over. Tommy seems to be really enjoying it now.  He was a little unsure at first but now he gets excited when I carry him in.  I think it's all the cool toys.
He's fully acclimated now with his little picture on his crib.  Such a photogenic little man.

That picture was taken on his first day.  He doesn't look so sure about things.

He's making friends.  Or I guess I should say, I'm getting to know all his roommates.  First there's Baby Bully.  She has a ridiculously long girly name for such a little stinker.  She is known for stealing other babies pacifiers and trying to climb into Tommy's carseat.  She always smiles and waves bye bye when I walk in the door.  I think she's secretly planning a Baby Revolt.

Then there's Sumo Baby.  She is the seriously the biggest baby I've ever seen.  Rolls upon rolls upon rolls.  She sits and just rocks back and forth.  The teacher will say "Are you rocking?" Sumo Baby will shake her head no and keep rocking.

Those are the only two I've gotten to know so far.

The teachers have really taken a liking to Tommy, I think.  I snuck in quietly one day last week to pick up Tommy.  I didn't want to wake up any sleeping babies (since Tommy took care of that on his first visit).  Miss J (no not the one from Top Model) was changing Tommy's diaper and singing to him.  The words are below and they are sung to the tune of Happy Birthday.

I'm gonna wii-iiipe yo' butt, I'm gonna wii-iiipe yo' butt.
Gotta wipe off the stiii-iink, so your butt won't be pink!

That absolutely cracked me up. He was cooing and talking back to her.  So cute.

Every day I get abnormally excited to go pick him up.  I love our little mirror for the car so I can see what he's up to while driving. Most of the time he's trying figure out how to get the buckles undone so he can escape and join the Baby Revolt.

He also gets a report card every day too.  On this day, he got an A+ in bowel movements.  It also tells me what kind of mood he's going to be in that night.  No naps=Cranky Pants.

Like for instance Saturday, he didn't nap all day.  So he either looked like this above, or he was balls to the wall screaming.  Fun times!

This week Tommy will be at day care full time.  There was a boy there this morning that I haven't seen before.  He was on Spring Break last week in Mexico.  Apparently he's very loud.  Can't wait to get to know Loud Baby and all the crazy partying he did in Cancun. :)  Stay tuned for more...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to Work

Today marked the first day of Tommy going to daycare.  I went back to work for a half day on Friday and Andrew got to have some father-son bonding time.  But today Tommy spent a half day in daycare.  Everyone said it would be harder on me than it would be on him.  Well EVERYONE, you were right.  Do you feel better now, EVERYONE? :)

I really had good feelings about it all last week so I didn't think I'd do too bad.  But I didn't even make it out of our neighborhood before I started thinking too much about it and tearing up while driving down the road.  I quickly regained composure and again thought I'd be okay. 

Look at that look.  I was about to leave.  Right before I took this picture, he stuck his bottom lip out.  I lost it.  He sticks his bottom lip out when he's about to cry.  But instead this time it was mommy who cried.  But he was fine.  He was smiling and happy. 

They put up a welcome sign for the newbie!
My absolute first thought was FRESH MEAT! But then I remembered that babies can't yell "fresh meat" nor have they ever seen Shawshank Redemption so Tommy would be just fine. 

I swear it was like I was moving him in to that place with all the stuff I had to bring.  Three outfits, blankets, diapers, wipes, a mobile, four bottles of milk, a pacifier, and a bunch of puppets doing karate (why karate? because you know, when someone calls Miss Piggy fat and she gets mad and goes HIIII-YAAH!).  Sorry I had to throw in the Stefan reference. 

Oh yeah, and we had to make a collage with pictures of his family for him to look at in his crib.  It was just like being back in college.  I waited until 11 o'clock last night to make it. 
Putting that aside, I think I did a decent job?
He'll remember us right? :-) There was a lot of pressure because the director was making fun of someone else's collage saying they put a picture of mom, dad and a flower.  I was like "What's wrong with that????"

So tomorrow is day 2.  Andrew is gone and I have to pack up all the crap by myself.  Luckily there's way less stuff to take since he's technically moved in now.  I'm doing half days all week and then next week I'm back to full time. 

Side note: I thought it was funny that my office was in the same exact condition I left it in.  It was like it was preserved kinda. :)  My date stamp even had the last date I was there. 
Awww, such a memorable day suffering through minor contractions during my committee meeting. Haha!

Hopefully Tommy naps better at daycare tomorrow.  He slept for about 20 minutes today.  He was in a foul mood all night because of the lack of sleep.  Poor baby.  Hopefully he'll do better tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

Wyatt's Baptism Weekend

Wyatt Wayne (or W2 as the Thornburgs sometimes call him) was baptized this weekend.  Andrew was asked to be his godfather and he gladly accepted the honor.  He was baptized at St. Tom's in West Lafayette which has special meaning for us because that's where we did our Pre Cana.  The same woman who did our Pre Cana does baptisms too I guess. 

Well anyway, back to the story of our weekend-- it's Road Trip Time!
Tommy is not very fond of his car seat which is just awful.  He just cries and cries. He used to cry himself to sleep but he didn't this time. The only thing that would calm him down was if I would blow on his face. 

Annnddd that made me a little dizzy but hey, he slept! Thank goodness!

We also stopped at Culver's where Tommy hung out and tried to pick up chicks...

On to the baptism...
I love this picture.  So cute!

Wyatt really enjoyed the ceremony.  I mean, seriously, churches have so much stuff to climb on! Here's Wyatt with Grandpa Kevin, or as my brother knows him: the Mayor of Munchkin Land. 

He's about to be anointed with the oils. (Hey at least they don't use butter anymore.)  Father (?? didn't catch his name) did a great job and explained the back story to all the traditions and why they do the things they do.  It was interesting to hear the hows and the whys. 

Godfather and godson waiting for the holy water. 

Almost Dunkin' Time!

He's in!

Time to dry off.  Definitely not as fun as a bath but it wasn't too bad. 

Tommy made it through the ceremony but quickly conked out shortly after. 

We went to Nine Irish Bros afterward but Tommy didn't last long there.  (Yes, Tommy got to go into his first BAR! Yay!)
So promptly made our way back to Grandma and Grandpa's house where we had a quick photo shoot before making our way back to South Bend.

Grandma got him a new hat. Look at that chubster!

When did he fill out? Like an hour ago? I seriously missed it.  Look at those cheeks!

And that belly! When did that happen? He's changing before our eyes!

We also put him in his new outfit from Aunt Erin so Andrew can have a new facebook picture

What a big boy!

Tummy time for our little M&M. 

My favorite picture from the weekend:
Sleepy boys.
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