Monday, February 28, 2011

Naked Baby!

 Poor boy cut his forehead and nose last night because his nails are too sharp, I guess.  Ouchie. 

But you wouldn't know it from looking at him.  Such a happy boy!

Thomas the Musical Genius

Tommy is learning quickly...

Tommy has Visitors!

This weekend Kevin, Diane and Jack drove all the way up from Indy to see us.  Tommy got to play with Jack who is 15 months old-ish.  They were fast friends.  It's amazing how Baby Einstein brings kids together. 

Look at how much fun they are having!

Lots of leg kicking going on there.

 Then they decided to expand their family to four by stealing our baby. Ha! Just kidding of course! 

But they are expecting a child in about 7 weeks.  Pretty soon they will be a family of four with a little girl.  Aww! Look at Diane! You can't even tell she's going to have a baby soon! Crazy!

You can tell Andrew was the one taking the pictures all weekend.  I had to post this picture because I got a new sweater, and it wasn't from Target!!  This is breaking news in my life.  Seriously. Very excited. 

Then on Sunday, we had a house full of Thornburgs! Gram, Pop, Erin and Doug came over to watch the Purdue game. 

Here you can see Tom and Tommy in Purdue gear!

Here are Tommy and Aunt Erin cussing the refs.  Aww, he looks cute even when perturbed. :)

And Purdue won! Great weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rockin' the iPad

There are tons of apps you can get for babies. We got this awhile ago but recently discovered that Tommy likes it. It's the Baby Piano app.

YouTube Video

He's a musical genius!!
And we are silly yuppies.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unsolved Baby Mysteries

We leave Thomas the Tank alone for one second, come back and we have a mystery on our hands.  
 We put these incredibly cute Converse one-star socks on the little guy. 

We come back a minute later and he had somehow kicked his sock off.  
Now, he has kicked his socks off before.  It's not a big deal.  But how did it end up all the way on the opposite side of his body??? Did he pull it off? Did he kick it all the way over there? We are baffled. 
 He says, "Oooohh, you'll never know!!" 

"Heh heh heh..."

Week at Grandma and Grandpa's

Tommy got to spend some time at Grandma Wilma and Grandpa Mike's house this week.  I was there too of course but as I've learned all too well... 'it's not about me anymore.'  :-)
The almost 2 hour drive went pretty well.  We got up early and headed out.  Tommy slept the whole way.  In fact, he even slept once we got there. 
Tired boy!

We had a fun week.  Everyone wanted to see Tommy so he had lots of visitors.  I didn't take that many pictures of all the visitors on Saturday because there were SOOO many.  But I did get a picture of his first visitor, Maria. 
 Of course I waited until the very end of the visit to take a picture and he was extremely hungry and losing his s**t. 
Awww! But at least he was good for the majority of time that Maria was there.  Thank goodness!

I also got a picture of my mom's friend Sue with Tommy T. 
He was the absolute perfect baby for her.  He has never been so good for someone EVER.  He cooed and kicked and then fell asleep in my arms while we were all talking.  He never does that either! Who woulda thought? He must have really liked her! :)

The funniest story of the week was Friday.  My mom had taken the day off work (luckily).  Tommy and I were just hanging out on the couch.  He was sitting on my lap when he filled his diaper.  Only he didn't really fill his diaper.  He kinda missed...
I didn't realize it at the time but he had shat all over my shirt AND my pants.  I yelled into the kitchen, "MOOOOMMMM, I need some help!" That poop was everywhere! It was down into the leg of his sleeper and all over me.  Blech.  So my mom helped me get him to the changing pad.  I started to change him but I wasn't prepared with a "Peepee Teepee".  He peed all over everything in the next picture...
He peed all over his changing pad, two outfits, three diapers, his wipes and the carpet.  There was pee everywhere!!! AND POOP! It was time to just stick that kid in the tub. 

He didn't know what to think of this new bathing experience.  (How many people have pictures of their kids with washcloths over their private parts?)

Not many people can say they have a picture of their kids with a Paint Star Modesty Patch though!!

Tommy ended up really enjoying his bath.  He liked being able to kick and splash the water. 

 He couldn't help but put his hand in the mouth of course. 

All clean! He was sad to be done with his bath.   Aww!

Since he was in Rensselaer near his guitar playing relatives, he wore lots of guitar outfits...

He wasn't always in a good mood while wearing them though...

Actually I think he's working on his rocker scream.  He's got the lungs for it! :)

Here are some other cute pictures from our little trip...

I was trying to catch up on the last season of Dexter (as you can see in the background- good ol' Quinn) but Tommy was providing running commentary. 

Here's Grandma and Tommy's naked butt.  I can't believe she changed his diaper on her Eddie Bauer blanket.  She must really like him. :)

I may look sweet but watch out... cuz mama said knock you ouuutttt!!

HAHA! Just kidding!!

Lower Lips Taste Good

Tommy has a new trick. He sucks on his lower lip all the sudden. It's really funny when he tries to talk at the same time.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thomas and his Talent

I took this video today.

YouTube Video

This video has all kinds of action: talking, spitting up, Andrew working in the background, Morgan talking in a funny voice and a super special treat from Thomas at the end.

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What does Tommy sound like?

I've never posted a video from my phone before. I don't know how this will turn out but here we go...

YouTube Video

Tommy likes to make a lot of noise. He starts out pretty happy in this video but then he gets a little ticked. He spends most of the time kicking and cooing like this. It's quite entertaining! Make sure you keep watching until you hear the squeak at the end. That's when you know you're in trouble! :-)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

2 Months Old!

Today was Tommy's 2 month doctor appointment.

Yay! We get to find out how much he's grown. 
 BOO! He had to get shots. 

Tommy is waiting on the doctor.  He has no idea what's coming...

He had fun playing with his gown.  

Action shot! 

Soooo how is Tommy growing? He is 23 3/4 inches putting him in the 75th percentile for height. He is 11 lbs 15 oz which is 50th percentile for weight.  He's still long and skinny, just like his crazy feet. The doctor even said his feet were big.  Big and CUTE! :)  (No, that was me. The doctor did not say that.)

Then the doctor said the nurse will be coming in to give the shots and got the heck out of there.  Yeah, make her do the dirty work. So she did.  She gave him a vaccine by mouth and then 3 shots in the legs.  It was horrible.  He screamed, his chin quivered, he shook, it was awful.

When he's about to cry he sticks his lip out like this. At the doctor, he didn't have time to stick his lip out. Automatic scream face.

As soon as he was done Andrew picked him up and he was fine.  Then I fed him for 3 minutes and he fell into a deep sleep.  He slept for about an hour.  Then he woke up and was in a great mood.  I mean GREAT. We thought, AWESOME, he's going to rebound fast.  We were totally wrong. 
It didn't take long for him to realize his legs hurt and he was not feeling very good.  More screaming.  Hopefully he'll recover soon.  It's so sad to see him so upset.  :(

Looney Tunes and Snoopy Band-aids

So what else is going on with Tommy when he's not recovering from shots?  He's cooing and talking a LOT.  Sometimes he just yells for the fun of it.  He talks to his bear mobile.  They have become good friends.  He's always telling them long stories. 

 Such a happy boy!

He also has moved to his crib in own room.  Oh boy.  No more pack n play in our bedroom.  It was hard for mom the first night but Tommy did just fine.  In fact, it's still hard for mom.  I check on him several times after he has gone to sleep and again in the morning if I wake up before him.  He moves around a lot in his crib.  He will start the night long-wise then we'll find him in the morning rotated 90 degrees. 

Tommy is a lot of fun.  He's still good at making funny faces. 

But he's REALLY good at smiling and moving. 

Happy Two Month Birthday Tommy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowtorious B.I.G.

Recently the nation was in a tizzy about the Snowpocolypse.  Most states got some amount of snow.  It was ridiculous for everyone but us northerners.  We didn't call it a snowpocolypse, we just called it Wednesday.  We got 2 feet and then another foot.  No big deal.  But the pictures are pretty cool so I just had to post them. 

 This is (doo doo doo) looking out our backdoor.
 This is looking out our front door.  The plows had already been by.  Thanks be to the plows!
 This is our neighbors front yard. 
 One nice thing is that Brian can't run for the hills when the snow is taller than him.
 The sky was absolutely gorgeous that day. 
 The snow actually built up on those monkey bars! Can you believe that? You can see the snow hanging down in between each one. 
 Brian still looks for animals in the snow.
 Those are our patio tables collecting snow.  Lots and lots of snow. 
 I can't believe how the snow piles up in the weirdest places...
 ... and hangs off the edge of everything. 
 Here is the sun setting across the street.  Beautiful!
 I finally got stir crazy enough in the house that I decided to shovel off the patio tables.  I figured that much snow might break the glass tables. 
 I let Brian go potty unrestrained!!! He busted his butt to get back into the house.  It was cold!
 Thanks for taking pictures, Andrew.  I want to remember what I looked like shoveling snow after not showering for days. :)  (Don't blame me! I'm on maternity leave.  I believe 'maternity' is derived from the latin word 'dirtball'.)
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