Monday, October 18, 2010

Shower Weekend Extravaganza

This was quite the exhaustive weekend for us.  Well for me mostly because I'm just not as capable of handling big weekends like this anymore.  But we started our weekend with tailgating on Saturday.
 Aww, we're so cute. :) (Traci, Mandy, Morgan, Diane)
Staffords and Thornburgs whoopin' it up.  Preggo wives can still have fun!

We went to Harry's after this but I didn't take many pictures.  Probably because I was too focused on finding a lost credit card.
Wanna hear the story?
Andrew told me to remind him to close his tab before we left so I did.  He went up to the bar to close it and came back.  I said, "Did you close your tab?"
"Did you get your credit card?"
He stares at me blankly and then gets his wallet out.  He doesn't have his credit card.  "She didn't give it to me!!!"
I said, "Go back and get it from her."  He goes back up to the bar and she doesn't have it.  She feels terrible.  She's apologizing all over the place.  We've got people in the bar looking for this credit card.  It is no where to be found.  We looked all through Andrew's wallet, didn't find it. Looked in his pockets, didn't find it.
We finally leave Harry's and I make him call Chase and cancel his card because I'm sure the card is stolen.  He calls Chase Customer Service and being that the call centers are usually located in middle east and the fact that he has had too much to drink, he can't understand what they are saying.  He tries two or three different times to talk to a person he can understand.  Finally, he is able to cancel his card.
We were meeting Andrew's aunt, uncle and cousin that night for dinner.  We get to the restaurant and as we are walking in the door, he sticks his hands in his pockets.

LO AND FREAKING BEHOLD, there's his credit card in front left pocket.
Did he check that pocket???? I GUESS NOT.
So now he has to switch over everything that was automatically set up for that card.  Sweet.  Good times.

So anyway, on to the rest of the weekend.

The shower was in Lafayette at the Rush Pavillion which is a wonderful place to have things, by the way.  It's a gorgeous building with a wrap-around porch.  So cool.

My mom and her friend Sue and my sis-in-law Erin all helped put together quite a fabulous event.  It was awesome!

The theme was "the little pumpkin".

You can see everyone hard at work on their pumpkin trivia.

They were really thinking hard! They had no idea they were going to get a pumpkin pop quiz.

 My mom wanted the obligatory shot of me with the food. :) But the fall themed food was REALLY good, even on a 80 degree day! YUM-O!

The gift table was packed to the max!! That's not even all the gifts! We were so blessed.  We got so many wonderful things.  It was incredible!

 Obviously, there would be 3 brazillion pictures if my mom took pictures of every one but here are some gift opening highlights.  These pictures were taken after I had to pull my hair back because I was sweating like a cat in a China Garden restaurant.  Ridic!  It got really hot in that room because it was 80 degrees outside. I gotta say- I would've really liked to be one of those polar bears on that onesie at the time.
We got an awesome Purdue Book from Steph (who coincidentally is to the right in this picture) called "Purdue Pete Finds His Hammer".  I ruined the book for everyone by looking at the last page and found out the hammer in his locker the whole time! 

Funny enough, Purdue Pete HAS the hammer in his hand on the cover.  How did he lose it? Did he STICK IT IN HIS FRONT LEFT POCKET?????

We also got a Purdue Potty from my mom.  When you pee in it, it plays the Purdue Fight Song.  AWESOME!! (We just might be currently using it. Why do you ask? "Hail, Hail to Old Purdue....")

Baby T's future buddy Wyatt came to the shower.  He was one of two boys in attendance (besides the one that is in his own carrying case, wink wink).  He is a walking MACHINE now! He definitely does not need any support anymore. His only speed now is... ESCAPE!!!! :)

We took some fun pictures after the shower.  I thought it would be fun to take professional looking pictures with my mom's camera while we had such a beautiful background.  Here are Andrew and I with Sue.

 We took some nice ones like this...
But then I was so deliriously tired after the shower that I couldn't take anything seriously and we took pictures that looked more like this. Andrew's losing it above.
Here I am as Captain Preggo Morgan Pumpkin.  Or maybe just Captain Ridiculous.

I was glad that the 118 Fowler girls got together for a picture.  So cute! (Traci, Angela, Morgan, Holly, Mandy)

Erin brought the cupcakes for the shower and they were a huge hit.  Even with the fellas after the shower.  :) Andrew ate one and like he always does when he eats something chocolate, he made his poop joke.  I believe it goes, "Clean your butt for a dollar?" with a mouth full of brown stuff.  So funny right? *eye roll* But this time, with the blue icing, he changed it to "Clean a smurf's butt for a dollar?"

I think he married me because I often laughed at this jokes.  I'm not sure why I laugh though.  Maybe it's because he looks like he does in the picture. 

Another Andrew Story from the day of the shower:
Andrew and the other men in the family went out to eat at Scotty's while we were busy with the shower.  Andrew drove and parked in the lot.  It took them about 2 hours to eat and when they came out to the car, Andrew couldn't find his keys.  They all look at our Equinox and realize it's running... unlocked... with valuables inside... FOR THE ENTIRE TWO HOURS THEY WERE IN SCOTTY'S.  How lucky did Andrew get on THIS one?? No one stole the car or anything inside.  But we are getting really crappy gas mileage on that tank of gas.

I think Andrew must be having Pregnant Brain Empathy or something.  I hope one of us becomes less of a moron soon because someone has to be the non-nincompoop for poor Baby T!

So after the shower, everyone helped load our car with the gifts...
Then when we got home and had to unload everything into our house.  Because we're working on the baby's room this weekend and because we were so exhausted, we just brought everything into the kitchen and left it.

Even Brian was cashed from his weekend of being boarded at the vet.
Poor guy.  He spends the whole weekend barking at everything at the vet and then he comes home and he is totally hoarse.  He tried to bark at the neighbor dog tonight and it was so pathetic. :(

Right now, he's snoring loudly in that exact position with his eyes flickering.


Andrew said...

Man.....I really suck.

The Thornburgs said...

At least you're funny! ;)

bk said...

Ahem, like I was saying.... Joel and Jen have that same purdue pete book and they take the book and Savannah down to campus and visit all the landmarks in the book on campus looking for his hammer. They said it is great fun. you'll have to wait a while for that though. It's one of her favorite books. Please don't erase this comment.

The Thornburgs said...

Ha!! Sorry I deleted the first one. Blame the ballpark franks I call my fingers right now for pressing delete instead of publish. Whoopsie.

bk said...

Didn't know about leaving the car running. That is freaking awesome. Mom always said when you have a kid you lose half your brain. Didn't know it had kind of an osmosis effect.

The Goldmans said...

My mom just sent Max one of those Purdue toilets and I was thinking to myself, I know I've seen this before and it was from your blog! Happy 1st Bday Max, here pee in this :)

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