Monday, October 25, 2010

Painting... Birthday Celebrating... Showering

We accomplished quite a lot this weekend.  Friday night Adam and Steph came up to visit.  We went out to eat at Villa Macri and then went to see Jackass 3D. 

I gagged... scratch that, dry-heaved, at several parts.  But the worst by far was the "Sweatsuit Cocktail".  Andrew almost ended up with barf in his lap.  He kept saying, "LOOK AWAY!" but I just couldn't.  I had to see what happened.

It was funny though because when we were telling my parents about it, I gagged again just thinking about it. 
Probably looked a little something like this...

 Ugh, gross.  But parts of it were very entertaining... and completely stupid. 

Anyway, my parents came that night too after the the Bomber football game.  We were ready to get up nice and early to start painting the nursery.  Too bad we didn't start until 2ish.

But look at how FUN this looks!!

 I really like the old color and new color together.  They're kinda fun!
 But alas that wouldn't match our brown and blue turtles.  So we continued painting. 
 When six people are helping, it goes really fast.  The first coat was done in about an hour. 
 Dad did an excellent job with the ceiling! He has quite the steady hand. 
Mom painted the closet.  It looks 10 times better.  Thank goodness!

The second coat took half the time and we were able to quit early to go to dinner.  It was Adam's birthday weekend! 
(How nice that he wanted to spend it with us, painting! I think he has an ulterior motive.  He wants to break the record for youngest wakeboarder so I think he's lining up Baby T for that job. Watch out!)

So we went to Soho, a Japanese Bistro with hibachi tables.  According to Wikipedia, I should be saying Teppanyaki instead.  Whoops.  Anyway...

Here are Mom and Dad about to enjoy some FIIIIIIRE!!! The guy behind them lit the grill and Dad ducked like WHAT THE HELL??  Are they setting this place on FIRE?? It was pretty funny.
 Andrew and I, looking serious. 
 Andrew and I trying to photobomb Adam and Steph. 
 Then I decided to go it alone and photobomb Adam and Steph.  :)
My eyes don't cross like a normal... eleven year old.  
 ONION TOWER ON FIRE!!!! That onion tower was only two stories.  Kinda disappointing. 
 Here's our chef preparing our delicious meal. 
 This is the beer that Adam and Andrew decided to order.  Red Rice Beer.  YUM!
(Warning: It's actually disgusting and causes headaches the next day. Just thought I'd fill you in. Cool bottle though.)

 Adam and Andrew decide to do a sake bomb.  Here's the video...

Adam won! But it was his birthday! Plus he's 6 years younger so he should win. :)
 Then the chef heard that it was Adam's birthday so he decided to give him another sake shot... which ended up being like 3 shots.  He drooled a little on the carpet.  :)
 And finally the Birthday Sundae! A Japanese pound cake with ice cream rolled into it and chocolate syrup and other stuff on top.  YUMMMMM!!!!

On Sunday, we had another shower in Warsaw.  It was lovely!

 Look at how CUTE that tiny little Purdue jersey is!!! Awwww!! I told Andrew Baby T can wear it when Purdue goes to a bowl game this year!

Moving on... it was a shower for us and also Jess and Mike.  She is due a couple weeks before me. 
It was fun to see her open cute girlie stuff.  There's been such a boy baby boom that I haven't gotten to see a whole lot of stuff for girls so that was exciting. 
The shower was thrown by Andrew's parents group of friends which they call the Card Club. I had to post this picture of Andrew with the men from the Card Club.  They look completely enthused to be in my picture! Haha!

What a blessing this weekend was.  We were showered with gifts. Thank you again everyone! Plus we have a painted nursery thanks to the Keiper Paint Crew.  We are so lucky!!! 

I know you are wondering where the finished nursery pictures are.  I apologize but I won't be posting the completed pictures of the nursery until we get our furniture AND carpeting.  That might be a week or two.  I'm sorry! It'll be worth the wait, I promise! :)

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Shiela said...

I was going to say show us your turtle, but then it sounded like something they would do in Jackass 3D.

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