Saturday, October 2, 2010

Megan's Shower

This weekend I made my way down to Indy for Megan's shower for Baby TJ.  (They call him TJ in reference to Tristan Junior, which I think is adorable. But no name has been decided on yet, just like us.)

Here's a group picture of the girls left at the end of the party.  Look at cute little Cameron!

  All strapped in and ready to go! She is such a sweetie.  She hardly made a peep during the whole shower. 

The nice part about having Megan's shower at Megan's house is seeing Baby TJ's room! Look at how cuuuuuute his room is! Love it! 
I love that lamp.  So cute.  Everything is so well put together but Megan has always been good at that.  Good ol' Megan Martha Stewart! :) Haha!!

I've gotta say, it makes me quite jealous because this is what our baby's room looks like. 

HA! Do you think Baby T will like it?? A little adult-like, don't you think? 

Actually I have an ulterior motive for posting these pictures.  We need to get rid of this furniture so we are selling this bedroom set.  If you are interested, let us know! The whole IKEA set (queen size bed, two bedside stands, two dressers and a wardrobe; mattress not included) is for sale for $200.  You haul. So please get them off our hands so Baby T has a place to sleep! We also need to get started fixing up and painting his room so if you know anyone that needs a bedroom set, pass the word along. We would appreciate it. 

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