Monday, July 26, 2010

I Went To Jail!

This past Thursday, the MDA finally locked me up for "good".  It was really fun.  The off-duty firefighter came to pick me up, handcuffs in hand, ready to haul me away. 

The jail was in the Morris Bistro. They had bread and water (appetizers and drinks) to munch on while you were there filling out your bail cards.

When you go in, you meet with the judge.  The judge asked how I plead to crimes of helping raise money for the MDA so I said, "Guilty."  Then she said you can put money in the jar to change your bail amount.  Thinking well I certainly don't have $1300 raised yet, I added my last $4 out of my pocket to the jar.  She said, "IT IS ILLEGAL TO BRIBE A JUDGE. YOUR BAIL IS NOW $1304.  YOU ARE NOW SENTENCED TO HARD TIME IN JAIL."  Scared the crap out of me! But it was pretty funny.  They totally got me.

Then they took me to the "jail" to have my picture taken.

 Then when I was done, they announced how much money I had raised to the whole room. 

At this point, I have raised $1,010!!! WOW!!! Can you believe that?? It's all thanks to you guys for donating!! I still have some time to collect donations.  I believe I have 40 more days to collect money online.  If I make it to $1,300 (only $290 to go!), then they give me a 3 day/2 night hotel package to one of over 50 locations across the United States.  Sweet!! I'm hoping I can raise that much so Andrew and I can use that for a Babymoon! We're so close so spread the word!!

Thanks again to all who donated! I can't believe I raised so much. I was the 16th highest "bailraiser" out of around 100 people! NICE!

The MDA was really appreciative of all the hard work.  It's a wonderful cause so I'm glad that you guys could support me in doing this.  THANKS SO MUCH ONE MORE TIME!!

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