Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Has it really been four years??

Tomorrow marks the Thornburgs' fourth anniversary.  Can you believe we got married in 2006?? That was ages ago! Well not really.  Time flew by and so much has changed since 2006.  We've lived in four different places since then.  We owned two houses since then.  We had waaayyy different jobs back then. Our first born son (Brian) is going to get a brother or sister.  It's been quite a ride.

But in celebration of our anniversary (a day early, I know! I just got excited!), I decided to put some clips from our wedding in a video.  Most of you probably haven't seen this video.  Don't worry. It's not the whole video, just some of my favorite moments.  Whatever I could clip together in an evening.
So without further adieu, watch us get married again!

I really wish I had more time.  There are so many more moments that I wanted to add but I couldn't because I had shoddy DVD ripping software.  I found some free editing software that I absolutely love but the ripping software kept cutting off the end of each clip on the DVD.  Really TICKED ME OFF. 

Our videographers had our wedding party and some family members sit down in front of the camera to say a special message.  But the funny part was they waited until everyone was three sheets to the wind and everyone's message was a liiiiiittle... drunk.  Adam was yelling at his friends behind the camera.  The entire message from the groomsmen was ruined because the mic wasn't hooked up.  We still have no idea what they said. My bridesmaids' talked about kittens and The Bangles and screamed into the microphone. My dad dropped his glass and said "Oh shit."  The second group of bridesmaids talked about a heavy metal song and how they were a "couple", if you will. Both Andrew and my messages to each other were indecipherable.

All and all, these messages were all PERFECT and I wouldn't change a thing.  But the fact that my stupid software was cutting off the end of the messages REALLY TICKS ME OFF!! MORGAN SMASH!!! So maybe next year for our 5th anniversary, I can finally get the stupid software figured out and post it.  Until then, I guess you'll have to wait.

Finally, here's a quick pic I had to share.  This is from when we got engaged.  It's my favorite picture.  Definitely captures the moment. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Thornburgs Are Gross

You know how your mom teaches you to clean to prepare you for life and then you forget all of it until something life shattering happens to shock you back into your old cleaning habits??
You don't? You actually clean your house?

Well the Thornburgs don't. 
We started cleaning and moving furniture around so that we can put down our wood floors.  We moved our couch for the first time since we moved here a YEAR ago.  Guess what we found? You'll never guess. 
This is seriously just sick.  We haven't moved the couch since we moved in.  Disgusting. 

We also found some chex mix and a popsicle stick under the couch.  Nasty. 

But we got everything out of our living room (except for Brian).  Look how disgusting that carpet is!!! We would like to believe that's all from the former owners.  Most of it is, at least. 

The dining room is cleared out now too.  No more Bree Van de Kamp style table settings. :(

Our office is also cleaned out except for the 300 pound bookshelf.  We're going to need a little help with that.

So you may be wondering where we put all our stuff. 

Here is our new office in the guest bedroom. Andrew can still get his work done in here even with extra furniture. 

This is what you see when you walk up the stairs...

A hallway is always good for storage. 

The china cabinet is now in the game room blocking the back door we never use. 

And now we have an extra ottoman in the game room.

So now we have to clean with new wood floors because the dust, dog hair, and dirt will be much more visible.  Uh oh. 

But it will look soooooo soooooo SOOOO much better, it's not even funny.  We will WANT to clean, all the time!

This is what we picked out.  It will look amazing. I can't wait. I also can't wait to be able to get into my guest bathroom again someday without having to move a couch. 

This is what Brian thinks of the whole ordeal.

What a face!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Traci's Indiana Bachelorette Party

This weekend, I drove down to Lafayette for a semi-impromptu girls weekend.  We met at Traci's house and she and her fiance Matt took us out on their boat on Raccoon Lake.  In the morning we were a little worried about the weather since it was cloudy and rainy but it cleared up by 1 o'clock and from then on, it was a beautiful day.  I mean B-E-A-UTIFUL.  GORG! Loved it.

Here we are on the boat on that beautiful day.  Good thing Matt was there to take our picture! What would we have done??? :)

Amanda and Maria decided to brave the water which was as cold as a cast iron commode (better than as cold as a well digger's ass, right?).  Anyway, it took some adjusting as you can tell from the picture to situate themselves on the tube. 

VICTORY! They were knocked off.  They said the water wasn't that cold.  I stuck my hand in and I would beg to differ.  But they had quite the amazing time, it seemed. 

Traci and Mandy went next.  I didn't bring my camera this weekend so I only had my iPhone to take pictures.  If I would have had my camera, I could have zoomed in on the spectacle that was Mandy and Traci on a tube.  Mandy and Traci started on the tube each have equal halves.  After about 5 minutes, Mandy was taking up the whole middle and Traci was hanging off of the back of the tube and we couldn't even see her from the boat.  So can you guess what happened next?

That's correct.  Mandy was king of the tube, remaining on, while Traci... bumped off and was left in the water. Awww. :(  Poor thing. 

Here I am, driving the boat through the parking lot.  (Beauty queen wave: elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist)

This picture was taken at 8:00 pm when we finally left the lake.  It was gorgeous all day! Awesome!

Later on that night we went to our ol' stomping grounds- the West LaLa bar scene.  Actually we started at Red Seven which is an interesting little bar/restaurant.  Then we moved on to the campus bars.  On the way, we passed what used to be one of our most frequented bars, Wabash Yacht Club, or Stacks. 
This is what Stacks looks like now...

That's a Five Guys.  Just a liiiiiiiittttllleee different, huh? From Turbo Long Islands and Blotto Green Dragons, a dark musty dirty bar... to burgers and fries in a squeaky clean white tiled environment.  WHAT?

We then stopped by Jake's for a free hot dog.  Yum.  (Maria is imitating Holly here.  I believe the impression goes a little something like this in a high pitched voice, "AAAH-HA-HA-HA!! I'M EATING A HOT DOG! AAH HA HA!"  We could make fun of her because she wasn't there. Sorry, Holly! Redeem yourself two weeks from now!)

We went to Harry's for a nightcap.  Being sober at Harry's is quite an interesting experience.  Something that I think I can say I don't think I've ever done before.  I can't believe I drank the water in that place.  Sick.  It was probably just a bar towel squeezed out over ice.  Nasty. 

We snapped a quick pic in front of Von's.  Such a fun night!  Two weeks from now we get to do it all over again for Traci's actual bachelorette party with ALL the girls from college.  Can't wait!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Viva Las Pregas!

We just got back from our trip to Las Vegas that we planned before we knew I was knocked up.  We stayed at the Mandalay Bay.  It was, as our new found friends at a roulette table said, "Exquisite." 

This is the view from the pool up toward our hotel room.  The place is HUGE.

This is our view of the pool.  It had a wave pool and a lazy river and several separate regular pools (plus a 21 and older "European style" pool.  We never checked that out, must to the dismay of our husbands).  It was voted best pool area on Cheapo Vegas.  The weather was gorgeous the whole time.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky as you can tell from the first picture.  It was beautiful.  SUPER HOT but perfect sunbathing weather.

Since it was so nice, we spent most of our time by the pool.

See? Never a cloud in the sky! We saw a tiny one once but we yelled at it until it dissipated. 

Our room was "exquisite"! We had an extra TV in our bathroom! Sweet!

We also spent a lot of time on the strip.  We walked... and walked... and walked. When I took this picture, we were standing only a quarter of the strip away! We still had 3/4th of the way to go to the other end.  See how far Mandalay Bay (smack dab in the middle of the picture) is from the middle?? My feet think it was about a million miles.  Seriously! You can't even read the letters on the building. It's so far away!

We did a lot of sight-seeing.  Jenny and I got our picture taken with a plastic Elvis! He had a sequined glove! What's that all about?  

The last time we went to Vegas, it was for my brother's 21st birthday and we stayed at the Flamingo.  So we went back to where we had our picture taken before and posed.  We asked a random couple standing there to take our picture.  They had the thickest southern accents that when they first started talking, we weren't even sure if they were speaking English!  She took our picture and looked at it when she was done and said in her drawl, "Oohhh, I geeeeettt iiiittt.  Y'all were standin' with one leg up laaahke flameeeengooooos!! Okaaaayyyy."  Haha.  I love southerners.


We also got our picture taken with a storm trooper, which was pretty cool.  He let us hold his gun.  Plus he was using a voice changer thingy so he sounded very official.
After we had our pictures taken with the nice young storm trooper, we stood on the corner waiting for the Walk sign with a giant group of people who were also waiting to cross.  There were a few men standing there advertising for a strip club.  One man yelled to the entire crowd, kids and all, "Come to our strip club and you can get a free lap dance.  We also have midget lap dances half-off.  You don't even have to sit in a chair for that one.  You can just sit on the floor!"  Nice, dude.

We also visited Caesar's Palace because DUH The Hangover was filmed there.

I also made Andrew ask some questions at the front desk.
Alan: Can I ask you another question?
Front Desk: Sure.
Alan: You probably get this a lot. This isn't the real Caesar's Palace is it?
Front Desk:: What do you mean?
Alan: Did, umm... did Caesar live here?
Front Desk: No.
Alan: I didn't think so.
Great movie.

More sightseeing? We saw boobs on a wall in our hotel.  We didn't feel as much like pervs when there were people lining up behind us to get a picture of the stone boobs.  Everyone's a perv in Vegas!

Almost every place we went had a Sports Book like this.  This is the one at MGM.  I find these things to be amazing.  Every single seat was full! With the Preakness and the hockey playoffs, I guess that makes sense.  But wow.  People like to bet on sports.  Who knew? Ha.

I really liked this picture because it shows how creepy Donnie and Marie really are.  Look at them! Peeking over that building! Creepy!!

There are so many amazing shows to see in Vegas.  Which one did we end up seeing?

We saw The Green Mile on TNT in our hotel room.  Awesome right? Andrew got sick right before we were about to go buy tickets for a show so we didn't end up seeing anything.  But I gotta say, I did enjoy The Green Mile. :)

We also watched planes take off from the airport.  I'm not kidding you when I say we saw probably 20 Southwest planes take off in an hour.  It was incredible.  Southwest must have a BOATLOAD of planes.  Jeez.  I am not exaggerating.  We probably saw less than 10 other planes besides Southwest.  I couldn't  believe it.

We also did a lot of gambling.  How much money did we bring home?? FOUR DOLLARS.  We are apparently not good gamblers.  Oh well, it's all in the fun of the game right? Like "Jaws the Slot Machine"! It will EAT YOUR MONEY. :)

Andrew also played this slot machine which had a Camaro on display.  He REALLY wanted to win that car.  So he played about 5 dollars worth until he realized that there was a tiny sign on the machine that said, "Actual car is for display only. Car can be purchased at the Las Vegas Chevy Dealer."  AAH! Vegas!! Sticking it to us once again!  Kind of like the $32 bucket of beers you can buy at the pool.  How many beers does that come with? 5.  Dang.  How much is a Pepsi? $4.  WHAT?

All in all, the Vegas trip was a blast.  Except for the fact that I had to drink a lot of water.  Viva Las Pregas!! :)

The Baby Boom is Back!

It's a season of babies.  I found out that one of my best friends (we go waaaaay back, I'm talking like kindergarten dance classes together) is pregnant too! She's two weeks ahead of me.  How exciting!!!!  So lucky her, she gets to fill me in on all everything that's coming up before they happen for me.  Ok, mostly just lucky me!

But of course, I was instantly inspired and turned to Paint to release my inner creativity (someone buy this girl Photoshop software!!).

 I guess I could have titled this one: a pea in each pod.  Hmm... and the peas look a little weird in their pods.  Ok on to the next one.

This one is inspired by Perez Hilton.  As much as I think he is the spawn of the devil, I did used to read his stupid website.  This is what he would do when a celebrity would put on a few pounds.  SPERMINATED??? Yep, she gained 5 pounds so she must be knocked up.  Oh and of course he would always draw a little stick figure on the girl's stomachs.  So stupid.  I can't believe I'm replicating.  Ha!

And finally.... the Juno reference.  Our eggos are definitely preggo.
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