Monday, February 22, 2010

Nerf Gun Russian Roulette

I have wanted to play this game for awhile now.  I heard about it online so I thought it was time to give it a try.  Travis, Katie and Wyatt came over this weekend and we finally got a chance to play it.Our neighbor Jenny came over for a bit so we added her to the game too. 

BEST.  GAME.  EVER. We laughed so hard.  Here are some action shots.

From the looks on our faces, you would think this game would be extremely painful.  Don't worry.  It wasn't.  Disturbing? Yes, quite.  But painful? No.

Here's poor Wyatt, looking a little disturbed.

We started calling him "The Situation" because he kept lifting up his shirt to show off his rock hard abs.  Wyatt explained it to us that night:
You can hate on me all you want to, but what can you possibly say to somebody that looks like Rambo, pretty much, with his shirt off.
 Ok, ok, Wyatt didn't say that.  Y'all know 3 month olds can't talk, right? :)

Ok back to the game.   You just have to see it for yourself! Make sure you watch all the way to the end.  (Warning: some language in the video!)

Brian was banished to the game room because he kept trying to eat the darts.  Maybe we shouldn't use the Nerf gun as a training device.

Here's a battle scar from the game.  You'll have to look pretty close but he did get a red mark from the game!

Jeez.  The look on his face looks like he actually did get shot in a game of Russian Roulette.  Ouch.  But don't worry, no consenting adults were hurt in the playing of this game.
I suggest you try it!  For $10, it's cheaper than Catchphrase!

High in the Middle and Round on Both Sides

Andrew went to Columbus last week to go to the Purdue/Ohio State game.  He stayed with his uncle Andy who got him tickets to the game.  Here is a shot of Value City Arena in the first half.

It is apparent that they like their football team just a liiiiiiittle bit more.  But hey, it's a big place.
 Purdue got an exciting win at OSU so Andrew was very happy.  The people sitting around him weren't very happy to see a man in gold and black in a sea of scarlet and gray but he kept his mouth shut and they let him stay.  Smart move, Drewfus!

But those people sitting around Andrew don't know that I'm here on the internet talking smack! Haha, yeah right.  I actually had to google "Ohio State jokes".  They were terrible. The typical "Would you like fries with that?" jokes.  Just bad.  But one bad joke did catch my eye.
Q: What does the average OSU student get on his SAT?
A: Drool.
Ok it wasn't that good. But have you seen this?

He's a walk-on at OSU.  Funny guy.  He said some nice things about Purdue on his blog (which is cool because he is a life long IU fan). 

Back to the subject at hand, Andrew's Uncle Andy and Aunt Laura graciously hosted Andrew for the night.  Their son David made this AWESOME Valentine's Day card for Andrew.

Love it!
So here's a shout-out to Andy, Laura and David: Thanks for the hospitality.  I hope I can join Andrew and visit next time! Hopefully we can finally see Bon-Journey in all their wicked hair banger glory!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Morgan's Attempt at a Sports Post

HEY SPORTS FANS!! Yeah, okay nice try.  But this weekend we spent a lot of time watching sports.  We went to the Purdue v. Iowa game on Saturday.  This was the first game I've been to all year.  I was very excited to take my own pictures as opposed to linking from other sites.

I didn't say they would be good pictures!

Good Ol' Purdue Pete

My favorite player Smooge, or E'twuan, as people other than his mom call him




Notice how I took a lot of free throw pictures? It was really hard to take any action shots.  You should see how many blurry pictures I have from the game.

The Paint Crew had some great signs at this game.  These two say, "JaJuan some Moore?" and "Hart Be My Valentine".  I saw one sign that someone held up for maybe 30 seconds when Patrick Bade (Bay-dee) subbed into the game.  It said, "Patrick 'The Master' Bade".  

 The Paint Crew was also brutal with their taunts for the other team.  Iowa's coach is Todd Lickliter.  He used to coach for Butler.  So the Paint crew chanted, "Butler's Better!"  Also, his son John plays for the team.  They chanted "Who's Your Daddy?" and "Someone's Grounded" near the end of the game when John was playing.  Wow.  Brutal.  And yet, creative.

Hey check out Matt Painter reading cue cards for the Donate Life Campaign! 

Come on Matty! Fake that you are actually talking to us on the big screen! Look up!

The Golden Girl and the Girl in Black both performed at half time.  I leaned over to Andrew and said, "They have really updated their outfits since I last watched them."

Seems like the drum has grown and the outfit has shrunk.

Well according to this picture anyway...

After the game we went to B-Dubs (surprisingly people up here in the north are unfamiliar with this place, I had no idea!) and met the Lower Bros and Traci and Matt.

It was a very fun Saturday night in West Lafayette.  If you missed the game, here are some highlights from the video board including a MONSTER JAM by E'twuan.

On Sunday we watched MORE SPORTS.  We went to Cec's tournament at her school.
See? It was just like watching the Boilers. 

As Brandon has mentioned before, Cec comes from a long line of cheerleaders so of course she's already highly talented at 10 years old.

Starting line up

All School Cheer- look at that arm placement! (My fellow cheerleaders will know what I'm talking about!)

And now the video.  Seriously, these girls are like 10-12 years old.  I didn't start cheerleading until I was 13 and boy was I awkward.  They are little and quite good.

Here are the lil' girls before the game.  They are EXCITED to see some St. James Tournament ACTION!!!

Even Brian got in on some Sports Action this weekend by chewing on a plastic bat.  Good for him. 

So there ya go.  It's my attempt at a Sports-filled Sports Post.  Sporty McSportersons.  :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Thornburgs Saw Their Future Last Night

This skit came on and Andrew goes, "I hope it's Metal!"

By the way, there was only one other sketch that was worth watching last night.  I was disappointed, Kutcher (or actually, WRITERS)!!

Two other exciting things happened this weekend. First, we saw Avatar in IMAX in Portage.  It was AWESOME as to be expected.

This is what we looked like when we came home.
Actually, Andrew did not want to be an avatar and made fun of my crafty Paint artwork by saying, "Must be the same software that they used in the movie."  Jerk.  :)  I think we look amazing. HAHA!!

Second story from the weekend...
We woke up in the middle of the night to Brian convulsing.  He was shaking so badly it woke us up.  He had this look in his eyes full of fear, his ears were pinned back, and he wouldn't move.  Andrew said, "I think he's having a seizure."  We kind of just stare at him blankly and try to calm him but nothing is working.  Then we try to get him to stand and he can't.  We're starting to panic when we realize the simple the solution.

He had to poop.  He had to poop so bad that he couldn't even walk.  Andrew had to physically pick him up and carry him down to the back door.  He was so scared he might poop in the house that he was shaking.  Are you kidding me, Brian??? You had to poop so bad that you couldn't stand???? Why did you wait until you were convulsing to let us know?
So for that, I'm putting an embarrassing picture up for your punishment.

Oh dogs. I wish I had time to make him an Avadog...


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drat! A Cat!

I finally figured out what was making Brian go nuts every time he would step out onto the deck.

Poor Smelly Cat (or Gato Fedorento) has been living under our deck until today when he decided to make a run for it.  I tried to get Brian to look up into the tree to see this cat (I don't know why because he just shrieks like a tweener at a New Moon showing)  but luckily he was just not getting it.

We shall see if this Scruffy Stray sticks around or not.   There must be some reason he was under our deck.

Come On Feel the Illinoize

Yes, we went to Chicago this weekend... but FIRST!

Friday night we went to an annual dinner that I have to attend for work. We tried to park here. 

Didn't work out so well.   But the dinner was tasty and the entertainment was delightful.

Saturday we made a really quick trip to Chicago to go to our friend Jenny's 30th birthday party.  She is also our neighbor by the way, which is very cool.  What else is cool? Our neighbor's husband, Tom, was a Theta Chi with Andrew.  WHAT you say? Yep, we moved into a neighborhood in South Bend where we already knew someone.  Weird.
Tom rented a condo in Chicago for Jenny's birthday so everyone who didn't live there would have a place to stay overnight.
We used it as Flippy Cup Tournament Headquarters.

We were on the team on the right.  After successfully losing 4 or 5 rounds in a row, it was almost time to head to the bar.  Our team said, "One more round. Winner take all."  They agreed.  Boy were they sorry...

This is half our team celebrating our victory.  YEAH! We won! (Well... when it was important at least.)

Here are Tom and Jenny facing off...

Quite an intense match-up. 

After our sweet sweet victory, Jenny wanted a group picture.  One of the girls had a timer on her camera so she set it up to take.  Well I wanted one too so I ran and set my camera up at the last sentence and screamed for everyone to hit their marks again.  AAAHHHH HURRAY!!

AAAHHHH! Everyone thought it would be fun to scream along with me.  So hopefully that explains why everyone is either screaming or laughing.  It turned out to be a much more exciting picture.

We finally were all set to leave and walk to the bar that Tom's sister picked out for the end of night ingurgitation (did you know that was a word?).
We had reserved booths when we got there.

We all remarked how cool it was to be able to walk into a crowded bar and fill up two booths.  Something we were never able to do earlier in our twenties.  We're old.

The rest of the night was very enjoyable.

Miley stopped by for a visit...

...through the TVs.  They played all kinds of music that was technocized (I made that word up) and had HEAVY bass.  Then they played what we thought was the actual video on all the TVs but then learned quickly it was NOT since we saw naked people here and there spliced in Fight Club style.  Weird.
Anyway, Jenny had a great birthday and we were glad to be a part of it.  Congrats on the big 3-0, Jenny!
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