Wednesday, January 27, 2010


BIG NEWS on the Thornburg home front!!!

Looky looky at that officialness!! Andrew got a promotion!!! His old job title was Northwest Indiana Sales Dude (they're very laid back).  But now he's an INDIANA AREA MANAGER!! What What!!

He worked so hard for this position and I couldn't be more excited for him.  He is a Selling Machine and now the company is starting to recognize how awesome he really is.  Watch out for this one, I tell ya! He's unstoppable! Put a metal guitar playing dude to work selling metal to Indiana and you have METAL MAGIC (which coincidentally is also the first Pantera album).

Sooooo the next time you see Andrew Thornburg, you better congratulate him because this guy is going places!!!

Oh not THIS guy! How did THAT get in here? He looks like a Stretched-out Smeagol.  Stupid fat hobbit.

No, THIS guy is going places!

Who's got 2 thumbs and is the new Indiana Area Manager?


 Congrats Andrew! You deserve it!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet Child o' Neals

No, I'm not finished with the weekend yet.  The Neals came over on Sunday to watch the NFC and AFC Championships.  They brought Wyatt and we had a Baby Slumber Party.  Whee!!
So this post is just an excuse to post a picture of sweet little Wyatt and to make Guns N Roses references.

Ok I'm done for the night.  Time for dinner.  If I don't eat, I'm going to have an APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION!!!
(Told ya.)

Weekend in Our Old Stomping Grounds

(Or stamping grounds.)

We traveled to RensselDEER this weekend to see my parents and watch the Purdue game (yeah I know it's not the article about the game but it's all we talked about during the game).

The Paint Crew is running out of sign ideas.

Then we headed to the West Side to eat at McGraws Steak Chops & Fish House for my brother Brandon's birthday. Wowie wow wow! That place is amazing! Since we ate there after the Purdue game, the place was FULL of people wearing their Purdue gear. It was like we were home! No more Irish Schmirish crap! Yay!! Here is a picture of the restaurant-goers as we entered the restaurant.

Ok that's a lie. But check out that girl above Purdue Elvis. She looks like a character from a Sam Raimi film. Eeeeeeck. Scary.

After McGraws we visited Nine Irish Brothers, also a terrific place.
Smithwicks a-flowing, irish band a-playin', kilts a-flappin'.
Lots of fun.

Sisters! :)

 Look, Dad's about to fall asleep.  What? He's never tired. Oh wait....


Oh yeah and the Lower brothers were there.  I may as well put their picture on here since I hear Aaron reads my blog.

Everything was perfect except for one thing. This was supposed to be my family celebrating Brandon's birthday. One person was missing.
Adam! Where was that turd? Oh, he was in Chicago with his friends.  Too hungover to come home and spend quality time with his family.  More like too drunk too early in the day to come home.  Turdy Turdersons! So we decided it would be fun to harass him all night with text messages.
He tried to respond to our scathing accusations of his turdiness. Here is an example.


Adam FAIL. 

Just FYI on HIS night.  He got tackled by someone (who thought it would be a good idea to tackle someone with a recent collarbone injury) and he hit his head against a brick wall.  Second trip the Emergency Room for him within a month.  He's feeling a little concussed.

Also? Clip Art FAIL.

Let's get back to the weekend before this post gets too long...

Andrew's phone refused to shut off.

Hilarious Shake Weight Exercise for Women - Watch more Funny Videos
We discussed the ramifications of The Shake Weight.

 Finally, we decided to torment Adam by taking pictures of how much fun we were having. 

Do you think it worked?
(BTW, seriously Andrew? The shocker?)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The day has finally come where I can upgrade my phone. It's a very exciting day. Really. You have no idea.

Way back when, after the Purdue/Notre Dame football game, I notice a scratch on the screen of my phone. The scratch quickly became a hemorrhaging mass of gray iPhone death. In October, the iPhone wound looked like this.

Look at how nice and neat the gray electronic bruise is at this point.

A nice little square and you can still see almost everything.

But now the computerized contusion looks a little more like this.

It has really spread. It started growing wider and taller by the day. See the 3 little stripes above the smear? Yep, it was about to grow to 1/3 of my screen!! Thank goodness it was finally time for an upgrade! YAYYY!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new member of my electronics family, the 3GS!!!

It's so beautiful! I can see all the icons again!!

I also got a new protector case for it (for obvious reasons). It's textured just like it looks. Andrew thinks it's creepy. But I love it.

So very exciting!! Plus I took my first VIDEO!!! I can take videos with my phone!! WHOO HOO!!

Yeah, I know. Poor Brian.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend in Chicago: Both a Success and a Failure

This weekend we traveled to the Windy City to visit friends and go to the Purdue/Northwestern basketball game.

With Brian all set for the weekend, we took off.

Don't move, buddy!

The day started out fun with Catchphrase and Ride the Bus as per our usual pre-drinking activities.

In every Catchphrase game, there are always rounds that we continue talking about the rest of the weekend. In this case, the words were: 1.) Iwo Jima, which Jill thought was an island by Cuba. 2.) Lineskeeper, which I did not know what that was until someone made me read it as lines keeper, not line skeeper. Is it scary that I thought skeeper was just some word I didn't know? 3.) Chin Music, which Lower thought was anything that comes near the chin, not just a pitch near a batter's chin. He ended up being right. His reference to "Sweet Chin Music" has to do with Professional Wrestling. You can imagine the fun we had with that. 4.) Funnel Cake, which Lower thought was a breakfast cake.

After that we jumped on the L train and headed out to Evanston.
Since we can't go very long without drinking, we brought some beverages on board. With all the announcements of everything else that was illegal, we thought it might be best to hide the bottles.

Pretty inconspicuous, huh?

Not hiding so well anymore...

Not obvious at all.

Yep, that was on the way TO the game. We needed it more on the way home (but more on that later).

There were some nice signs on the way to Evanston. (You will probably have to click on the picture) Volunteer to Fight Poverty AND Tooth Decay!

Did I mention anything about Lower's pink overnight bag?? Oh I didn't? Oh. Well he brought a pink overnight bag.

Okay, okay, I'll get to the game. I didn't take any pictures at the game but that was because we sat at the top of a small high school gym and it was completely dark. See the dark area near the ceiling in the picture below?

No? Yeah, we couldn't see either. It was awful. We couldn't find our seats. Then when we did, we still couldn't fit everyone into the seats we purchased. We had to rotate at least 2 people at a time from standing in the back. Sad.
Then the game started out okay but quickly turned sour.

As told by the headlines, Boilers Lose 3rd in a Row and Purdue All Fouled Up. So yeah, we lost. We left before we had to watch the Northwestern student section rush the floor. Ugh. Gross.

But don't worry, Painter's not mad or anything...
Asked if changes were coming to the starting lineup, Painter said, “I’d like to start E’Twaun Moore, E’Twaun Moore, Robbie Hummel, Robbie Hummel and Robbie Hummel. No one else deserves to start, but with that being said, E’Twaun Moore needs to get some rebounds.
So as a very positive fan, hopefully things will start to look up. Gotta look at the silver lining, right?

We still had a blast this weekend. We went to the Red Ivy for dinner and to watch the Colts game. The Colts won, thank goodness for the people we were with. I think at least one member of our party might have had a breakdown. Then the Red Ivy turned into a bumpin' club with terribly loud music and we had to get out of there. We walked down to the Piano Man just north of Wrigley. Wow, that place reminded me of a couple scary bars in Lafayette. Plus there was no Piano Man. Not even a piano or a stage or anything. Weird. We of course got obnoxious and played Zoomie Zoomie as loud as humanly possible. Because that's just what you do when you're nearing 30 and you don't want to admit it.

All in all, we had a blast (except for the game). I didn't take many pictures so I'm going to need to step it up for next time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yes, there are more January birthdays!!

Happy Birthday to Maria Bia, my favorite Gal.... bo.

Also sharing the same birthday is my brother Brandon.

Happy Birthday to both of you January 16th-ers! Hope you live it up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Photobombing is Fine Art

I meant to do this post a (Capital L) Long time ago but I never got around to it because my aunt took awhile to edit and send me her pictures.  Then once I got them I forgot for another few months until today.

Well today is the day.

So the subject of today's post is Photobombing.  What is photobombing, you ask?
1. photobomb
December 5, 2009 Urban Word of the Day
(verb)- to drop in a photo hop in a picture right before it is taken.
sarah: hey why is jimmy in the background of our prom picture?
ryan: idk, he must have photobombed it at the last second.
 When we went to Disney we tried to master this skill.  We failed.  Miserably.  You see, normally the bombed photo ends up in the camera of the bomb-ee, not the bomb-er.  So you don't usually get to see the finished product. You just have to hope it ends up on this website.  But in this case, we took our own.  You will see the not-quite-website-worthy results... (but still funny of course).

 This is the Chip and Dale bomb.  This could have been better had I waited for them to pose but I get really nervous with these bombing situations! (This picture was taken due to Brandon's love of the Moth Podcast about Dale.  He told my mom, my aunt and me to listen to this podcast before we left.  None of us did. Had I heard it, I might have posed differently. If you haven't heard it, you need to listen. NSFW due to cusswords.)

Photobombing Alice in Wonderland. So we've got the pose but now we don't have the right angle.  Getting better.

Belle bomb! Again, did not wait for the pose.  But the little girl was taking too long! Had to give the thumbs up and get outta there!

So our attempts were futile but we did have some success getting photobombed by Disney characters!

Check it out! We're getting photobombed by NEMO!!

What a little clown.... fish.

Here's Grandma getting photobombed by a Lego Dragon. He got ya, Grandma. 

SERVED by Disney.  Oh well.  What can ya do?

Well you can go see Kool and the Gang.  Yes, that's right.  We saw Kool and the Gang perform at Epcot.  Are you kidding me?? Awesome. 

No photobombing Kool and the Gang.  You just don't do that. 

Now for a couple of my favorite photobombs from This is Photobomb.


This is by far my favorite for obvious reasons.

This needs no explanation. Photobombtastic!

A+ for prop use!

Okay last one. I promise.

So now that's my goal.  Next time I go somewhere I hope to bring home some photobombed pictures to show how I've improved.  We shall see!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More January Birthdays?

Happy Birthday Meeghan!
My Sketchy-Paint-Made Birthday Hats are getting weirder!

Happy Birthday Mandy!
Hope you enjoy reliving these costumes!

Happy Birthday January 10th-ers!! Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Birthday

Happy Birthday, Megan Casey Glover!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

I hope you can tell why I picked this picture! What the heck is the dude with the tiara doing in the background? I fixed the red eyes and that just made him look cross-eyed.  Couldn't possibly make him look less creepy!
But HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Twenty-eight is the BEST YEAR YET!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

We went to Brookston to visit Travis, Katie and Wyatt on New Year's Eve.  Travis made us some tasty steaks and Katie made potatoes and we had ourselves a NYE feast.

Wyatt was ticked he wasn't getting any of the steak! 

See, look how happy he is now.  Give that boy some steak!

Andrew and Wyatt bonded most of the night.

Real men hold hands.

Wyatt in his boppy.  He always sleeps with one hand near his face.  So cute!

Travis's parents, Kevin and Susan, stopped by so we rang in the New Year with the 7 of us.  Actually we  almost missed it because we were too busy playing with the baby.  But with a minute to go, Travis ran to get the champagne.  There was lots of spillage but it was a happy festive New Years. 

Happy 2010 everyone!

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