Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morgburg Drywall Inc.

We finished the drywall tonight! YAY!!

The walls are mud-covered and all they need is a coat of paint.  Can't wait to get it all finished and put all the instruments back in that room.  It will be so quiet upstairs again. Relief.  :)

Another fun fact about the Thornburgs.... we had an actual fire in our fireplace tonight!! First time! Very Exciting!

Yes, I was watching Top Model.  I am not ashamed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

That's What She Said

My weekend went a little something like this.

Mandy and Maria came to visit. We spent most of the night doing this...

Andrew, Nick and Brandon spent the weekend doing this.
This is BEFORE... 

This is AFTER!!!

That is seriously incredible.  They worked so hard all weekend and the room looks AWESOME.  We still need to finish a wall but Andrew's guitar room is really coming together.  SO COOL!!!

A huge thanks goes to Nick and Brandon.  They were nice enough to travel all the way up here to work on this.  WOW!! It's looks GREAT!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I know they are going to be sore and tired but I hope they had a little bit of fun while they were here.  I can't tell you how many times I heard "That's What She Said". Haha!

Mandy and Maria, I had so much fun hanging out with you.  Thank you for traveling all the way up from Indy to visit me.  I had such a great time!  You guys are the best!
And don't worry, I won't post any other pictures of us in our matching outfits.  :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro!!

It's Adam's Birthday! Guess what that means??? Fun for Morgan in Paint!! :)

Here is Adam on his 21st birthday. He's is SOOOO the favorite.  :)

Bro and Sis after a Purdue game

Here is the birthday boy on his 21st birthday. Oh the first few seconds of this video make me laugh every time!

Happy Birthday Adam! Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magically.... Get Out. (cont.)

I cannot believe I totally forgot to tell one very important story from the trip to Disney.

The first ride we went on was the Jungle Cruise. 

You ride on a boat through the jungle and listen to your Jungle Cruise Director tell stories about the many jungles of the world.

Watch out for that snake! 

Oh look at the elephants playing in the water!

That rhino sure looks ANGRY! Look at the hyenas laughing at those men!

This hippo is tired. 

The ride goes on and on like that.  The tour guide makes some sarcastic jokes here and there to keep the adults entertained and everyone looks at the fun animals.  Yay.  So yeah, anyway, this was our very first ride at Disney and we were all excited.  We stood in like for maybe 30 seconds because of Wheelio G-ma.  They put us on first and we got to sit in the very front of the boat right next to the tour guide.  He liked us because we laughed at his lame-o jokes.  No one else was really paying attention.  So here is a picture of our friendly Jungle Cruise Tour Guide.  Did I mention it was like 3 million degrees out and he was sweating through his clothes?

I guarantee you this man loves his job.  :)  (Murderball Mammy really liked him!)
Moving on with the story... the ride comes to the close and the boat pulls up to the dock.  He's announcing into his microphone "Wait for it.... wait for it... wait for it..." as the boat gets closer and closer.  The boat abruptly stops and his curt reply was "Get Out."  There were a few laughs. Then he says, "Oh I'm sorry.  MAGICALLY.... Get out." 
It was quite humorous.  Oh, they train them so well at Disney.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Blog is kind of becoming my Designer's Portfolio...

There were other transformations with the house that I haven't posted yet.  So I'll get to that RIGHT NOW!
There was something missing about our half bath.  It just wasn't working.  This is what it looked like originally.

We decided we wouldn't leave any original color in the house so we just HAD to paint it.  So then it looked like this.

But we still didn't like it.  There was just something about it that was missing.  So I asked my dad if he would help us do some wainscoting and he agreed! (What was he thinking????? :)


The faucet is definitely the coolest part.  THANKS DAD!!! You're the BEST!! 

Dad also helped us put in another new sink. This was the sink that was in our kitchen originally...


This is the sink my dad helped us install...

CLASSY!!! :)

This was how our guest bath used to look...


 This is the update!


This is the grungy old laundry room.

My mom went in for the attack and.....

TA-DA! Pleasing to the eye again!

Those are the most recent updates.  Hopefully we'll have lots more soon (especially after this weekend).

Brandon, this Blog's for you.

If you're not Brandon, you can't read this.  You are FORBIDDEN!  Actually it just won't be very interesting.

So this weekend we're drywalling our basement.  Here are some pics of the basement at this point. 

Looking down the stairs (part of south wall)

First room - 14 feet by 7 feet
Height 7'10'' to the top of the ceiling
(east wall)

Height on the opposite side of the room from the pic above with heating duct is  6'8''
(west wall)

North wall

Andrew's guitar room, west wall
10 ft by 17th ft room
2 heat ducts like the one shown below, along west and east walls
(Heights- 7'10'' to top, 6'8'' to heat duct)

Guitar Room, south wall

East wall with heat duct

We would like to put a closet here under the stairs but if it's not possible this weekend, that's fine. (By the way BK, that's "Here in the picture", not "This here girl don't know nuthin 'bout talking". Ha!)

This "situation" is on the south wall in the first room. Radon thingy, fuse box, modem and wires and crap.  We think there might have to be a small closet around this.  

Here are some extra ceiling shots...

As you can see, some wires go through and some hang down below.

This is the drywall.  Mr. Turdface Former Owner cut some of them already.

-12 sheets 8'x4'
-6 sheets  12'x4'
-11 sheets 4'x4'

I hope this gives you a better idea.  Looks like lots of fun huh?

Friday, October 16, 2009

You say it's your Birthday

Today is a special day for a friend of mine. 


Happy Birthday Brittany!! Hope it's a GREAT one!! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yes, we came back from Orlando with LOTS of stories.  They are probably better told in person but I will do my best to recapture that magic.

First story comes from the "It's a Small World" ride.  When we were getting in line for the ride, we asked a staff member to kindly point us in the direction of the Wheelchair Line.  As we were walking away, a gentleman seen here in the red shirt:

began yelling at the staff member screaming, "WE WALKED ALL THE WAY UP TO THE FRONT OF THIS LINE AND NO ONE TOLD US THAT THERE WAS A WHEELCHAIR LINE! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL US WHERE TO GO" etc etc.  We quickly ran away because it's in our genetics to run from confrontation. :)  We easily got on the ride and floated through the multi-cultural suicide enhancer.  As we floated and hummmed the mind-numbing song, we laughed about the nutjob at the entrance.  As our boat pulls up to the exit, we see Red Shirt Guy AGAIN! He's now yelling at the staff member trying to help people off the boats.  We realize he has DROPPED SOMETHING IN THE WATER!!! KARMA, SON! He is screaming at the staff member trying to reach in the water.  The staff member is yelling "SIR YOU NEED TO STAY BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE!"

So we quickly run away once again and make our way up the ramp (but not before I snap two quick pics).  As we are exiting, we see the woman in the scooter shown in the picture above.  As we're passing by her, she's saying to her friend, "AND CARL'S DOWN THERE ACTING LIKE A LUUUUNATIC!"
HAHAHAHAAAA!! It was very exciting.  We never figured out what was dropped in the water though.  It was white, maybe a hankerchief?

Second story.....
Epcot, country of France.  We HAD to stop in France for pastries.  Of course! So we stopped at La Petite Patisserie.  The young men were actually French (or really good at inpersonating French men).  We grabbed our pastries and brought them up to the cashier.  I forgot I was wearing my Minnie ears until the young French man said, "Hello Minnie."  Only with a French accent, it sounds a little more like "Aaaahhhllllooooo Meeeeeeneeeeee..."  Verrry sexy, no? Haha!  I gave him my debit card to pay.  He swiped it and said, "Invalid Card."  Only in french sexiness, it sounds like "Eeeenvaleeeed caarrrrrrrd."  HAHA!!  It wasn't eenvaleed luckily.  Phew! But I had to get my picture taken with him because his name was Tristan (which is my friend's husband's name) and it always makes for a good story!! :) So here we are, Meeeeeneeee and Tristan. 

Finally, this picture needs no story.  Everyone has heard the legend of Morgan the Glowing Sword Warrior.  Hiiiiii-YAH!


Yes, that's right, folks.  Morgan has gotten so advanced in bloggery (or coding) that she can make her own animated gif!! YAY!!!

Disney is a helluva drug

So this is what you do when you've had enough Disney for a lifetime...

Did you see those Fred Astaire twinkle toes at the end there??

Magically.... Get Out.

Wow. Just got back from Disney World! My mom, my aunt and I took my grandma to Disney for her first visit.  It was superb! We had a hilarious time.  You'll be able to see from the pictures.

 We went to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. 

It was really cool because everything was decorated for Halloween.  

 We rode LOTS of rides with little to no line thanks to Grandma Katie!!

Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Caribbean (This part of the ride is a little morbid because those jailbirds are trying to convince the dog to bring them the key while their building burns to the ground. Hmm.)

It's a Small World After All
 (I put this picture because it's also morbid.  That kid is trying to rip that chicken's head off!! WTF Walt?)

Here we are on the boat on the Most Annoying Ride Ever (Small World).  Mom says it used to be my favorite when I was younger.  I must have been a twisted little kid.  

Peter Pan has to be the shortest ride at the park but usually has incredibly long lines.  Oh those poor disappointed people.


The Buzz Lightyear ride is basically a glorified riding arcade game.  SO AWESOME! You use those little guns on the ride and shoot aliens for points.  Saaaaa-weet. 

The Race Cars are only fun when you're a terrible driver and you're banging your car on the metal track line below you. Left CRASH Right CRASH Left CRASH and on and on. 

This picture here is NOT a picture of Splash Mountain.  But it's supposed to represent the fact that we did ride it because if you click on the picture you can see our wet butts.

At Epcot we rode Ellen's Universe of Energy (yes, THAT Ellen). It was a ride/show. 

We also saw some entertaining shows (without a ride included)... 
We went to the Hall of Presidents which was pretty cool.  Those robots are scarily lifelike.

We went to the Country Bear Jamboree show.  This guy's name is Liver Lips.  I wonder why?

Now it's time for some MAGICAL MOMENTS and some Photo Ops. :)

Magical Moment Number 1:

Can you tell what this is??

Of course not.  When you don't know it's coming, it's hard to take a picture.  Well the Magic Kingdom has this fireworks show every night called "Wishes".  It's a great fireworks show but the thing that makes it really cool is this.  It was SO MAGICAL!!! She just appears out of nowhere!!

The second magical moment of Disney was at Epcot.  They had this "interactive show" in the Finding Nemo ride building.  We weren't really interested but the map said it was a Must See.  So we gave it a try.  It was called Turtle Talk with Crush (Crush is the turtle who talks like a surfer).

There's the screen for the show with Crush.  He's a CARTOON but he talks to people in the room, asks them questions, answers questions, like he's REAL! It was insane! This might give you a better idea.

We could not figure out how that worked!  So cool!!

So now it's time for some PHOTO OPS!! I gotta tell ya, there are so many opportunities for Pictures at every nook and cranny of the park that you get a little tired of taking and being in pictures.  So we got creative as you'll see below.

Okay that was exhausting.  There are more pictures and stories I need to tell but that will have to wait until tomorrow!! OH THE SUSPENSE!!! :)
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