Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Game? What Game?

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Sooooo Purdue played Notre Dame on Saturday. We went.... to the tailgate. This is pretty much all I saw of the game.

Yeah, I think that's a helmet? :) Ha!

Hey at least they were tied 0-0 then.
Anyway, the Tailgate was super fantastic. Weather was marvelous. It didn't rain all day! We were so lucky.

We were able to see many friends although we were sad that some could not make it. :( Yep, that's a sad face. But the friends we did see had as much fun as we did as you'll see down below.

This, my friends, is BEERSTICK. Well technically, it's a device used to draw paint into that tube like a syringe but when you're in college, it's Beerstick.

Ahhh, those were the days. College... when you would pretty much drink out of anything.

Here's an action shot of Aaron drinking from the Beerstick.

Here's a shot of Mandy partaking.

This is a particularly great shot of Tiffany drinking from the Beerstick with beer splashing out everywhere.

(Oh and please do not make any rude comments about what these pictures look like. Come on! That's my brother. Ew.)

Moving on, so the tailgate opened at noon and the game started at 8 pm. That's one long day. But many things happened....

I became a Butterfly Whisperer.

We saw the Chick-fil-a Cow who was handing out coupons.


(Kevin is excited about the coupons in the background.)

I got to see my Sibs! Keiper Kids Reunite! (I Love that Brandon wore the Purdue Grandma shirt I got him for Xmas so long ago. Saaa-weet.)

We saw many shotgunned beers.

Here we are re-enacting a scene from the Port-o-pots earlier in the day.

I'm not kidding you when I say we saw a young man spewing everything he had with his head down in that-place-that-is-SO-VERY-WRONG in a Port-o-pot.  NASTY.  Mandy was the kind soul who came to his rescue and realized that he was more than just "drunk".  She opened the door to make sure he was okay.  He stood up backed up two steps and crashed down on the ground passing out cold with vomit all down his shirt.  The ambulance was called and he was taken away most likely to have his stomach pumped.  His jerk friends were planning on leaving him there.  It was very sad.  Way to go Mandy for pretty much saving that poor guy's life.  SCARY!
So kids, if you learn anything from this post, it is this- Make sure your friends aren't jerks and NEVER drink enough to think it's OKAY to have your face hanging down in a Port-o-pot seat!!! Ew. 

On to other things.... PHOTOBOMBING!!! There were random acts of photobombing during the tailgate.

In this first one, the four main guys look goofy enough.  But the fact that Matt is in the background rolling out a dignified photobomb, it's just the icing on the cake.

(This one you must see the large version.)

Here's another example of the classic photobomb.

A nice picture of all the girls and some dude (KEVIN!) jumps in to save it from getting too serious.
(Awww, look! Diane swallowed a basketball!! CUTE!)

The rest of the evening went on with the usual pics.

Here's another Pot Shot. 

Getting goofier. 

Awww, family!

I love this picture! So cute!
In-Laws having a great time together :)
(Hopefully not wondering why they joined the Keiper family :)

This is the only picture we got that was actually semi-normal.... I know, I know.   

 This picture is around 12:30 am.  So 12 hours after beginning the day drinking, we were ending the day drinking.  Actually, no.  We went to Nine Irish Brothers, ordered 3 beers, looked at them, and then walked out.  We could drink no more.  It was very sad.  Actually after looking at the picture below, I think it was the right decision for these guys.

So for those of you wondering how the game was (Who are you and what are you doing reading my blog?), here's a quick little recap, if you really want to know. 
Purdue Game Recap (Boo Notre Dame)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

House, House

Since our life the past 5 months has been all about Our House, I will continue to post pics of our improvements. The next project started the Monday after our first big project weekend (all of which you saw in the prior post). This time we hired that crap out! We were already sick of working on it! Little did we know how much more work we were going to have to do! :)

We moved from the game room to the kitchen. We were very happy with the cabinets so no changes needed there. The floor, however, was stained and needed to go. We also wanted to change the wall color too.

We hired an excellent man for the job. Randy and his apprentice tiled the entire kitchen floor. It was an impressive feat with all the corners and edges he had to do!

We also hired a great woman for the painting! THANKS SO MUCH MOM!!! :) Sorry we could only pay you in LOVE!! :)

Once the tile was dry we moved in our new appliances (stove was a little late but we survived).

Then next project was the living room. The former owners had some wild taste in paint color. There's a fireplace in this picture. Can you see it?? Our contractor Randy made fun of the lights, saying they had to be taken directly from Studio 54.

Hey! There's the fireplace!

Macho man Randy and his helper painted the entire living room. I'm so glad it was them and not us.

After all the painting was done, we moved all our furniture in and hung up the tv.... two feet too high. We later fixed it.
Brian was LOVING his new house, as you can tell.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes to all of the people who helped us do all of this. Mom and Dad, Tom and Cyndi, Brandon and Adam, Randy and helper: all of this wouldn't have been possible without you guys!!!


We found and purchased Our House in April/May of this year. It was a very exciting find, a great deal and a perfect fit.

The only problem was how much work we were going to have to do! YIKES! So we jumped right in on it. The first weekend we were allowed into the house, we began work on the Notre Dame Room....

Ewww. So here is what the room looked like bare...

This is what it looks like when you rip up the carpet and start using Killz on the walls...

This room is now totally covered in the stickiest but best smell-removing paint EVER (yep, you guessed it, cats).

So then we decided on the floor and wall color...

Then we put all our "Game Room" stuff in the game room.

Interesting how Andrew's home office is also the game room...

Finally we decorated with old Purdue programs on the walls.

A VERY HEARTFELT THANKS goes out to Nick, Andrew's co-worker, whose master craftsmanship made our game room SUPURDUEPER. Seriously, how awesome does that floor look?? What an amazing job!!!

This concludes our lesson on how to de-Notre Dame your house and freshen it up with a little Purdue. ;)

Salmon Chase

Today Andrew ran in the Salmon Chase 10K. Whoo hoo Drew! We arrived downtown at the Hall of Fame for the start.

Everyone is lined up... READY... SET...

JUST KIDDING! You have to wait 20 minutes for the Mayor of South Bend to show up! Oh well. Ok NOW.... Ready... Set.... GO!

VICTORIOUS at the Madison Center finish line!

CONGRATS!! He was a little worried about the pulled muscle in his calf but he powered through and finished with his best time yet! YEAH ANDREW! He's been nominated for an ESPY.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


On August 28th, we went to the Nine Inch Nails Show at the Aragon in Chicago. I'm so glad we went. It was so cool. Lots of pics and vids to follow.

I hope you can see the drummer in the first (full size) picture. This guy seriously looked like "Animal" from the Muppets playing drums. He was great.


Add VideoThis is Discipline. You can really see Animal drumming in this one.

This is the end of Closer. The bass player on the far left used to be in Beck's band. You may not recognize him without his fro.
**(Sorry, video to be downloaded later)**

NIN plays Survivalism...
**(Again, sorry, had trouble downloading video)**

So here we are at the end of the concert with the stage behind us. Andrew had a bit of the pink eye that night (I know what you're thinking but no, his eyes were not red from drinking). All in all, what a phenomenal show.
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